Interview with Chris Sabin
August 6, 2003 - by Wrestling News Live
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The interview began with hosts Trey Stone and JSK discussing how Sabin is only 21 years old, has been wrestling for 2-3 years and has a track history that leads some to believe that he has been in the business much longer. Sabin then discussed what it was like to unifiy the NWA TNA X Division Championship and WWA Cruiserweight Championship at the WWA Pay Per View event in New Zealand. Sabin said unifying those titles was the biggest accomplishment in his career thus far. Sabin said the fans in New Zealand were amazing and made his win mean that much more.

Sabin discussed what it was like working for WWA. Sabin said he was the youngest guy in the loker room at the show but said everyone was great backstage with him. He said everyone would give each other tips on how to improve their performance, making the shows that much better when viewed on Pay Per View. Sabin said it was a great atmosphere to work in overall.

Sabin then talked about how he broke into the business and who he trained with. He said he started in Michigan under the NWA Great Lakes wrestling school. Shortly after, he moved to Ontario to do some training with Border City Wrestling.

Sabin then discussed working for Border City Wrestling last week as that show was the 10th anniversary for the promotion in Ontario. Sabin put over how great of a promotion it is, saying it draws at least 1,000 people per show which is great for an independent federation for today.

Sabin talked about what it was like to work for Super 8. He said Simon Diamond was the one who really pushed him to get booked for the tournament. Sabin said considering all the great names that have competed in Super 8 over the years, it was a true honor for him to compete in it as many people have gone on to bigger and better things since making their name known in the tournament.

Sabin then discussed who he would like to see join TNA in the future that he has competed with up and down the independent circut all over the United States and Canada. Sabin mentioned names of people from Michigan such as Jimmy Jacobs, Alex Shelly and Truth Martini. Sabin mentioned how good of friends he was with Truth Martini and how he would fit great in the X Division in TNA.

Sabin then talked about what it was like to get contacted by NWA TNA to work his first Pay Per View event for the company. Sabin said he felt very tired as he had to make the long drive from Detroit to Nashville, which is about 9 1/2 hours total. Despite being exhausted from the trip, Sabin said it was great to be backstage with all the guys and get his first shot with the company. Sabin also mentioned that he no longer makes the long drive and takes a flight now.

Sabin then discussed his match on May 14th, 2003 which was a Triple Threat Match involving himself taking on Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn when he captured the X Division Title. Sabin said that when he got to the building and found out he would be in the match and winning the belt, it caught him my surprise because he showed up thinking he wasn't going to be involved in anything big that night. Sabin mentioned that he had worked with Lynn in the past but that was the first time he got in a ring with Amazing Red. Despite it being the first time, he felt he had a great match with both guys and said he would love to have a one on one contest with Red in the future.

Sabin talked about Amazing Red's current health. He mentioned how sore Red was following his match with Elix Skipper upon his return to the promotion. Sabin mentioned he doesn't know much but he does know Red will be taking it easy and will more than likely return very soon.

Host Trey Stone then brought up the fact that how compared to WWE, there is no BS backstage within TNA with old dogs holding back new talent with 4 young superstars holding NWA gold (America's Most Wanted as NWA Tag Team Champions, Chris Sabin as NWA TNA X Division Champion & AJ Styles as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion). Sabin said it is very refresing to see that in the business today and how AJ Styles has really paved the way for new talent to come up in the ranks against the guys who have already made a name for themselves in the business.

Sabin then discussed his current feud with Frankie Kazarian and how it has not only taken place in TNA but for other independent promotions in the Cleveland area and other places in the US for the past 6 months. Sabin said they locked up in Border City Wrestling, Super 8, recently at World Wrestling All-Stars events and now NWA TNA. Sabin put over how he has great chemistry with Kazarian and how it will continue to take place in the coming months as long as the fans are into it.

Sabin then talked about some names he sees challenging him next for his X Division Title. He would say Paul London until he got picked up by WWE. Some other names he brought up were Matt Sydal and Matt Stryker.

Sabin then discussed his involvement with S.E.X (Sports Entertainment Extreme). Sabin noted that starting with the 1 year anniversary show, S.E.X pretty much ended for good without a logical explanation by the company.

Host JSK put Sabin on the spot saying that if Vince McMahon were to call him and ask him to work for WWE, what would he say? Sabin responded saying that if he wasn't currently under contract with NWA TNA, he would probably say yes under certain circumstances. Sabin said that he would obviously like to finish his run as X Division Champion the right away and do whatever he could for the promotion to make sure he didn't burn any bridges and leave the company in a good way.

Host Trey Stone then gave Sabin the "magic pen". This pen would allow Chris to write any script/storyline for one night in TNA. Sabin said that if he had the pen, he would setup a big tournament full of X Division wrestlers with the winner getting an X Division Title shot. He then said the winner of that match would then face the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion with both having the chance to become a double champion.

Sabin then took part in the Wrestling News Live Match Game. The way this game works is that Chris is asked questions from his past that he should know the answer to. If he could match the answer to the correct answer, he wins. 5 questions were asked to Sabin including his entrance theme music in Border City Wrestling, his career highlight prior to NWA TNA, his hobbies outside of the ring, which 4 superstars he draws inspiration from and what sport other than wrestling he competed in for 13 years. Be sure to listen to the audio archive of the show to see how Sabin does!

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