The Land of the Free?
September, 2003 by Mark Rose

Before I get in depth with this article I must say it is very difficult for me to type what I'm about to type. I don't remember the last time I was this pissed off at something. Words cannot describe the rage I felt when I read the article posted on out of Dover, Delaware (thanks to Bob Magee at I put a copy of it in the newsboard if you want to go read the original. A Dover town councilman by the name of Eugene B Ruane (his e-mail address is [email protected] if you're interested) has sponsored legislation that would ban ultimate fighting matches, and "tough man" competitions as well as "sham" or "collusive" contests where the results have been prearranged. Council had approved the first reading of this ordinance on August 25 and it will be put to a final vote on Monday.

Reading the quotes from this crap one would think this would include all pro wrestling or mixed martial arts type events. Sorry I should say a person with an IQ higher than their shoe size would think that. Apparently this doesn't include the Dover Town Council. A specific point was made that, and I quote, "not prohibit professionally sanctioned matches such as those held by billion dollar company Wrestling Wrestling Entertainment". So basically this horseshit legislation is a direct attack against CZW and possibly DCW. Apparently Mr Ruane got his hands on a tape of CZW's Tournament of Death and didn't like what he saw so he decided to make it his duty to make sure nobody can. Ruane finds this type of entertainment not suitable and this means that entire city of Dover now will have to feel the same way. This blatant censorship should not be tolerated.

What is even more of a lie about this legislation is that it's goal is to promote public safety. Public safety?!?!? I've seen almost every show CZW has put on in Dover and the only people I have ever seen get hurt are the actual wrestlers themselves. I have never seen or heard of a report of anyone in the crowd being hurt during one of these shows. So what are they trying protect? Is it children? I've seen younger kids in the audience at these shows and i'm all for banning them. An age restriction is perfectly understandable. But why the hell should some damn politician decide what grown adults can and can't watch? CZW's show at Racks Bar and Billiards regularly draw at least 500 people and are great business for that establishment and for CZW. What's next are they going to ban horror movies like Freddy vs Jason, which is certainly more graphic than a CZW show, or will they just ban stuff politicians don't like. So again, what are they trying to protect? Simple. They are protecting their offices. Pro wrestling like always is a scapegoat for a politician to earn the votes of the so called moral majority. Legislation like this will win them the votes of every idiotic upper middle class holier than thou piece of shit. The reason they won't go after WWE is because it's a battle they wouldn't win. Just ask the PTC. These sorry son of a bitches should be ashamed of themselves for even considering this legislation. CZW's shows aren't for everyone but there are people out there who enjoy it. Why shouldn't they have the right to buy a ticket and see the show they want to see?

Will this hurt CZW? Sure it will. CZW has a great relationship with Racks and it's been very successful for both parties. Will this end CZW? Absolutely not. Christy Whitman did the same thing to CZW in New Jersey back in the year 2000 and they are much bigger and better than they were back then. Will this end CZW's deathmatches or their annual Tournament of Death? HELL NO! This legislation will be for the city of Dover only. The rest of Delaware will still be wide open. Hell due to possible parking problems CZW almost this ran this year's Tournament of Death in Smyrna, Delaware at the Breakaway Tavern. CZW has put on shows there in the past and they could certainly do so again. If not i'm sure there is another venue in Delaware that will allow it. So who does this hurt? James Kozel the owner of Rack's Bar and Billiards will lose some great business and advertising. But the worst thing that will be affected is the freedom of choice of the citizens of Dover, Delaware. Sure now it's just a ban on some wrestling events, but politicians will do anything to get votes and influence people. Maybe they'll start making all the decisions of the people of Dover for them. I'm sure they would if they could.

In conclusion Eugene Ruane is an insect who needs to be exterminated. I hope this whole thing comes back to bite him on the ass. Toss him in the ring with Wifebeater for a little while maybe his opinion of CZW would change. If not at least we'd get to see him get hurt.

I do not apologize for any language that I have used in this column. I am truly pissed off at this not just a CZW fan but as a wrestling fan and as a person.

by Mark Rose..



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