Interview with "Wildcat" Chris Harris
August 3, 2003 - by Wrestling News Live
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Chris Harris first talked about his inspiration to get into professional wrestling, joking that the reason he got started was because of "Cowboy" James Storm after he saw him shot those fake cap guns off in the air. Chris then joked with host Trey Stone that if he lost the NWA Tag Team Titles this Wednesday on PPV, he would come after him (it was a DQ so they did retain for Trey's sake).

Harris said his favorite wrestler and inspiration growing up was Bret "Hitman" Hart. Harris and Trey agreed that Bret deserves a respectable farewell from the wrestling business. Harris then talked about how he grew so much more respect for guys like Bret Hart and other wrestlers when he actually got involved in the business and first started taking bumps. He said that as a fan, he watched Bret in one way but as a pro wrestler, he looked at him in a whole new way and could understand what he was doing in the ring, psychology wise.

Harris then talked about how he first started training at a pro wrestling school in Northern Ohio. Harris said he learned a lot about the in's and out's of the ring and it really helped him establish himself in the business.

Harris then talked about his first go in wrestling in the Cincinnati area. Harris brought up how he started with a promotion in that area and lied to the promoters that he had around 30 matches so far when he barely had any.

Harris then talked about his experience with WCW. They had him shoot a country music video in Nashville and he would then perform it on Nitro when Jeff Jarrett would interfere and smash a guitar over the lead singer, leading to Harris getting involved and establishing him in WCW as a new face. Harris said he came up with the idea with Terry Taylor but the higher-ups in WCW didn't like the plan. Harris pointed out that in the wrestling business it seems their are more disappointments then successes, especially in the case with WCW.

On the topic of Terry Taylor, Harris said he hopes to see him jump to TNA following his release from WWE. Harris noted how much Taylor helped him in his career and how he would be a great asset to any promotion.

Harris then talked about dressing up as a "fake" Sting in 2000 when he came out from under the ring during a WCW Pay Per View when Sting was facing Jeff Jarrett. Harris said that at the time, it was the biggest thrill he had in the business as he dressed up as Sting a few more times before and after that.

Harris then compared WCW to NWA TNA. Harris said the only difference is that in WCW, he was sitting back waiting for his opportunity and almost getting it but hitting a "brick wall" so to speak every time. In NWA TNA, he has been given the chance to show his skills and he now holds NWA Tag Team gold.

Harris then dicussed how TNA wanted to pair him up with his then rival on the independent scene "Cowboy" James Storm. Harris said he called the TNA people crazy to do something like that and to never pull it again. Harris said that when he first found out, he was asking himself "why me?" at the time. Harris said his first goal was to make it as a singles wrestler and when they told him he was going to be in a tag team, he really had no desire to do so. In the end, both men agreed to put differences aside and make the tag team work.

Harris then talked about how both himself and James Storm cringed a bit when they found out that Vince Russo would be coming to work for TNA. Harris and Storm were told to be patient when Russo came on board the writing team since he wasn't familar with them as they were written off of TV. Harris then talked about how himself and Storm were given a Dark Match to prove themselves and from that point on, they have taken part in almost every TNA PPV event.

Harris mentioned how the tag team took some time to click over the weeks on PPV. Harris brought how they both had different gimmicks, with him coming out in a leather jacket and Storm coming out in a cowboy outfit. Eventually, Harris said the fans caught on and they clicked on a new level. Harris said both himself and Storm have a new found respect for Vince Russo following the push they have received.

Harris then talked about why he is the one that jumps off the top rope for the Death Sentence tag team finishing move. Harris said that James was the one who came up with the idea and he pitched it to him to do the move off the top rope since he was use to doing high flying moves early in his career. Harris then discussed how dangerous the move can be since James Storm is truly the one in control of how the move finishes.

On the topic of who he would like to see join NWA TNA, Harris thinks Bret Hart would be a great addition from a talking standpoint (such as a Commissioner or a head authority type role) since he can no longer wrestle.

Harris noted that out of the entire list of championships he has won, holding NWA Tag Team gold was the best accomplishment thus far in his career.

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