You Can't See Me
December 3, 2006 by Adrian Salguero

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Welcome to my first column here on OWW. A little about me before the main event, I am a 23 year old wrestler in training. I was born and raised in Southern California, and have been a wrestling fan since the age of two, when some of my first memories are of excitedly watching Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling, in between showings of Thundercats and He-Man. My youth consisted mainly of WWF TV such as Saturday Night's Main Event, whatever the Saturday morning squash show was, and the Sunday mid-day recap show that was used to lead into the next week's programming. By the mid-Nineties I had access to a video store that ordered each and every WWF and WCW pay-per-view tape specifically for me to rent, as they were released. But enough about me, lets get to my first column's main topic - John Cena.

Now before you assume this is another "Cena sucks!" rant, read on. This column is probably going to get me a lot of heat from the smarks and some of the bandwagon fans. I truly believe John Cena is one of the best Sports-Entertainers in the world. There, I said it. One of the best technical wrestlers in the world" Not so much. And that's where the "CENA SUCKS!" chants come from.

You see, Cena's style is one that quite honestly is more suited to a man the size of Kane or Abyss. He uses a classic big man's style. Power is the key with his style, something he has in spades. I mean, how often do you see someone pick up Big Show on their shoulders and deliver a Death Valley Driver (the FU), not once but TWICE" Cena did it at WMXX. He has power beyond his looks and uses it in his offense. Its not easy to use a finisher like the FU for very long because a finisher is a move that has to be applied to anyone, big, small, short, tall, or otherwise. But Cena has the power to use it all day long no matter the opponent. His entire moveset is power moves - belly to back into a Powerbomb, shoulder block off the Irish Whip, Stalling Suplex, and strikes from any direction. Not very technical, but then again how many power wrestlers are"

"The Champ is here!" How the hell does someone have the balls to say that on TV" Simple, someone with mic skills does. John Cena has great mic skills. A lot of people complain about his mic skills because of his raps from a few years ago. I don't know about you, but I loved his comedic raps. The key to a great face is comedy. Look how it worked for the Rock (oh I'm gonna hear it for that comment). And look at his interviews now - I recall an interview by Maria on July 24th where John Cena made fun of the whole situation on RAW including this comment- "Edge, the Rated-R Superstar, we all know you're rated PG-13! Now Lita on the other hand, is rated NC-17, No Cold-sores for 17 days. Just a reminder folks, there is no cure for Genital Herpes. You can suppress it, you can't stop it." Now tell me, with his facial expressions and mannerisms how could you not laugh" I sure did.

And last but not least, Cena does his part to put others over. How you may ask" In one year, Cena has dropped the WWE Title to two of my favorite wrestlers, Edge and RVD, and made sure they looked good in the process. Edge and Cena had what was arguably the best feud this year, along with the most shocking title change in the history of wrestling at New Year's Revolution. No one expected Edge to challenge right after the brutal Elimination Chamber Match, let alone win the title. And on top of making all the Edge fans happy, Cena had the job (no pun intended) of going into ECW One Night Stand to drop the title and put RVD over in front of the most Anti-Cena crowd I've ever seen or heard. There was even a sign in the crowd that said "If Cena Wins We Riot". And Cena dropped the title graciously. No bitching, no moaning, nothing. Hell, he even picked up a loss in the Champion of Champions Match, where I'm sure everyone assumed he would be the winner by virtue of being the champion on the flagship show, RAW.

Now, I wholeheartedly support everyone's right to their own opinion. As such I hope that you understand mine when it comes to the "Doctor of Thuganomics". John Cena is a well rounded, POWER wrestler, with mic skills and the professionalism needed to be a great Sports-Entertainer. John Cena says "You can't see me", but I see him. Open your minds and you might, too. Until next time.

by Adrian Salguero..

Warren Doyle wrote:
Thank you Adrian. Finally a pro-Cena article! Quite frankly all this anti-Cena is getting quite boring. People cite that he isn't a technically gifted wrestler. Have you seen Triple H recently" Don't get me wrong i think he is also fantastic, but his matches recently have consisted of punch, knee to face, face to knee, spinebuster and then pedigree, yet no one picks up on this like they do with Cena. Cena has taken on the mantle of top face in the WWE, post Rock/Austin, and i admit that he isnt there yet in terms of the Charisma of The Rock or intensity and domination of Austin, but i tell you what, to follow up those two guys and do what he does he is doing a hell of a job!

Workrate, commitment, honesty, it is all there with Cena the man. The character has immense mic skills in my opinion. If people swicth off from their "Cena Sucks" bandwagon that they are jumping on and actually watch his promo's, his dedication and his ability as an all round wrestler, they will realise that Cena has a lot to offer and is THE top face in the WWE!
Andrew Riordan wrote:
If you like Cena, good for you. But you seem to enjoy Cena on the fact that he can rap, he's funny and he's strong. Those qualities don't make a good wrestler, nor good matches. Cena is decent, but is so over-rated. He should've been fighting Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro in the mid-card, but now he's too well established to sink to mid-card.

Everyone has diffrent tastes in who they like to see on TV, but if you're a wrestler in training, I'll say this (just from a fans point of view, I admit) but it takes more then big biceps to be a good wrestler.

If it were up to me, I'd put Cena over to SmackDown! and put him in a programme against Mark Henry. Seeing him FU that (he proberly could) would be cool and although I don't think these two would put on any great matches, it would be a chance for Cena to prove himself for the fans. And it'd be something that wouldn't downgrade him to mid-card, but still get him out of main event status.

"And Cena dropped the title graciously. No bitching, no moaning, nothing. Hell, he even picked up a loss in the Champion of Champions Match, where I"m sure everyone assumed he would be the winner by virtue of being the champion on the flagship show, RAW." Just pulling you up here. Cena doesn't have a right to bitch or complain about losing a title. Saying he didn't do something that's not the norm anyway is a silly arguement sorry. It's most likely that whatever championship got chosen at Cyber Sunday would've been defended, the respective champion would have won the match. And so what if Cena did lose" Hooray"
Andrew Irving wrote:
WOW! I don't think I have read anything quite so dumb since that "Kurt Angle: The Falling Star" article a couple of weeks back (unfortunately my computer kind of broke and by the time it was working again I had just about calmed down). I guess I'm not really angry now either, it's just that, for someone to write such a subjective article and then end with a comment like "Open your minds.." is paramount to, hang on one second... sorry about that, I just had to turn the hypocrisy alarm off!

Still, you're entitled to your point of view, especially since you've been watching wrestling.... since you were 2! Who says stuff like that.. "yes I was just reminiscing the other day about when I was a baby"" You're clearly not terribly confident in your own argument since you try and make it sound like you've been a wrestling fan for longer than is really the case to give your article greater weight. I was particularly interested that you are a trainee wrestler (again presumably you mention this to give yourself greater stature) and you take great pleasure in pointing out the fact that what you say is almost certain to cause uproar amongst readers. If you take anything away from this response, please let it be this... the negative response your article is set to receive corresponds to what is known in the business as "bad heat" (much like the kind your hero John Cena gets). You should not take pride in this, it is not any endorsement of you as a controversial writer.

"Cena does his part to put others over. How you may ask" In one year, Cena has dropped the WWE Title to two of my favorite wrestlers, Edge and RVD, and made sure they looked good in the process." Well that was mighty nice of him! I'm sure the vastly experienced Edge and Van Dam humbly thanked him for helping them along in their careers! Seriously, he put them over"!" Good lord, you're deluded. It's true though, it was good of him to let someone else have the title for like, 3 months of the year.

Oh my gosh, I'm not even at the funniest bit yet as you set the scene for ECW's PPV: ONS. There we are, ECW fans threatening to riot if Cena wins and what did Cena do, he lost... truly this is courage personified! Not only did John Cena have to do "jobs" for Edge and RVD, but he even had to stoop to the depths of Booker T... I feel a song coming on, "I once was lost, but now am found..."
Stephen Kenwright wrote:
I couldn't agree more...a few years ago Cena and Randy Orton were dubbed the new Steve Austin and the Rock. Randy soon proved himself to be the better technical wrestler, but he's not as popular or even as good as Cena. Cena's an entertainer, in World Wrestling Entertainment. He's doing exactly what he's supposed to and I love it, he's about the best thing going in WWE or wrestling in general. Congratulations on a bold and completely sound review :D

PS, props to WWE, the K-Fed storyline before Cyber Sunday when John Cena insulted Booker T's plugging of K-Fed's album was probably the best segment WWE have ever done. And congrats for finding a great use for Ron Simmons at last! :D
Jonathan Preston wrote:
Chris Benoit is a power wrestler but he has a technical style, Samoa Joe is a power wrestler that wrestles technical, Monty Brown is also power wrestler that can wrestle technical. So I disagree with your statement about power wrestlers not being technical. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of the ones to knock Cena because even though he does lack wrestling skill, he does everything else great. So I agree with you for the most part. But as far as wrestling goes, he could clean it up a bit and add some diversity. You already know what Cena is going to do before he does it. He needs to mix it up a bit......
Jim Rush wrote:
I have to disagree about Cena making RVD look good. In my opinion Rob came out of that match looking horrible. Almost everytime Rob got some offense going Cena fought it off and took control. It gave off the impression of when a decent sports team plays a dynasty and the smaller team may stay in the game for a while but ends up getting dominated. It looked like RVD wasnt in the same league as Cena had it not been for Edge's spear and Heyman's 3 count. Edge made RVD look much better at Vengeance than Cena did at One Night Stand.
Timothy Crockett wrote:
Contrary to appearances, lifting someone on to your shoulders does not usually require a huge amount of strength. Yes, Big Show is a good deal heviar than the average man, but with sufficiant strength-training (as Cena had evidently undertaken) it would only be a matter of time until an average man could use a fireman's lift on Big Show (and it is only a fireman's lift slam, not a Death Valley driver). His moves are not designed so much to utilise his strength but to provide him with a chance to show-boat to the crowd, and you will notice him slowing down during moves so as to make clear the rediculous expression on his face, a technique much used by Hulk Hogan, who has admitted recently that he isn't a good wrestler. John Cena's interviews have never made me laugh, only annoyed me. It seems rediculous that someone should be credited with wit after claiming that a woman has herpes under grounds that she slept with two people, especially given Cena's self-promoted promiscuity. And finally you are a fool if you really think that anyone would lose the "Champion of Champions" match other than the one defending his title: it would ruin storylines and leave one show without a champion.



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