Is Booker T Finished With Wrestling?
August 21, 2003 by Mark Rose

Booker T was always a "Fan Friendly" performer..

Everybody knows of course that Booker T is currently on the injured list in the WWE suffering from herniated disc that happened or was aggravated while on tour in Australia. Since they did the title change on the house show rather than wait for TV one can surmise that this is a very serious injury, even if they don't have a true understanding for back pain. Booker T had stated last year that he had maybe one more year in the business before he'd just simply retire. With a potentially nagging back injury (especially if he takes significant bumps) will Booker T just decide to pack it in early? Think about it. Booker T is in his late 30's. He's not a young man. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Booker T is super old but if he was to quit now he could avoid the potential of life in pain like some others have experienced by staying in the business too long. He's had two pretty good runs in WCW and WWF/WWE and has made himself some good money in the process. I learned recently on's No Name Show with Dave Scherer and Buck Woodward (who also discussed Booker T's possible retirement on the same show) that Booker T runs a successful Hip Hop store in Houston and has been considering branching out into a few more small businesses with his brother Stevie Ray. What would Booker T really have left to prove? He has held the WCW tag team title with Harlem Heat 10 times, WCW's TV title 6 times, and we all know he was a FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME! WCW champion.

And yeah he hasn't had quite the same success in WWE but hey he was the IC champ and got to wrestle at Wrestlemania. He's main evented PPV's, he really did have a tremendous career. I doubt being stuck on that RAW roster which has now been sunk into a shitstorm of "Triple H Effect" booking he will really go any further. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked Booker T and I'd like to see him stay in wrestling but hey he was great and I just hope he doesn't try to come back if he can't be anywhere the same level he was. Let's hope he comes back he is one of the very few things I like on RAW right now.


I recently read Hulk Hogan's book and the most positive thing I have to say regarding the experience is that I actually didn't pay for it. I borrowed this piece of trash from a friend and I hope that people don't read this bullshit and actually believe the crap that Hogan and his writer put on these pages. Telling stories like saying he picked up Andre the Giant (who according to Hogan weighs 700 lbs) over his head and slammed him. Over his head? Did Hogan ever actually WATCH Wrestlemania 3? Hulk Hogan also in almost every chapter takes credit for just about every good idea ever implemented during his WWF run. Hogan also comes off the whole book in character. Yes just like the Rock's incredible boring book Hogan does the same thing. We're not reading a biography of Terry Bollea, we're reading Hulk Hogan's story. It has no personal feel to it like Mick Foley's books. This book put out for Hogan to stroke his own ego. I bet this idiot even thought it would sell as good and would be enjoyed by fans just as much as Foley's books. The only problem is, Hogan, we're all not 6 years old anymore and we can see through your bullshit.


Last column I gave my opinions about the Elimination Chamber and it's too bad WWE didn't go with my idea of saving "Hair vs Hair" match for the night after Summerslam. Oh well what do I know I'm an internet fan. WWE just loves us. Here's some more Summerslam ideas/predictions/critique/whatever:

- Kane vs. Rob Van Dam.

RVD has been going on some internet radio shows and giving his true opinions about what it's like being stuck in the WWE underneath Triple H's regime and being forced to limited to short matches and how it effects the way he likes to work. WWE is definitely going to be pissed off at him now. I wouldn't be shocked if Kane completely destroys him. We all knew with Kane's push he'd win anyway but I wouldn't doubt if they make RVD look bad I mean REALLY bad in this one.

- Shane McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff.

A good little piece of filler as obviously Shane will do a few spots worth watching. Shane's going to beat him this time. Nothing spectacular here.

- World Tag Team Champions La Resistance vs. The Dudley Boyz.

As much as I think Rene Dupree has potential, La Resistance is about as fun to watch for me as reading Hogan's book. The Dudley Boyz are one of my favorite teams of all time but with nobody to really work with they have become pretty dull in their own right. A good match to get up and grab a beer to, because you won't miss anything that great. Dudleyz go over probably DQ.

- WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar.

Obviously we're going to see a pretty solid match out of these two. Kurt Angle is the best performer in the WWE period. Hopefully we'll see a Lesnar heel push and if there is a God we'll see Heyman back at his side. Angle goes over, Brock turns heel.

- Undertaker vs. A-Train.

No women's match in sight but hey here we go. It's the official bathroom break match of the night. If you really have to go #2 during the PPV pick this match to do it. I'm sorry Taker you were great but you've slowed down and I'm sorry you're stuck in the ring with the guy is quite possibly the most boring performer in the WWE. Where the hell is John Cena when you need him? The only way this match would be worse if they brought back Nathan Jones and made it a threeway. Taker goes over and I hope Cena beats the crap out of him afterwards. Word life.

- U.S. Champion Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri.

How can you go wrong with this one. Obviously match of the night. This one is going to tear the house down in a big way. Your winner? He lies, He cheats, He steals, he wins.

- Matt Hardy vs. Zach Gowen (announced last weekend on Velocity, it is not listed on the Summerslam site).

Matt Hardy is turning face very soon and it looks likely that Gowen will be alongside him and Shannon Moore. Happening here maybe or setting up for it to happen at Smackdown? Gowen goes over probably "earning Matt's respect" in the process.


Before I wrap this up I just want to mention two things very quickly. I recently listened to Ricky Steamboat's RF Video shoot interview courtesy of through my premium membership and it was fantastic. If you're a member too check it out you won't be disappointed. If you're not think about trading for it or picking up at it was pretty good.

My condolences to all those who lost friends and family recently in the bombings that took place in Baghdad at the UN HQ and in Jerusalem. The Middle East is a mess right now and let's hope some peace can come to that area of the world.

by Mark Rose..



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