Kane: Under-rated"
March 3, 2006 by Ahmad Hodroj

Ok, first I want to say I'm new to this site and this is my first article. My name is Ahmad Hodroj. I want to start writing articles.

I think Kane has been majorly underrated the last few years. He deserves more than what the WWE has been giving him. All he has been getting these days are crappy storylines and a PPV match every few months. Kane is a main-event superstar. I have no idea why he isn't WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion.

Kane has major potential here, he also has many years of experience. Kane always give 110% in his matches, even if it means losing them. He is a great wrestler no doubt about it. He can entertain the people, no doubt about it. I personally think he has great mic skills. He has had major rivalries in the WWF. His rivalries with Undertaker, Triple H, and others have always entertained the fans.

These days Kane has been feuding with low-lives like Snitsky, Viscera, Edge, and now Masters. The least the WWE or the script writers of the WWE could do is to have Kane at least win these rivalries/matches. He is currently feuding with Chris Masters. People want to know if Kane could escape the Masterlock. How awesome would it be if in WrestleMania 22 Kane vs. Masters. Kane escapes the Masterlock. Maybe becomes the Intercontinental Champion, WWE Champion" Rebirth of the Brothers of Destruction" Feuds with Triple H" Feuds with the Undertaker" WrestleMania 23 main event: Kane vs. The Undertaker WWE Championship and Undertaker's retirement match!"!"

Another thing is that he hasn't been getting any major titles in the longest time. He currently does have the World Tag Team Championship, but it's only because no one else would be suitable for it (on RAW at least), and its because not enough people voted for him at Taboo Tuesday. Kane deserves at least something, at least the Intercontinental Title. There is barely any competition anymore (besides the whole Ric Flair and Shelton Benjamin thing).

Ever since Kane was unmasked his career has been going downhill. Kane should be World Heavyweight Champion or WWE Champion. He should at least be in main events with people like Benoit, Triple H, and Batista. I don't think any fans want to see Kane as a champ anymore. They made the fans vote for Shawn Michaels to be in the Main event WWE Championship match at Taboo Tuesday. Kane has had only one major title for only one day. He deserved to have it for longer. Why has the WWE been putting down the Big Red Monster that everyone used to love" I want to know if anybody agrees with me on this one. Please reply.

by Ahmad Hodroj..

Matthew Geddes wrote:
I have to agree with you Ahmad. The original build up to the debut of Kane was a good example of how the WWE did so many things so right during the Attitude era. When Austin slapped Kane in an attempt to fire him up just before the "demasking" I was hoping we would see the old Kane back. Sure he set JR on fire and tombstoned Linda, but where are the title runs " I for one would salivate at WM23 Kane V Undertaker for the world title. Good job Ahmad !
Jack MacLaine wrote:
Yes Kane is way, way, WAY, under-rated. Kane proves that no matter how much you work for the WWE, if you not apart of the Vinnie Mac inner-circle, you don't get a push. If you look in the dictionary for the word "injustice" you will see Kane's picture right next to it. Kane went for being and "Christmas Creature" and a evil dentist to the best monster heels since Big Van Vader. He was one of the main heels during the additude era and had victories over Undertaker ("), Mandkind, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kane when he was masked was just frightning. He was the Monster Heel's Monster heel. He is a excellent wrestler too. Athletic for a man who is 7 feet tall. What does Kane get for all of this" A 24 hour title run. He has been in embarressing story-lines and angles including the Katie Vick angle, Kane unmasking himself, the whole Lita fiasco, and the pregnacy angle. And to top it all off, he has been in the dumbest, most dangerous match in wrestling history: The Inferno Match where he lost. Getting himself burned. I personally believe that it is too late for Glen Jacobs (Kane). His career has been destroyed and I don't think it will ever recover.
Rag Morton wrote:
The very night of Kane's un- masking, all over the internet, people said that he would become 'just another big man'. The weeks following saw Linda tombstonned, and Shane electocuted. This was not just 'another big man'! However, a year later, Kane became just that. Without any decent storylines of late, no fear and no demolition, Kane just isnt Kane. Kane is just another Snitsky, character wise and just another Big Show wrestle wise. Kane needs to be set on fire or something and come back to the mask and soon!
Campbell Turner wrote:
I have to disagree with the title of this article, he's not under rated, most people you talk to rate Kane very highly, his situation is that he is under-used. When he could be main eventing, he's taking a back seat to John Cena while he fights another Master Lock Challenge. But every other point in your article I agree with. Kane should be fighting for the WWE title, or at the very least the Intercontinental. I think that the best thing to do would be to have Kane turn on the Big Show (of course the titles are lost in an already lost division) and have the Big Red Machine/Monster build up a good head of steam before rushing back into the main event.

And is Kane's career ruined" Think back to last year when people were saying that about Eddie Guerrero after the Dominick Battle, he came right back to being the good old "Lying Cheating and Stealing" Guerrero that we all knew and loved. Kane just needs some good matches, and most importantly, good opponents to give his career a push back in the right direction.
Travis Koppe wrote:
I'm sad to say I must agree with Ahmad. Kane deserves a title with some real prestige. Maybe he could bring back some prestige to the Intercontinental Championship by winning it, and the the WWE could set up real matches for it. Or maybe, and this would be better for his career: he could win the WWE title, and actually keep it over the course of a couple of months. Kane SHOULD have a title. He's great on the mic, great at wrestling. He should go back to the mask, I agree. Give him an "injury" of some kind, and build up a lot of hype for when he returns, at which point he would have his mask back on (similar to what the WWE did with Undertaker, when Kane buried him and then he came back Old-School).
Jeremy Ring wrote:
I agree 100%. Kane is one of my favorite wrestlers, and I still cheer everytime he wins a match. He makes a great tag team with Big Show, and many argue "That tag team sucks, because nobody can beat those two together." Well, you know what, that's the point of wrestling. You don't join the WWE to lose matches, nobody wants to lose, if you can't beat Kane, then you need to step it up a bit and try again. The Big Red Machine is definetely one of the greatest asskickers in wrestling history, and I hope he has a lot more years in front of him.
Kevin Kelly (not THAT Kevin Kelly) wrote:
I think the reason kane hasn't become world champion is because the wwe likes creating storylines about the big bad monster losing when the odds look to be in his favor. You see that with the big show to. Every time he gets anywhere near a title shot he loses because some little guy will win with all the odds stacked against him. I for one think this story line is getting old and they should let kane become world champion.
Shane Lake wrote:
I could not agree more with you Ahmad. Kane may be one the more under-utilized wrestlers in history. The first mistake WWE made was taking his mask off. That took so much away from the intimidation and fear factor produced by Kane. Glenn Jacobs (Kane) has been through a number of dare I say "questionable" storylines over the past 2 or 3 years. Who in the hell is Snitsky" Kane should be going 1 on 1 with guys like Kurt Angle, Triple H, Undertaker, and other major superstars, main eventing Raw and Pay-per-views alike. Please don't give me, "oh he was in the elimination chamber match." He was in it for like 3 minutes and was elminated by 2 guys (Masters and Carlito) that he should stomp. Fans loved Kane when he was destroying everything in his path, and he's more than capable of doing that again to this day. Kane's talent is immense, and his athletic ability exceeds his talent. He's still The Big Red Machine, Vince McMahon just needs to let it show.
Judith Neidler wrote:
Send kane to Tna!!!! let him do what kevin nash was supposed to do and destroy shit. Think about it, Kane the big red machine whatever name he would go by coming in during some bullshit jeff jarret match and going haywire man that would give tna a huge boost. Kane and abyss tag team champs
Red wrote:
No, Kane is NOT underrated, but YES he is VERY under-utilized. The only problem I see with Kane turning on Big Show is who could they lose the titles to that wouldn't send the fans into a tizzy. There isn't any "Real Tag Team Competition" in the WWE right now, so they would basically have to give up the titles before a move could be made to put Kane up like he should be, and Yes, Kane/Taker would be great, but I think that it should be Kane now, with out the mask, and let Taker "put the mask back on him". I think that would be a great story line for both of them, however with the rare occasions they have cross brand matches, it wouldn't be a story line that they would play out, unless, by some miracle they got rid of the "brands" and just went back to the old way of story lines. I'm disappointed in the way Kane has been used of late as well, and would love to see him get the push he deserves.
Josh Horn wrote:
I completely agree with this article. The WWE needs to stop screwing Kane over and give him a title shot or at least a decent rivalry that doesn't make him look like a 7 foot tall joke. The WWE gave Stone Cold a great career and he would flat out refuse to obey orders. On the other hand, Glen Jacobs was obedient to the point of playing a psychotic dentist and allowing himself to be castrated by the likes of Snitsky. Vince has no Idea what he has. What other 7' tall 350 lb. man can jump off of the top rope without seriously injuring themselves or their opponent. Kane has more than earned a world title reign and a Wrestlemania main event by his loyalty and athleticism. Great article Ahmed./
Isabel Rhodes wrote:
I couldn't agree more with the articles about how under-utilized Kane is on your website. This may sound stupid, but as this view seems to be shared with the majority of wwe fans who would all love to see Kane getting a title shot, I was thinking about getting an online petition together for Kane to get a title shot. Any help or hints in how to go about this, and who to send it to would be greatly appreciated.
Crousetuc wrote:
I agree with this article. Kane is a very talented athlete and a very hard worker. His present story lines are just not what his character is all about. "May 19th"" What the hell! Kane was indeed a Monster Heel, but now he has been acting out mediocre story lines and has been taking the backseat to superstars that are beginning to get overrated by their story lines. Kane is starting to wimp out, and his tortured soul persona is gone. What happened to the Big Red Machine"



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