Indy Wrestlers That Get No Respect.
August 26, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

It really amazes me how certain WWE employees manage to remain employed no matter how worthless they become to the product.. While guys like XPac, Curt Hennig, Chad Collyer, Mike Sanders, Kaz Hayashi, Ron Waterman, and others are cut loose simply because the writers are stumped, there are other guys working their ass's off in school gyms for fractions of the salary putting on 4-5 star matches 6-8 times a week..

Let's not let the writers off so easy.. It's not like they're coming up with any great gimmicks or storylines for crash holly, albert, johnny the bull, sean o'haire, mike awesome, hugh morrus, justin credible and bull buchanan (i dont care what you've heard, he still sucks).. If you want to cut costs then eliminate your dead weight, dont elimintate your developmental talent.. that's your future!

The burning question in my mind is this, how do guys like Funaki, Albert, Awesome, Morrus, Johnny The bull, Bull Buchanan, Credible & Crash still have jobs with the WWE, yet talents such as Chris Daniels (the country's best indy wrestler), Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Donovan Morgan, Scoot Andrews, Low Ki (an amazing talent), The Amazing Red, Joey Matthews, Christian York, and Bobby Rude DO NOT HAVE JOBS?!

The way i see it, if you contribute something good to television at least once every two or three weeks, then you have proven your worth in the WWE.. But there are a few employees that havent proven shit in the last two years.. Oh yes, I've leaned away from naming Kevin Nash (the most worthless man in wrestling) in this article just so that I don't dishonor the names of the following men who work their asses off for small groups of fans and get paid crap.. If you ever get a chance to see the following wrestler LIVE or on TAPE, I suggest you check it out, you will not be dissappointed..

Chris Daniels
Scoot Andrews
Donovan Morgan
Jerry Lynn
AJ Styles
Low Ki
Chad Collyer
Bobby Rude
Davon Storm
Christian Cage
Joey Matthews
Amazing Red

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