Suffering From a Hart Attack
April 16, 2004 by Botmaster4lyfe

The first time I heard about Teddy Hart was from an online buddy who was watching the Super X-Cup Tournament on NWA-TNA on September 3, 2003. He said that Teddy Hart is going to be a big name in this business. He has nothing but talent. I asked if he was a legitimate Hart (related to the Hart family in any way) or if he was just using the Hart name to get over. Turns out he was a Hart, so I knew that what my buddy was saying would be true.

The next time I heard publicity on Teddy Hart was on the complete other end of the spectrum. November 1, 2003. The famous Ring of Honor Scramble Cage match in which Teddy did several unplanned spots and put the other wrestlers at risk. Hart was immediately hated by all wrestling fans, including me. I even sent in a short rant that was posted in Mark Rose's column "Teddy Annis, son of a Hart" (Which was a great column). I, just like almost every single other wrestling fan, hated Teddy Hart.

But that was before I actually SAW him in the ring. Recently, I downloaded and watched Teddy Hart vs Jonny Storm from the Super X Tournament. I then downloaded the full Super X Tournament and watched Teddy Hart vs Juventud Guerrera. And I was amazed. Hart was not as good as everyone said he was, he was BETTER. He had a good superstar look, could take the match to the mat when needed, and was an incredible high flier (He has one of the best Asai Moonsaults I've ever seen) So now I'm rather conflicted. And this leads to the point of this column:

I really, really WANT to be a Teddy Hart Fan.

I do. I want to be able to cheer Hart. I want to hold up a sign that says "Nothing but Hart". I want to mark out for his Shooting Star Press (The Hart Attack). But the fact is it just seems like I can't. After everything Teddy Hart has done, after all the people he's pissed off, after all the bad publicity it's hard to bring myself to cheer for Hart.

Why do I want to be a Hart fan you might ask? After everything he's done? Simple: Teddy Hart has every single thing a young up and coming wrestler could ever ask for. When he said in interviews that he's ultra talented, while other fans are saying he's nothing but an arrogant asshole, I kind of agree with Hart. Look at the facts. Hart is only 23 years old and can already do crazy high flying moves that it takes many wrestlers years to master. Hart has a superstar look that make people remember him, which many young stars don't have. But there is one thing that Hart has that almost NO other young stars have: the name recognition. When a wrestling fan sees the name "Hart", it is associated with all around talent. They associate it with Bret and Owen Hart, two of the top stars in WWF history. They associate it with Stu Hart, who has trained some of the best wrestlers today. When they see the Hart name, wrestling fans associate it with pure and utter talent. That is one of the best things that any young superstar who wants to make a name for himself could ask for, and Hart has it.

But there's more. Take all the negative publicity he's gotten. Columns, interviews, commentaries, everything. Sure, it's all negative, but it's like Hart himself said in an interview: if all people want to do is trash talk him, he doesn't care because it all is publicity for him. Positive or Negative, it's publicity. It's like Chris Benoit. Back in ECW, he broke Sabu's neck. I'm sure that there was publicity saying that he's reckless in the ring, but that botch gave him the nickname "The Crippler" which stayed with him for years. Publicity is Publicity is Publicity, no matter if it's negative or positive. Hell, anyone reading this column has probably heard of Teddy Hart, and why? Because of the negative publicity he's gotten!

So that's why I want to be a Teddy Hart fan. He's talented, he is well known from the publicity he's gotten, and he has nothing but potential for the future. But like I said, it's hard to be a Teddy Hart fan. After what he did in NWA-TNA, no selling Juventud's finish. What he did in Ring of Honor, no selling another finish and doing several unplanned spots, putting all the other wrestlers in major danger. So I can't cheer for someone who does that. I can't mark out for someone who claims in interviews that he's the greatest thing since sliced bread (We all know that's not true. The greatest thing since sliced bread is Spanky's finisher).

But let me end by saying this: Teddy Hart can still change. He's still relatively young, so he can erase everything that has happened. If he legitimately apologizes for everything he's done, if he starts acting professional in the ring, and if he no longer acts like he's God's gift to professional wrestling, then he can start being popular. And if that happens, I will be the #1 Teddy Hart fan. Mark my words.

And THAT, my friends, is a dose of Bottitude for ya.

by Botmaster4lyfe..

Joe Joe writes:
Nice column. I agree with most of what you said. Although recently I've heard more praise for Teddy than hate. I'm not surprised by this though because most wrestling fans change their minds frequently. As for Teddy having a big future I think he could as long as he straightens some up. What Teddy did was horrible and could've caused severe injury. Hopefully no one else tries nor thinks they can get over by doing dangerous unplanned spots.


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