Interview with Tracy Smothers & Midnight Rider
August 6, 2003 - by Wrestling News Live
Transcribed by Adam Martin @

Midnight Rider first discussed how he has been in the business for 22+ years and how he worked for NWA, Mid South, worked all over the South East, parts of Texas, pretty much everywhere in the United States. Midnight Rider said his feud with the Horseman basically put him on the map in professional wrestling.

Tracy Smothers then gave his background about his career in pro wrestling. Tracy mentioned that he started in 1983, saying he has worked for pretty much every promotion in Memphis. Tracy said he got his first full time job with Bill Watts in Arkansas and learned a lot. Tracy mentioned he worked with guys like Jim Duggan, Terry Taylor, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and plenty more. He then moved back to Nashville 6 months later and did his best to get booked around the area. From there, he went to Florida in 1987 and held the Florida Tag Team Title's with Steve Armstrong. He would constantly go back to Tenneesee for years on end on and off. He then started some work with New Japan in 1988 and did it four times between '88 and '90. He then worked in Mexico, worked for WCW for two years and later for the WWE (then WWF).

Tracy then talked about his days with Extreme Championship Wrestling. Tracy mentioned how walking into a WWF locker room was different compared to ECW as he said walking into an ECW locker room was like walking into a room full of misfits. Tracy compared it to a bar and how he loved it so much. He discussed how he was a trainer for the promotion for about two years and did some work with Chris Chetti and was apart of the original FBI.

Tracy then gave his thoughts on Paul Heyman. Tracy joked, calling him a prick. Tracy got on a serious note and called him a smart guy and thanked him for giving him one last shot in the business when he was on his way out. He said the only problems Heyman had was that he was very "last minute" with ECW decisions. Tracy put over that he had true respect for him and how he really changed the business into what it is today.

Both Tracy and Midnight Rider discussed the upcoming Superstars of Pro Wrestling show in Branson, MO. Midnight Rider put over that they hope people in the Branson area will see the card and realize a lot of guys from the past will be appearing and still going all these years later. For more information on the Superstars of Pro Wrestling promotion, visit OR

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Transcribed by Adam Martin @

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