Kayfabe? My Ass! (1st Edition)
March 21, 2003 - by Mark Rose

Well it's been months now since I sat back and wrote a column. That many months without me sitting back and making fun of people that I hate in the wrestling business. No pointing out shit that I really hate in the wrestling business. No praising those great wrestlers that keep me so entertained each and every time I watch them. Well to sum up this stupid opening paragraph let me say it's good to be back. And it feels great to have The Wrestling Insider back up and running.

Let's start with the picking on bad shit and making fun of stuff I hate shall we?

yeah let's

The WWE has announced that there is going to be no King of the Ring this year and the PPV is now going to be an all RAW roster PPV called "Bad Blood". There are two really bad things about this. #1 I actually enjoyed King of the Ring even though in my opinion it has really gone downhill since it hasn't been a straight up 8 man tournament on PPV like it used to be. I guess a lot of the big money boys couldn't hang for three matches in one night anymore. This is kind of sad. I love tournaments in wrestling. It's so much fun to watch. Oh well I still have CZW Best of the Best 3, the ECWA Super 8 and many other tournaments on the indies to enjoy. #2 bad part about it is that we get to see an entire PPV of wrestlers who can't even entertain us that much on a weekly TV show. HURRAY! RAW has been such a big bag of shit these last few months. Who's writing this crap? Thank god I tape it every week so I can skip through it and watch the 10-15 decent minutes that manage to squeak it's way out during the other 60-90 minutes worth of crap. This roster split shit is really getting old and it's not working. Hook the rosters back up, let's see one damn World Champion, one set of Tag team champions, and BRING BACK THE IC TITLE. This isn't boxing we don't need two world champs. It feels stupid on PPV with two world title matches and not just because Triple H is one of them. RAW needs to watch Smackdown. It might learn something about entertaining wrestling.

I know this old news but why was Paul Heyman removed from his creative position in the WWE? Where is the logic behind this move? Earth to Vince if it wasn't for Paul Heyman's ideas with ECW (Mind you it was influenced a lot by the work in FMW in Japan) that helped spawn WWF Attitude that saved your company's ass and helped you beat WCW. I don't give a shit what anybody says it wasn't Vince Russo, it wasn't Ted Turner, it wasn't Jamie Kellner that killed WCW. It was how good the WWF's product was and how well written it was and plus smart decisions like not giving away PPV caliber main events away on TV like WCW did. The WWF did a lot of growing up in the 90's from it's New Generation days and the creative juices that seemed to creep into the WWF's programming through osmosis was what helped it. If you need to question what Paul Heyman's creativity did for the wrestling business you are either really stupid or you just don't pay attention. Have you ever heard an audience chant "WCW! WCW!". Have you for that matter ever heard an audience chant "WWF! WWF! or WWE! WWE!". I know I don't really have to type this point out but as sure as a "WHOO!" from the crowd to a hard chop the to the chest verytime you see a former ECW performer or somethingvery ECW-like what do you hear? "ECW! ECW! ECW!". THAT is making an impact. ECW is still to this day many people's favorite of all time and it still gains new fans when some people discover by checking out old tapes just how good it really was. If the WWE wants some magic back in it's programming, give the damn books to Heyman. Let him have a shot. Just keep him away from the business end and the money handling. He's not so good at that.

Wow now that was a whiny damn rant. I feel like Dennis Miller.

On a short positive note (no need to make this too long)

Thank GOD Kurt Angle is working Wrestlemania with Brock Lesnar and we don't get to see the New Age Ultimate Warrior (Goldberg). I'll talk more about what a douchebag Goldberg is in the near future and how much I pray that the WWE never signs this parasite.

Thank GOD for indies like CZW, IWA Mid South and Ring of Honor. If you want to see the heart and soul of pro wrestling. Where moves don't get banned. Where you can still classic matches, hell even matches that are like old school classics that run for 60-90 mins. Where you can see true hardcore wrestling like ECW did and beyond. The indies rule man. Support your local indies or buy some damn tapes. You won't regret it. Trust me just once instead of spending 30+ dollars on a WWE PPV find that shit for free and drop 10-15 bucks and buy an indy tape. Get your ass on Ebay or go to You'll find something you like.

That's all I got to say for now. Thank you for taking the time to read the thoughts of this twisted Canadian.
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Peace and remember, friends don't let friends watch XPW. I'll discuss that more later in the future as well,

Mark Rose

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