Worries and Trepidations
January 30, 2005 by Jasper

I haven't written an article in roughly a year, due to laziness and due to lack of things to say. This worries me. Hopefully, this article can change things as I have a few questions that need to be answered and I personally am not so sure I can do so myself.

Here I am, believing myself to be a huge wrestling fan, interested in every aspect; however, I'm lacking words. It's true, I have seen very few other wrestling matches and industries compared to the amount I have indulged in WWE. As of recently, I have turned my attention towards TNA and ROH and am very impressed. Of course, the quality or the money put in is nowhere near as much as WWE when comparing to pyros, videos, and general TV presentability.

What I find that other companies aren't lacking compared to WWE is the heart in which the matches are done. This is perhaps the essence that is missing from their show, I have no idea. But when I watch WWE programming, they maintain a few good matches (I still believe that Smackdown is putting on better matches), but no sense of electricity or excitement I would feel. I can't think of the last time while watching their programming that I have been excited to see a match up that had normal ring rules and regulations. I only eagerly await the hardcore, the last man standing, the elimination chambers, etc etc. That makes me sad.

It makes me wonder if a limitation on wrestling is such a good idea.

Certainly, it slows down injury and keeps the wrestlers at least on a healthier page..but are they happier? There's no feeling in their movements that keep me drawn to the screen. I see them trading chops, a few suplexes, and match over, good night. Not to say that I speak down on any of the wrestlers, but even my favorite Chris Benoit seems to have slown down in his style or maybe it was the fact that I got hold of some of his old matches in Japan which blew me away.

When I've indulged in older matches, other wrestling companies, or older promos, I get a feeling that there's something there that I no longer see today in WWE. It seems they've gotten...stale. certainly, their storylines are maintaining a certain respectability and overall i call it above average, but the wrestling...the wrestling just no longer entices me. If I may make an individual point about two wrestlers who seems to have gotten better with his in ring work and his antics is Eddie Guerrero and JBL. Yes, I said JBL and I mean it. His in ring style seems to have gotten more "charismatic", he's interesting to watch and worthwhile. Eddie has gone above and beyond my senses to become an even better in ring wrestler, especially when he's not even wrestling and merely standing to be tagged into the ring.

Am I so wrong in saying that I want to see more intense matches, more moves opened up, and more dangerous but well done wrestling? I'm not talking tables, ladders, or chairs. I'm talking about moves that impact the neck or upper back, moves that can be done properly. Look at Jerry Lawler whos former finisher was a piledriver. That's it, a simple piledriver which he has used for nearly his whole career. Where is that now? I know, people have gotten injured, but taking away moves from wrestling is reducing tools that captivate audiences.

I wasn't expecting much when I watched TNA's Turning Point PPV, but I was blown away by all the matches, especially the Sabin vs. Williams match. It was a bit jagged, but it was very good and very excellent wrestling with moves you'll never see in the WWE.

Am I the only one who thinks that there is something to be lacking from wrestling now? I don't know, but hopefully I'll continue watching and continue finding old gems from the past.

by Jasper ..

Erkka Järvinen wrote:
First of all, i saw my first video of TNA, it was New Years Resolution (Editor's Note: it was Final Resolution) and i kind of liked it. Guys like DDP, Nash, Raven, Alpha male and of course Jeff Jarrett seemed very interesting. There was no divas half naked going around the place, just pure fine and entertaining wrestling. I am not saying that WWE is bad but i wanted to express what i feel about TNA. Ok then to WWE. You basicly are saying that you want more hardcore if i got you right. Well i think its better if special matches are little rare because if i would see one hardcore match in one RAW, it would get old. So that way, the special matches keep on being interesting and as matches that the fans really await to see. Why people keep on saying that there is no "extreme" matches in WWE?? Or that there is no "extreme" moves used in WWE? Well i completely disagree. You said Piledriver is a hardcore? Well just look at the Tombstone Piledriver and then you can choose which one is more "extreme" and then come to say if WWE doesnt use extreme moves. How about HHH vs HBK Hell in a cell? That wasnt impressive enough? I think the fans who complain and whine about WWE is disrespecting those superstars who put their body on the line each week. Matches like last ride match when JBL got tombstoned to the steel steps! Or when he got chokeslammed through an announce table! I could go on and on and on about situations like that recently. So next time when somebody decides to diss WWE with your column. Pls at least think about what you say ok?
Rhey wrote:
I'm sick and tired of people dumping on WWE. They're the standard in the wrestling world for a reason, dammit. Just look at the Royal Rumble last night! Now THAT was a PPV! People just don't appreciate anything but high-flying lucha moves anymore. No technical wrestling, which is more impressive to watch than lucha-style...look at Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit...have they EVER put on less than an amazing match? No power wrestling, which NOBODY has ANY respect for just because the wrestles move slowly. Big deal! They're supposed to move slowly! THEY'RE POWER WRESTLERS, DAMMIT!!! I know I've gotten off topic a bit, but what I said remains true. Yes, gimmick matches are on a show to help improve it, but that doesn't mean that there is no draw to a regular match! Mabey it's just me, but I'd much rather have a regular match between Kane and Batista or Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho instead of a ladder match or a last man standing match any day!
Jasper wrote:
Maybe I didn't get what I meant across. If you've ever seen my older stuff, I'm cheering WWE on like crazy. I DO NOT want more hardcore. Let me repeat, I do NOT want more special matches, I do not see hell in the cell, elimination chambers, the what have you. I do NOT want more special stipulation matches. I thought I made that point clear, maybe I flubbed on trying to write it. I love normal matches, I love matches in which wrestling is the main point, not random spots here and there. Hell, my favorite wrestler is Benoit. However, when I saw some of his older matches in Japan, i was totally astounded. He was doing more chain wrestling than I have seen in WWE for awhile. Not just chain wrestling, but he was incorporating basic ground maneuvers I havent seen used much (It brings to mind Jushin Liger vs Pegasus Kid). There is a big difference in the styles as they go across the nations, I was very pleased to see that. I love technical wrestling, I love submissions. If i had gotten a different point than that across, I apologize.

If i got across the point that I hate power wrestlers, I;m not sure where you gathered that from.

If anything, i was critizing the company itself, not the wrestlers. I believe that the wrestlers are being held back on a lot of fronts.

Another thing which I meant by more "extreme" moves is by the fact that a lot of old moves which are seen are not quite used. In fact, the Tombstone PileDriver is pretty damn safe, don't forget, they used it on Linda McMahon. I'm talking about taking multiple suplexes in a row (Tazz), I'm talking about finishers you haven't seen since some wrestlers came to the WWE (verte-breaker, Gory Slam). Granted, as I'm writing this, I do concede that maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention.

In no way should you think that I'm calling the WWE wrestlers poor. I've seen their stuff, new and old and they are good, damn good. What I'm saying again is that its the company that holds them back. Look at their old matches compared with their recent ones; i just feel that a certain somethign is missing. I didn't realize my article had said all these things which in you commented about. I thought it was the opposite.
Sami Salonen wrote:
I think you're talking crap! I mean there is some point between all the non-sense, but fairly little. I think there is something wrong in the WWE but it's not anything you claim it to be. Yeah, i like a good hardcore match from time to time and yeah there aren't so many of them these days. That's not the biggest problem and it could easily be fixed by reviving the hardcore division. (in my opinion it should be put on Smackdown!) I think you talk complete crap when you say that there is not enough extreme matches. Have you even been watching Smackdown or RAW recently? There are a lot of extreme and lucha matches, almost too much. Can you say anything else if you saw the great cage match between Eddie Guerrero and JBL? The match was great in general, especially the fantastic frog splash from the top of the cage(all though i didn't like the end because of the interference by Kurt Angle.) I agree with you on one thing though. The matches are mostly pretty boring there are no major clashes in Smackdown! or RAW and rarely even in Pay Per Views. I think what's actually wrong in the WWE is the roster. There are no big superstars and they are giving pushes to the wrong people. Randy Orton, for example is only a pretty face for teen-age girls and an average wrestler. I think the thing that would save the WWE is giving pushes to people who really deserve it.
Rhey wrote:
I sound like a total asshole on many of my replies, so I am going to fix that today. I know you didn't say you hate power wrestlers...thats just a rant that I've had in me for a long time that kinda' unexpectedly burst out. At least I got that off my mind. I actually like the article, and I understand the point you were trying to make...I was just trying to make one of my own too; I just ended up looking like a jackass 'cause I ran my mouth for no real reason.


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