Statement from Steve Corino regarding arrest
June 23, 2003 - by Steve Corino

First before I start I want to thank the web sites that have posted this statement from me.

Most of you have probably read that I was arrested recently on charges of forgery and fraud in suburban Philadelphia. This is true. As reported correctly I was arrested in Detroit, Michigan on charges that I forged a $2100 check and used a credit card of an ex-girlfriend of mine without her knowledge. This ex-girlfriend claimed I used her credit card 25 times without her knowledge.

I want to go on public record and tell the world that I at no time was ever involved in any illegal activity and I am looking forward to proving my 100% innocence in a court of law. It is a shame that this has happened and I am also looking forward to the truth coming out in this matter as soon as possible.

I apologize to my family, friends, and fans that they have to read negative things about me in the newspaper and Internet. The real truth of this situation will come out in court and I am confident that I will be found innocent of all charges.

A great thing we have here in America is "innocent until proven guilty" and I ask all my family, friends, and fans to keep that in mind when reading about this case. I have not done anything illegal and will prove that in court.

As you have probably figured out this is the reason I was not in attendance at the Ring Of Honor show on Saturday, June 14. I apologize to Rob Feinstien, Gabe Sopolasky, Donavon Morgan, Christopher Daniels, Danny Maff, Samoa Joe, CW Anderson, the rest of the boys, and mostly the fans for not being able to attend. I will continue to wrestle and will be in court on Monday to ask the judge for clearance to return to Japan for ZERO-ONE, which I am confident he will allow.

Thank you to everyone in my family and friends that have supported me and helped me in the last 19 days as this nightmare has unfolded. You truly realize who your friends are when something horrible happens to you.

In closing I want to thank the fans for their support already in this matter. Please realize that I am not a criminal, never will be, and I appreciate all the support you guys are giving me through this hard time.

Steve Corino



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