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"If You're a Giant, You're a Made-Man!"

September 9, 2004 by Omar "Y2J World Champ" Torres

As many of you notice, if your a big man at least 7 feet tall, 300 pounds, your either guaranteed a huge push even though you may not have any wrestling skills or you will be guaranteed a push even though you are just a rookie in the WWE. Some good examples of this are Brock Lesnar, Heidenreich, Luther Reigns, Goldberg and the Big Show, and that's just to name a few.

If you look at the past of all the big superstars who have received a push you will come to a conclusion that the one person who received the biggest push from the WWE is none other than the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar. When Brock Lesnar first came to the WWE he had an impressive look to him, he had the strength, the look and the right manager, Paul Heyman. But the problem was that he received a push because of his size and strength. In less than a year he become the King of the Ring Winner and became the youngest (at the time) WWE Champion of all time at the age of 24. Now I know the WWE were trying to make Brock Lesnar the future of the WWE but he shouldn't be getting this push so quickly because he's still young and he's unexperienced in the WWE. A big reason why you shouldn't give young big superstars a push so early in their career they might decide to leave the WWE to explore other things so if they became the WWE champion so early in their career then that means all the work the WWE put into making this superstar the next big thing would be a waste of hard work. Brock Lesnar became a dominant superstar in the WWE. If you noticed when Brock Lesnar came to the WWE he never lost a match until Survivor Series. I understand that the WWE were having him win all these matches because they wanted him to become a main-eventer but what was wrong with waiting a year before handing the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar or having him lose a match or two during his first few months in the WWE.

But luckily for the WWE Brock Lesnar had some wrestling talent and because of that he became a great WWE Champion. The WWE took a chance with Brock Lesnar and it worked out great for them but throughout the history of the WWE you would see that the WWE are known to give huge superstars a push so early in their career. Just look at some of the past big superstar who fall under this category, Undertaker, Big Show, Kane, Andre the Giant. My point is, I disagree with the idea of the WWE giving young big rookies a push, because everytime they do that the WWE are taking a huge risk. Either it would work out great for the WWE or it will blow up in their faces. The WWE were very lucky with Brock Lesnar but they weren't very lucky with Mordecai. The same thing is happening with John Heidenreich and Luther Reigns. The WWE are taking a chance on both of them and if you notice they are trying to make these two become the next Undertaker and Kane. Not by their gimmicks but by their personalities and when I say that I mean by their strength, their attitude towards other superstars and the destruction they bring to every opponent they face.

And one of the new big men on Smackdown that has taken the Undertaker attitude is none other than John Heidenreich. We first got to see Heidenreich on Raw many months ago. The last few matches Heidenreich had (before he came to Smackdown) were against Steven Richards in which he almost injured Steven in several occasions, this show's you how sloppy Heidenreich really is in the ring. A few weeks ago a promo began to show up on Smackdown advertising Heidenreich's debut to Smackdown, who was brought over by Paul Heyman. To be honest I don't know why Smackdown decided to give him this push. My theory is that the WWE are trying to make Heidenreich the next Brock Lesnar. I guarantee you if Heidenreich was shorter and less muscular he would have never gotten that push. That is the only reason why Heidenreich is getting this push. He has no wrestling skills, no mic skills and has no pontential to actually become a talented superstar. Just look at some of his matches he has had at velocity, just read the reviews on all the house shows he has wrestled in. But there is something called miracles, now first off if the WWE wanted to have this big man become a talented wrestler then the first thing you have to do is to send him back to OVW and keep him there for at least a year. Heidenreich needs all the training he can get right now. Heidenreich needs to improve in his in-ring ability, mic skills but more importantly he needs a good gimmick, you cannot just give every big man in the WWE the same gimmick, which is just have the big superstar dominate everyone he faces in the ring and become a monster.

Heidenreich has a good look to him but he just has no track record. What should happen is just bring back Matt Morgan to the WWE, Morgan has more talent than Heidenreich and with Morgan on Smackdown this would allow Heidenreich to go to OVW and replace Morgan. I guarantee that Heidenreich is going to be in the WWE for a month or two before the WWE writers are going to drop Heidenreich's gimmick and send him to OVW just like they did with Mordecai. As of late the WWE have been giving superstars a push without testing to see if the WWE fans would like it. I know that they test out several gimmicks on house shows but the WWE and Vince McMahon love to give a push to every new wrestler that comes to the WWE because they are desperate to make the next Rock or Stone Cold. A good example in which the WWE dropped his gimmick and completely scratched off in future storylines without notice is Mordecai, he's gimmick doesn't fit the style of what wrestling fans like these kind of days, so maybe that's the reason why the WWE send him back to OVW. Mordecai was getting a huge push and was even about to start a feud with Eddie Guerrero but after the Great American Bash pay per view the WWE dropped his gimmick and send him back to OVW, so all that time that Mordecai took up on Smackdown and pay per views was a waist of time and that could have been used to give a superstar who deserves a push and would almost guarantee you to be a big time superstar with the fans would be Rico (if just given the right gimmick). Mordecai was another big man and the same thing that happened to Mordecai will be the same thing that will happen to Heidenreich as well. If you have been watching Smackdown as of late and you saw Heidenreich in the ring, every time he wrestled you can see that the crowd didn't give a dam about him. If you watched Smackdown last thursday when Heidenreich destroyed Paul London you could see the fans were bored as hell so the beginning of the end for Heidenreich has begun. My idea to fix this situation is to send Heidenreich back to OVW for 8-12 months. When he comes back he could start talking about how he had to take care of himself to survive in OVW and that he could only trust one person and that's himself. But when he does come back to the WWE, he shouldn't get an automatic push by the WWE, they should start him in small feuds here and there against superstars who are over with the fans already like Billy Gunn, Rob Van Dam, Big Show and even Hardcore Holly. But right now only time will tell if Heidenreich will be the next big thing on Smackdown.

Well you have just read my column on "If your a giant, your a made-man." I hope you enjoyed it and stay tune for another column presented by the Highlight Reel.

by Omar "Y2J World Champ" Torres..






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