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"What will happen to Chris Jericho?"

October 24, 2004 by Omar "Y2J World Champ" Torres

Welcome to another edition of the Highlight Reel. It's been a long time fokes but I'm back and ready to write those columns. And how fitting it would be to make my return by writing about Chris Jericho and his future in the WWE. In the past few months the WWE have been using Chris Jericho as a jobber. Yes, he did win the Intercontinental title but Jericho deserves more than that, much more. And the lack of work the WWE have put into Jericho was proven tonight when Jericho dropped the Intercontinental Title to Shelton Benjamin. Don't get me wrong, Shelton Benjamin is a talented superstars and deserves to be the Intercontinental Champion more than anyone on Raw but Jericho cannot start to job to mid-carders. Doing that is what will ruin the credibility of a great wrestler, in this case Chris Jericho. For example, look what happened to Lance Storm. In WCW Lance Storm was one of their top superstar and even early in his WWE career he was a top superstar but soon after the WWE writers completely made a fool out of Lance Storm. Before he retired from wrestling Lance was dancing around and hanging out with Val Venis jobbing to almost every tag team they faced and all the credibility Lance Storm once had was now completely shattered.

And thats exactly what will happen to Chris Jericho unless the WWE fire all their writers and bring in writers that know what the wrestling fans want. And that is to have Chris Jericho get a World Title shot here and there. Chris Jericho is one of the most talented and popular superstar on raw and many fans wonder why he's still in the IC Division and not the World title division. What does Jericho need to do to be in the World title division? He has wrestled in some of the greatest matches in history, he has done what many can only dream of, he has proven to the fans how committed he is to wrestling and the current WWE writers doesn't even recognize what Jericho has done and continues to do till this day and that is entertaining the fans and putting up great/classic matches.

And after minutes of thinking about this, I figured why not just send Chris Jericho to Smackdown? Smackdown is lacking major main event superstars, Raw has way too many main eventers, so why not have Jericho go to Smackdown? He would fit perfect with Smackdown by wrestling against superstars like Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Undertaker and even JBL. But just think about this, Raw has enough superstars in the IC Division and World Title Division, jericho has been used like a piece of crap for the past few months, Smackdown on the other hand is relying on the hands of Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Big Show, Undertaker and Kurt Angle to draw the crowds. But I guarantee you that Smackdown would improve much more by adding Chris Jericho, Raw doesn't need him, Smackdown does. But I still have faith that one day the WWE writers will finally see the light and realize that Chris Jericho needs to be on Smackdown and not on Raw.

Well thats been another edition of the highlight reel and I hope that you enjoyed it.

by Omar "Y2J World Champ" Torres..






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