The Ministry of Darkness 2004
August 8, 2004 by Adam Verney

This is my first column for OWW and I'm going to be looking at the Ministry of Darkness and what it could do for WWE today. Back in the attitude era Undertaker became even darker and had a stable containing him; Viscera, Mideon, the Brood and the A.P.A - to be completely honest I think the WWE could have done a slightly better job at using them.

On Smackdown! the Undertaker returned to being the Deadman he hasn't had any major main event feuds at the moment and I doubt there will be. If the Undertaker was to recreate the Ministry it would make a huge impact on the entire Smackdown! roster. Now there are lots of underused wrestlers on smackdown for example:

The Basham Brothers: They would be ideal considering their gimmick which isn't being excelled enough the Basham Brothers deserve a strong push to get them some respect and out of the midcard ranks..

The Big Show: As soon as the big guy returns he could be a bodygaurd to the Undertaker he really didn't really have a set gimmick.

Kenzo Suzuki: I can really see wwe not using him to his full potential his lack of english wont really matter in a stable..

Luther Reigns: He's filled with potential and under the Undertaker's wing he could become a main event star. Being with Angle won't do anything for him.

Bill Demott: He would be very intresting to watch tagging with Reigns. He has power and speed the Undertaker would do him good also he's extremely underused..

Orlando Jordan: He's the rookie that is needed in the Ministry and would help him greatly in the long run..

Kane, Rhyno, Batista, Tyson Tomko and Test: It would be great to see them run through the crowds and help out the Ministry..

Revamping the Ministry would be great fun and offer superstars a chance to become huge.

by Adam Verney ..

Brad Dykens wrote:
First of all, you said the Undertaker hasn't been in any main events since returning to the Deadman gimmick" HELLO" What's the SD! main event for Summerslam"""" I'm also not sure how you can say Bill Demott is being underused, he's retired, I think he should be considered pretty lucky to still work for WWE at all. And Orlando Jordan jst turned heel. The Ministry idea isn't completely bad, they could start by "ressurecting" Paul Bearer.
Reyshawn wrote:
It would be a good idea to have at least one diva who can be put to good use. For example, Gail Kim falls under the same heel category that other divas (Jazz, Molly, Trish) do, but she doesn't really have any direction with her character, and it's not as if Raw couldn't bear a shortage of one heel diva. She's got a way to go wrestling-wise, although she's good on the mic and she can sell angst like gold. Trish is already a star, and Jazz/Molly don't seem capable of going to the darkside. I'd prefer the old psycho Victoria, but I doubt WWE would give her another heel run so quickly. Nidia would work too for that matter since she seems to be going nowhere at the moment, but she's had major success with Jamie Noble already, and that wouldn't be quite fair, so Gail seems most fit to be that one diva the ministry needs. It's a win/win situation for both ends of the rope. Gail gets way over as a heel, and the proposed Ministry gains extra potential.

Why not a SD! diva" The Smackdown divas are awful, not even worth considering. Otherwise, the Ministry would be a solid faction if the WWE staff had a decent amount of brains amongst them.

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