Interview with WWE's Jim Ross
March 17, 2003 - by Wrestling News Live
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In an interview taped last week (Thursday), Wrestling News Live welcomed WWE RAW announcer Jim Ross to the program! Ross discussed the situaton involving Brock Lesnar's depature from the WWE (a question asked first by WNL that paved the way for other radio shows that same day), how he got his start in the wrestling business, WrestleMania XX and more! Be sure to log on to for more information on how to listen to the show *LIVE* every Monday night and hear the show 24/7 archived via with hosts Trey Stone, JSK, Vabamm & Adam Martin!

- Jim Ross joins the show. Hosts Trey Stone & JSK ask Jim Ross if he is as excited as they are about WrestleMania XX. Ross said he is very excited and is glad, as a country boy from Oklahoma, to get the opportunity to take part in the biggest show of the year in New York City. He mentioned how the pay per view would be a lot longer than those ran every month by the company (going over the four hour mark in total).

- Host Trey Stone asked Ross' opinion of the Oklahoma character that took place in WCW. Ross said he thought it was a low blow, but understood the circumstances as the WWE was in a Monday night war at the time with the company. He said it really didn't help the company in any way as the ratings stayed the same. Ross said knocking somebody who wears a black hat, being overweight, short, too tall, having an accent, where you are from or whatever the case may be, it is taking the low road in trying to get attention. He said poking fun at a legitimate illness like Bell's Palsy was a big cheap shot on the part of WCW and, in his opinion, they took it too far.

- Host JSK brings up how he was a big fan of Ross during the "Cowboy" Bill Watts days in Mid-South and wants to know what it was like working behind the scenes for the promotion at that time. Ross said he met "Cowboy" Bill Watts when Watts came down to Oklahoma while he was still attending college. He said his fraternity had a fundraiser pro wrestling show and met Watts in that way. Ross said after he finished with college, Watts hired him and he described himself as an "office gopher." He said the promoter he worked for at the time was blind so he would drive him around and help him out. Ross said he learned a lot from Bill Watts as Watts taught him a lot about the fundamentals of the business. He said Watts was the first guy who gave him his first start as an announcer.

- Ross mentioned how he has been doing just that for a long time and brought up how he has spent up to 30 years in the business already. He said he hopes he has a few more years left in him and didn't ever think he would be doing what he is right now as he thought he would be in his hometown coaching football and teaching.

- Host Trey Stone then brought up the ever popular topic this past week concerning the rumors of Brock Lesnar's departure from the WWE to purse a career in the NFL. At the time, WWE had not confirmed anything concerning Lesnar and Wrestling News Live had the first chance to get a response, something that paved the way for other radio shows that had JR on as well. Despite interference by a WWE official listening in on the interview, Ross said he would not blow off the question. Ross said there has been lots of speculation concerning what Lesnar will actually be doing after WrestleMania XX. He said Lesnar is one of their prized recruits and has become a good friend of his during his stay in the WWE. Ross said the company would address the situation once WrestleMania XX had concluded.

- Host Trey Stone asked what match Ross was looking forward to calling at WrestleMania XX. Ross said he was looking forward to calling the Triple Threat Match involving Triple H, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Title. He said he was looking forward to it because it would signify the end of the night and conclude the biggest show of the year.

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Transcribed by Adam Martin @

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