CZW Cage of Death 5 Preview
December 3, 2003 by Mark Rose

The biggest event of the year in CZW is coming on December 13. It's CZW's 5th annual Cage of Death show. Don't let the title fool you. It's not all about blood and guts. Sure the Cage of Death match itself is a match that appeals mainly to the bloodmarks but it's typically a very solid cage match even with the gore. In fact the last two have been fairly tame for violence compared to some other matches in CZW's history. This year's lineup features a solid undercard and should be a night of fantastic highflying and technical wrestling. And of course an insane Cage of Death match that only one company is capable of bringing you....CZW!!!!

A Brief History of the Cage of Death:

The first Cage of Death match had taken place on October 16, 1999 in Mantua, NJ. It was CZW's lucky 13th show in their early existence. The main event featured a battle for CZW's Iron Man title as then champion Lobo faced Justice Pain. With the help of Pain's rival at the time Nick Gage,who had electrified one side of the cage to cause Justice Pain to be electrocuted, Lobo was triumphant and retained his title. The Cage of Death would make it's return in Sewell, New Jersey the following year on September 9. That night the Cage was host to not one but TWO brutal matches. In the first match then CZW World champion Lobo defeated Zandig to retain his title. Big Japan Pro Wrestling superstar Ryuji Yamakawa had hit the ring during the match and Zandig (who had spent lots of time that year wrestling for BJW) had lost due to Yamakawa's interference. Yamakawa had another surprise in store for CZW. At first it was thought he was their only to get at Zandig but he then began to attack Lobo, softening him up for his title defense in the next match against Justice Pain. Justice Pain proved to be too much for Lobo and he avenged his Cage of Death loss the previous year by winning his first ever CZW World Heavyweight title. The next year the demand for tickets for the Cage of Death of show had caused CZW to postpone the show until December to a new and familiar arena to indy wrestling fans...Viking Hall...the former ECW Arena! It was CZW's debut in Viking Hall and they were the first company to sell out that arena since the demise of ECW earlier that same year. December 15,2001 proved to be a fantastic night of CZW wrestling and the Cage of Death showdown this year would feature then CZW World Champion Justice Pain defending his title against his former friend and tag team partner the Wifebeater. Pain would be victorious and retained his title and then added injury to insult by hitting his finishing move the Pain Thriller on the Wifebeater from the top of the scaffold on the top of the Cage of Death through a table in the ring below. The Wifebeater was injured and would never be the same. In 2002 on December 14 at Cage of Death 4 the battle would be for higher stakes than ever before. No titles were on the line. It was a battle for control of the company itself. Lobo had gained control of the company earlier that year and the Cage of Death match would be Zandig's last chance to win back the company he built and loved dearly. Zandig would be victorious and he won back control of CZW after throwing Lobo off of the scaffold through a pane of glass, a table and two chairs to the ring below. Lobo hit so hard he actually broke the ring! Lobo announced his retirement just weeks after the show.

This year..........

Zandig enters the Cage of Death this time as the CZW World Heavyweight champion. But the match is not for any title, it's not for control of the company...or is it? The Messiah and his group Hi-V have been a thorn in Zandig's side all year long. This year it's a group battle of two factions. Messiah's Hi-V vs Zandig and his partners. Messiah brings with him CZW Iron Man champion and Tag Team champion "The New Game" Trent Acid and his tag team partner Johnny Kashmere. Messiah also has Best of the Best 3 winner B-Boy, former CZW Iron Man champion Adam Flash, and former CZW Iron Man and Tag Team champion Nate Hatred on his side. To make matters worse it will be 6 on 5. You would think that would stack the deck in Messiah's favor...but perhaps not. Zandig brings with him 3 of the toughest competitors in CZW history. Zandig has brought back two CZW "legends" out of retirement in the Wifebeater and of all people his arch rival from the following year, LOBO! Zandig also has former Iron Man and Tag Team champion "Hardcore" Nick Gage and the young and talented Ian Knoxx. To make it even more interesting this year will not be a traditional style Cage of Death match. This year will feature a setup like never seen anywhere before. There will be TWO rings and TWO cages. One of the cages will be suspended in the air from the rafters of Viking Hall and it will be filled with 1 MILLION THUMBTACKS!

Will Messiah gain control of CZW if Hi-V wins? Does Zandig have a 6th man to go against the Hi-V? If he does...WHO IS IT?!?!?! Is it the recently retired "Sick" Nick Mondo? Is it Ian Rotten? Mad Man Pondo? Hulk Hogan? (lol couldn't resist that gag), could it even possibly be Justice Pain?!?!?. Or will Zandig's team attempt to overcome the odds one man short? Find out on December 13 at Viking Hall (former ECW Arena) at the corner of Swanson and Ritner St in South Philadelphia!!!

The rest of the card:

Tag Team Ladder Match

Chris Ca$h and Deranged vs. Azrael and Joker- A highflying junior spotfest that will thrill and amaze you

CZW World tag team title #1 contender's match

Z-Barr and Nick Berk vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vs. Rebel's Army- Who will win and face the Backseat Boyz for the CZW World tag team titles?

CZW Junior Heavyweight #1 contender's match

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sabian vs. Derek Frazier - Indy wrestling cult favorite "The Barbaric Berzerker" The HUSSman himself Jimmy Jacobs returns to CZW and can he win a shot at the Jr title?

4-way CZW Iron Man title #1 contender's match

Chris Hero vs. B-Boy vs. Alex Shelley vs. Tony Mamaluke- 4 of the best and most underrated wrestlers in North America will collide in what should be a technical wrestling masterpiece for the right to challenge for the CZW Iron Man title. This match may have show stealer written ALL over it.

CZW Junior Heavyweight title match

Ruckus vs. Sonjay Dutt- Arguably the best CZW Jr Heavyweight champion of all time Ruckus faces his greatest challenge to date in the form of Sonjay Dutt. Sonjay Dutt has been on a tear lately with Jr heavyweight title wins in IWA Mid South, MLW and is a top contender for the NWA TNA X-Division title. Will Ruckus' newfound "attitude" hurt or help him?

CZW Iron Man title match

"The New Game" Trent Acid vs Jimmy Rave- Iron Man champion Trent Acid's ego which has always been seems to be bigger than ever. Will this cause him to underestimate his opponent Jimmy Rave who is a former NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion? And with Trent pulling double duty to fight alongside his partners in the Cage of Death is Trent's head in this match or with his partners? Can he handle the pressure?

Due to high demand online ticket reservations are no longer being accepted BUT you can purchase tickets in advance at the following locations:

INNERSOUL Body Piercing 2c Creek Rd Brooklawn, NJ 08030 Phone: 856-742-7001

Hall of Heroes Echelon Mall Phone: 856-772-9703

Hall of Heroes Cherry Hill Mall Phone:856-662-9329

Play With This Collectable Toys Pennsauken Mart Phone:856-486-4556

Ontario Street Comic Book Store 2235 E Ontario Street Philadelphia, PA 19134 Phone:215-288-7338

Somerton Beverage 13510 Bustelton Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19116 Phone: 215-673-1900

Bulls-Eye Dart Supply 4740 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA Phone:215-831-0860

Berwyn Tavern 625 West Lancaster Ave Berwyn,PA 19312


For more information visit the Official website of CZW or where you can also download clips of past Cage of Death events!

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This was NOT an official CZW preview of this event and I am NOT an employee of CZW. I am just a big fan who is really looking forward to this great event.

C Z F'N W!

Thanks for reading

Mark Rose



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