Filtering the Roster III
January 14, 2003 by KMASTERDIXON
A reply to The High Spot: Filtering The Roster

What can I say? Utter CRAP! The only thing I watch this for is Eric Bischoff.

How does a team of... Stevie Richards, Batista, Sean O'Haire and Victoria sound? They've all got a simillar look and could, marketed right, become something simillar to Raven's Flock- with Sean O'Hiare playing the manipulative 'Raven' role. The reason I would put Sean O'Haire as the leader is because he's the most liked, in my view- and he's got manipulating experience, remember 'I'm not telling you anything you don't already know'? And, thinking about it, if we have them feuding with the new Natural Born Thrillas (see below) they could even be faces. Afterall, O'Haire is over, Richards and Victoria are kinda over and Batista is impressive and has potential. So have them faces. Lets just referee to them as The Nomad from now on.

President Bischoff::
Have Bischoff be the sole GM/President etc.- without a co-Gm or sherrif or board of
directors breathing down his neck.... it's gotten really old!
Co-Gm/Sherrif/Commissioner = BORING!

Nah Nah Nah Nah- GOODBYE!!!
Take Austin and Foley off our screens.
Austin's last Hurah was his heel 'alliance' turn. He was jaded before it, hence why he turned, and stale as week old bread after it. Add to this that he no longer wrestles- and is now in a position he once bitterly opposed and you have one washed up wrestler in a camp angle and ultimatley bored fans.
The only reason I can grant Foley's, Mr. "I'm not going to retire and then come back 50 million times", comming back would be to reinstate the Hardcore title on RAW, so then over on SD Rhyno could bring back the ECW World Title as WWE's Extreme Title.

Natural Born Thrillaz::
Reform the Natural Born Thrillaz.
Johnny The Bull (I refuse to call him Johnny Stamboli), Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire are all original members. Failing Sean (because I quite like The Nomad stable idea) use Randy Orton as the 4th member of Natural Born Thrillaz.

Can I hear horse hooves?
Have Chris Benoit jump to RAW. I enjoy his bouts with Kurt Angle as much as anyone- but lets distance them two and save them for special occasions.
Have Chris Beniot feud with HHH over the World Title.
Remember Benoit VS HHH on Radical's first night? Pure Gold.
Ric Flair (now with only HHH after Batista and Orton in different stables) turns on HHH.
Benoit and Flair raise 4 fingers.
Have Dean Malenko come back the following night- *See notes on Dean in SD half* (reserve last spot for some up and commer)
don't forget to put in guest apperances by Manager Arn Anderson and you've got 4Horsemen back.

Good as either a face or heel team, they can go either way.
Personally I would like to see a repeat of Horsemen VS Bischoff, possibly using archived WCW footage. This would make 4horseman a face stable.

Eric Bischoff says he's fed up of the 4Horsemen fouling up his plans- and says he's getting the band back together- HIS WAY!!!!
Eric Bischoff, and Kevin Nash (providing they bring Nash back) as non wrestlers (manager types).

Goldberg heel turn (providing he's still around)
Big Show (Forer member, and keep that nice heel edge he has on SmackDown right now, see notes on him in Smackdown half.)
Coach, mostly there to provide comedy like Vincent aka Virgil/Mike Jones
Scott Steiner (Former Member)
Jericho and Christian (young athletic guys who could put on some good matches with Benoit and Malenko)

...Other Suiteable, reasonalble, nWo candidates escape me right now- but I'm sure I'll think of a winning combo.

That's the RAW side done.....

Is far the better show, but it's getting stale. How to improve this? Simply Improve it's best assets:

The Cruiserweights::
Beef up the cruiserweight division. Something akin to WCW's LWo (Latino World Order) would be a very cool storyline. It'd give Eddie, or Chavo for that matter- the last piece of the puzzle to end the failing Los Guerreros storyline. (Since WWE have Kidman, Rey and Ultimo- I say bring La Parka, Psichosis, Juivi, Konnan, Blitzkreig, Crowbar, etc. into the fold.)

Dean Malkenko::
I know he's now a trainer, he trianed Molly, I am unsure that he retired due to the same neck injury which has put so many wrestlers on the shelf- and not having the surgery. If he's able to come back, or have the surgery and then come back - HE SHOULD DEFFINATLEY COME BACK! He was one of the most technically gifted wrestlers of modern times, right up their with the Benoit's and Angle's.

Tag Teams::
I also wouldn't mind seeing Hurricane changed back into Shane
Helms- to reform 3Count with Shannon Moore.
The Hurricane and 'the new spike dudley' gimmicks have long gone flat.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean the singing and green circles, but 3Count was WCW's answer to the Hardy Boyz- they can be again.

Tajiri's 'Japanese Yakuza' stable is very good. I would like a repeat of 3Count VS Jung Dragons (which Yang was in) with Shannon/Helms/*Someone else* VS Japanese Mafia.
Don't even mention Evolution! They are a poor man's 4horsemen and are set to break up anyway. Jesus I long for nWo again- on Bischoff's terms. Failing that, I wouldn't mind seeing what WWF fans were blowing chunks about DX for.... because I missed it- I was/am WCW till the end. (We need more stables!!!!!!! And I don't mean Tag Teams with a 3rd member, like KroniK and Steven Richards, or Hardyz and Lita were)
Bring back ECW World Tile title as Extreme Title.
Nunzio (repackage as Lil Guido)
Have former ECW stars jump to SD:
RVD, Stagnated
Dreamer, Misused
Dudleys, Stale

"If I can be Serious For a Minute!!!"::
OK- Give Lance his Canadian tights back!
And whilst you're at it- turn him heel again.
Have Lance Storm jump to SD! And win US Championship.
Have him repackage it as Canadian Title
(yes, yet another WCW storyline-but hell they were good times!)
Give Dawn Marie something to do as Lance Storm's Manager for that 'ECW feel.'

Tazz keeps calling Big Show 'The Giant' or 'Big Angry Giant'.
Just let the Big Show moniker die----The Giant is a far more apropriate name anyway. Send Big show to the gym- I want The WCW Giant back!

That's all I got for now.. anyone got any comments????


atomtrebla13 wrote:
I just had to respond to your article/column after reading. Some of your ideas were good. But the most of it sounds like you would like the WWE to change it's name to WCW. Most of what was said was stuff that has happened in WCW. Let's see some new fresh ideas, instead of the same NWO, Horsemen, Natural Born Thrillas crap. There will only be ONE true NWO & FOUR HORSEMEN. Everytime they tried to revive the horsemen, the never got or get what they had with Ole, Arn, Tully, Flair and JJ! Just had to give my opinion. Thanks for your time.
WCW - Quite Frankly, I wish WCW never went under. I know, in the back of my mind, that any kind of WWE attempt at a WCW idea would fail- unless Bischoff was driving it. McMahon can't think like Bischoff, Period. I am aware most of my ideas were from WCW, I was trying to apply these storylines to the current WWE roster.

Fresh Ideas? - WWE has certainly been 'fresh'. With the first ever 'step-mother vs step-daughter' match, and the first televised underwear wedding ceremony... Over on the RAW side we had the first screwing of a maniquine to further a dismal angle. And we've seen the renewal of old matches, such as casket, buried alive and loser-leaves-town, as an effort of boosting the ratings. Fresh doesn't work, in my opinion. People feel safe with things they know. For Example, If I was given a choice between WCW or ECW's tape libruary- I'd choose WCW. Not because I don't want ECW, in fact I quite like the promotion from the minimal DVD collection I have... But I'd much rather re-live or revisit things I know and am comfortable with. In Vince's case, he should stick with things that drew money, just not control them himself.

Improve on the Originals? - Although I understand your point about the original Horsemen, I must say I really enjoyed the 1998 incarnation with: Flair, Anderson, McMichaels, Beniot and Malenko- and they were the hottest thing in 1998. Simillar to nWo, I enjoyed the wolfpack and grey and black versions, but nothing beats the original nWo. Now,you may say I've just proved your point, yes? Maybe I have- but let me ask you the difference between WCW's nWo and WWE's nWo / WCW's 4Horsemen and WWE's Evolution. The better versions of the two had Bischoff at the creative helm- that is what I want WWE to do: Fire Brian G. and let Eric Bischoff run loose with RAW- and Heyman loose on SD.

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