Looking at 2002 vs. 1982 in Wrestling .
October 13, 2002 - By Wrestling Professor

1982: Stocky, amateur wrestler named Bob Backlund is WWF champ
2002: Stocky, amateur wrestler named Brock Lesnar is WWE champ

1982: Double H manipulating AWA
2002: Triple H manipulating WWE

1982: Getting high at spot shows
2002: Getting off on high spots

1982: Von Erichs, Dustys, and Flairs
2002: Tables, ladders, and chairs

1982: Ozzy gets sued
2002: Fozzy gets booed

1982: NWA & AWA
2002: NWA TNA

1982: Jesse Ventura breaks laws in Minnesota
2002: Jesse Ventura governs laws in Minnesota

1982: Sgt. Slaughter has a talent agent
2002: Sgt. Slaughter is a road agent

1982: Terry Funk toying with retirement
2002: Terry Funk toying with retirement

1982: Rocky Balboa vs. Thunderlips
2002: Rocky Maivia vs. Hulk Hogan

1982: Kevin Nash rehabs his 1st surgery
2002: Kevin Nash rehabs his 50th surgery

1982: Randy Orton's 1st meal
2002: Randy Orton turns heel

1982: Jim Cornette works territories
2002: Jim Cornette manages territories

1982: Getting yourself in the business
2002: Going into business for yourself

1982: Heels get shot at by fans
2002: Heels get laughed at by fans

1982: Never break kayfabe
2002: Break kayfabe on a weekly basis

1982: Andy Kaufman on Letterman discussing wrestling
2002: David Arquette on Letterman discussing wrestling

1982: Vince Russo fails book reports
2002: Vince Russo fails at booking

1982: Jerry Jarrett's group draws 8,000 on a regular basis
2002: Jerry Jarrett's group struggles to give away 300 free tickets

1982: Thousands of fans view closed-circuit maches
2002: Dozens of fans view NWA TNA matches

1982: Sunshine
2002: Nidia

1982: The Godfather movies
2002: The Godfather's Ho's

1982: Empty-arena matches
2002: Matches in empty arenas

1982: Ribera Steak House
2002: Mean Gene's Burgers

1982: Freebird Michael "P.S." Hayes
2002: WWE writer Michael Seitz

1982: Dynamite Kid wrestles Tiger Mask in the ring
2002: Dynamite Kid writes about Tiger Mask in his book

1982: Adrian Street
2002: Billy & Chuck

1982: Fans sell out arenas
2002: Fans chant "You sold out!"

1982: Gordon Solie, Dean of Announcing
2002: Don West

1982: Backstage fights
2002: Backyard fights

1982: Planning the 1st Starrcade a year ahead of time
2002: Planning monthly PPVs the weekend before

1982: Bookers who can't read or write
2002: Writers who can't book or read

1982: Stephanie McMahon needs reading lessons
2002: Stephanie McMahon needs acting lessons

1982: Ken Patera fights with police on a Monday
2002: Police are used in wrestling angles on Monday nights

1982: People can't wait for the big show to begin
2002: People can't wait for the Big Show to quit

1982: Texas is the hotbed of wrestling
2002: Texans stay in bed when Raw comes to town

1982: Jim Ross studies playbooks
2002: Jim Ross publishes cookbooks

1982: Bruiser Brody rules All Japan
2002: Joanie Laurer ruins New Japan

1982: Hair vs. Hair matches
2002: HLA matches

1982: Jimmy Snuka wrestles as an island boy
2002: Jimmy Snuka wrestles the Island Boys

1982: Jimmy Snuka keeps his drug problems confidential
2002: Jimmy Snuka discusses hid drug problems on Confidential

1982: Mick Foley writes papers in college
2002: Mick Foley is a best-selling author

1982: Steve Austin walks out of class to attend wrestling matches
2002: Steve Austin walks out on WWE

1982: Stu Hart and his dungeon
2002: Al Snow and Tough Enough 3

1982: Joel Gertner has no college degree
2002: Joel Gertner still has no college degree

And finally.

1982: Hulk Hogan pushed as AWA's top star
2002: Hulk Hogan pushed as WWE's top star


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