Interview with Jerry Lynn
August 3, 2003 - by Wrestling News Live
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Jerry Lynn first talked about his involvement in athletics at a young age. Lynn said he was into trying a little bit of everything. Lynn said he did about ever sport possible except for organized hockey and football. He said he enjoyed getting involved in pick up games as well.

Lynn then talked about how he got introduced into the sport of professional wrestling at the age of 6 and was hooked ever since. Lynn said he watched a lot of AWA since he grew up in the Midwest.

Lynn said he never really thought about becoming a pro wrestler since it was always considered a big man's sport. Lynn then talked about how he met some local wrestlers and went to a few shows at ballroom's. Lynn noticed that he could have better matches with his brother in his backyard. He said he knew he had a lot of work ahead of him from that point on so he worked out for a couple years then signed up at a pro wrestling school with his friend.

Lynn said he got laughed at when he told people he was going to a school to become a pro wrestler. He said many of those people laughed at him because, like he said before, it was considered a big man's sport and he only weighed about 175 pounds going into the school (and that was after working out for 2 years).

The topic got switched to the Summer Series from 1998 in ECW when Lynn had his feud with Justin Credible. Lynn said that his first match with Credible, they clicked and Paul E. decided to have them have a series of matches following it. Lynn said the first match was a 2 out of 3 Falls Match and his ideas for that match and other matches were shot down. He then told Credible that they wouldn't ask for permission from anyone in the back and they ended up tearing the house down in the match in the end.

Lynn then talked about the possibility of Paul Heyman being the reason why he didn't have any success with WWE in 2001. He said that when you get to a big promotion like that, the politics really kick in and if you aren't considered a favorite by a certain promoter, you are either in or you are out. It is as simple as that.

Lynn then discussed how Puerto Rico is a hot territory right now and how both wrestling promotions have the highest rated shows currently. Lynn said he has never been to Puerto Rico but would like to check it out sometime.

Lynn then discussed the first ever NWA TNA Pay Per View event last year in June of 2002 when he teamed up with AJ Styles and Low-Ki to battle the Flying Elvises. Lynn said that first Pay Per View was a rough night for him as he had just made the move from his home to Nashville. Lynn said he drove for about 15-16 hours, got some sleep and then had to head to the arena in Huntsville. He brought up how they did the LIVE Pay Per View and then taped the show for next week right after, with Lynn competing in the first TNA match and then the second show (that was taped) he had the big gauntlet match for the X Division Championship that involved himself, AJ Styles, Psicosis and Low-Ki. Lynn said he was in the ring for 35 minutes straight at one point and basically said it was a very rough night.

Lynn said that after so many years in the business, he says the best part about it is that he keeps on learning and that he is always has new challenges.

Lynn then talked about how he sold his Mr. JL outfit from WCW and how it got him $500.

Lynn said that out of all the promotions he has worked for, ECW was his favorite except when the paychecks weren't coming. Lynn said the overall feeling was that you were going to see an entertaining show if you went to ECW and it proved to be true.

Lynn said some of his favorite guys to work with were Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Mikey Whipwreck, Chris Candido and Sean Waltman (when he was the Lightning Kid).

Lynn then talked about his brutal match with Justin Credible two weeks ago on NWA TNA. The hosts and Lynn talked about how much blood Credible lost during the match and the big hurricanranna/table bump. Talk then shifted to the big chair shot he took from Credible that busted him open pretty bad, leaving a big dent in his head.

Lynn then talked about other places he works besides NWA TNA every Wednesday night. He discusses his work with MLW that appears on the Sunshine Network every Monday night after WWE RAW. Lynn said for now, they do one TV taping a month and break it up throughout the weeks. Talk has begun about doing two TV tapings per month.

Lynn then took part in the Wrestling News Live Match Game. The way this game works is that Lynn is asked many questions in previous interviews that he took part in. If he could match the answer to the previous answer he gave, he wins. 5 questions were asked to Lynn including which wrestlers he would add to the TNA roster that aren't currently on the roster, who he was in the ring with when he broke his arm, his quote of what he thinks about Paul Heyman, the name he originally wanted to go by during his time with WCW and why he never played football in high school. Be sure to listen to the audio archive of the show to see how Jerry does!

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Transcribed by Adam Martin @

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