Nine Questions About Today's Wrestling
May 8, 2002 - by Stephen Lyon

  1. The now infamous return plane journey (mysteriously not mentioned in Trish Stratus' European diary on - why was that I wonder?) sounds infinitely more entertaining than the U.K. ppv I bought. Why wasn't this journey put on pay-per-view? It had it all - a hair match, a special challenge match between two former amateur wrestlers, three guys nearly falling out of a plane, and Scott Hall reprising his old WCW gimmick.

  2. On the heels of the 2.9 rating that Smackdown did, I see that the first hour of Excess (featuring the Smackdown crew) last Saturday did a 0.4 (surely the lowest WWE rating ever?) Who do we blame for this - Hogan? Jericho? Marc Loyd and Michael Cole?

  3. I take it that Scott Hall didn't take his 'anti-alcohol' medication with him to England?

  4. With Curt Hennig's dismissal, does this mean that some of that XWF footage of him wrestling at Universal studios may actually see the light of day now (that is, if the tv deal ever materialises)?

  5. Possible New Japan match, coming this summer: Bill Goldberg versus Scott Hall? They'd have to make it a shoot....

  6. If Edge loses the Hair match at Judgement Day, do you think they might do a spoof on the Hayes situation, by having Angle pin Edge's hair to a locker room door?

  7. Leviathan as D-Von's bodyguard? If the fans weren't chanting 'Goldberg' before, they soon will be.

  8. On that same subject, why waste Leviathan in the bodyguard role, when Bull Buchanan or Haku or some other unmarketable stiff would have done the same job?

  9. So we sat through those pointless Mark Henry skits for nothing? I mean, I hated them as much as the next guy, but what a complete and utter waste of valuable air time.

  10. If changing the WWF's name to WWE wasn't confusing enough, now they're changing all the tv programs names. Earth to WWE: We want fresh storylines, formats and characters. And no, Ric Flair as heel owner and/or leader of the nWo doesn't count.

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    Stephen Lyon,
    St.Helens, England, U.K.


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