Who are the Genuine 'Good Guys'"
March 3, 2006 by Alex Kirkbride

I was recently reading about several 'taboo' fights that broke out in the WCW locker-room during its final days; one of the most prominent I could find being that of a fight between Scott Steiner and DDP, caused by a Steiner led shoot interview on DDP. In case you were wondering, Steiner came out on top.

But on a more serious note, this got me wondering, in ring personas aside, who really are the 'good guys' the world of professional wrestling"

Take JBL. He seemed nice enough crying when Eddie died, as well as other promotional works of good outside the ring. However, there have been many reports of him being racist towards fans, as well as being described by colleagues as 'a backstage bully'. He was also involved in an infamous attack on the Blue Meanie at the ECW One Night Stand, an attack that was virtually unprovoked, and left the much smaller Meanie - no pun intended - needing several stitches.

Another could be Flair. Throughout the 90's, I think that many people were left feeling sorry for the man with his harsh treatment in WCW at the hands of Bischoff, Nash and co., leading to his eventual out of ring law suit. However, what people fail to realize is that this man has also been convicted for violently abusing his various wives, as well as having his infamous recent road rage attack; as well as several other un-publicized events, such as air hostesses bringing charges against him and his 'friend's' for their sexual antics towards them whilst on a WWE led international tour.

The fact that Flair mixes with known bad eggs such as Hall brings me onto another point; should we judge the athletes by the company they keep in the form of colleagues" Take Sting for example. Sting is an apparently very religious man, who has always done charity work and maintained a close relationship with his fans. However, he has stated numerous times that his closest friends in the industry have been Lex Luger and Ultimate Warrior, both of whom have been found to have used recreational drugs as well as performance enhancers, as well as also having been convicted of abusing 'their' women.

The list goes on and on, but I doubt there is enough room in ten columns to discuss all of these rather more than questionable characters, let alone one.

But a final one I would like to do would be the old 'clique', or Nash, Sean Waltman 'X-Pac', HHH, HBK, and Scott Hall.

It was said that all of these men had an extremely harmful influence upon the WWF whilst they all worked in it at the same time, culminating in their infamous last night shenanigans. However, more than that, each individual member has had personal flaws against their characters brought up. Nash was maybe the more harmful influence at WCW, booking dreadful matches in an attempt to keep himself and his friends at the fore front of an ailing company. X-Pac has had a similar reputation, but add into that drug use, no shows, and his famous One Night In Chyna 'video'. Scott Hall has done it all. He's assaulted fans, taken class A drugs, assaulted fellow wrestlers, held colleagues down, no showed events; you named it he's done it. But these men are all unremarkable, really, and I would assume that nearly all fans would know of at least some of their awful reps.

What is unremarkable, however, is the lack of negative coverage such WWF mega stars as HHH and HBK have received during their tenures in the business.

Although a 'nice family man', HBK has been described by wrestlers such as The Rock to be un-abide-able and arrogant beyond belief. It is because of this, many would say, that The Rock will not be performing for us at the coming Mania. Of course, this all fits in with the rep of the company he has kept, in Nash and Hall especially.

Now for me HHH is an enigma. In a wrestling world where I'd say the average IQ is, perhaps, dismally low, HHH has been one of the only men I have heard of to seek a career outside of wrestling for when he hangs up his boots; through taking classes in how to deal with the wrestling industry on the corporate side. The fact that he has got in with the McMahon family must also mean he has at least some 'pedigree' and class. However, he too has also been described arrogant at the very least, with MANY, MANY wrestlers who have left the company such as Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, basically calling him an obnoxious jerk.

So I guess what I am trying to get at is, why do we continue to cheer our 'heroes' despite their actions as human beings, not actors"

Maybe if we take time to learn about the REAL man behind the facade, our opinions on them in their costume might change, and we might see the men who are passionate and dedicated to the business, men such as Benoit and Angle, who have during their years in the industry contributed consistently and immensely both in the ring and out, take more of the limelight they deserve.

by Alex Kirkbride..

Erkka Järvinen wrote:
We cheer them on for what they do for the company and in the ring. What they do outside of the ring is none of our business. And yeah! Good idea, everyone read 1 or 2 books and listen to every rumor u get thrown at what some guy did backstage. Lets all be annoying IWC morons! Truth is that only 10 % or less of IWC people really have a grasp of the business. Forgive my bad english...i am from finland
Jack MacLaine wrote:
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been wondering this myself. How can anyone cheer Ric Flair, the Clique, JBL, HHH, HBK, Edge, or Sting's friends knowing there past. I think one of the reasons is the average fan has a low I.Q. They don''t go on these wrestling sites were we have boat loads of info about the wrestlers personal lives. But even smarks cheer these people so whats the deal" I think that alot of wrestling fans can hate a wrestler easily and forgive him just as quick (with the exception of a few). I also think that many fans respect people like Flair for his leagacy in wrestling and thats why we cheer them. We respect the in-ring performences of HBK and Flair and appreciate that they are sacrficing there bodies to put on a show. And think thats what fans cheer for.
Kevin Roberts wrote:
This is a very negative article that should not have even been posted. You dont know any of these wrestlers personally, and even if you did, you have no right to judge them or anybody else for that matter. I agree with Erkka on this one because its not our business what ANY person, regardless of profession, does in their personal life. Jack, you seem to be just jumping on the bandwagon here, as your post just makes no sense what-so-ever. Speaking of low IQs, you would have to be a complete idiot to believe everything you read on these "wrestling sites." Boat loads of info, please, boat loads of stir-fried monkey crap. Ive met HBK and JBL, and I have to tell you that on the surface, they are super-nice guys. As far JBL being racist, I dont know man because Im a black guy and JBL and had a rather lengthy conversation about his BEST FRIEND, RON SIMMONS, who is also black. The wrestler JBL is supposed to be a little racist because Vince McMahon, HIS BOSS, tells him to be. Backstage bully, alcholic, degenerate; who knows and who cares. Judge not lest ye be judged also and he who is without sin, CAST THE FIRST CHAIR SHOT. Jesus is the only person who never did anything wrong, so lighten up dudes.

P.S. Hurry back MRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Kennedy ........ Kennedy.
Robert Brown wrote:
I hear ya man, I'm getting really sick of everyone cheering the guys who never job and abuse there backstage political clout, it doesn't ever seem to matter to anyone that the guy who their cheering for is a jerk who would stab them in the back the second they had a chance. While I don't agree that you can judge a man by his friends, or his personal demons, (which may or may not exclude Sting or Flair) I do believe that the arrogant jerks that hold people down should be frowned apon at the very least. It's just not right to have a guy like Michaels(just one example who I notice more regularly) kick out of someones finishers six times in one match and still get cheered when he wins! I think these people expose themselves by their actions in and around the ring but no-one seems to notice. It's just sad and depressing really..........and don't get me started about the crap they do to Benoit!
Jose Aguirre wrote:
You should not be criticizing "The Good Guys," because we really don't know what goes on backstage, and we shouldn't becuase wrestlers have the right to have privacy. The whole Sting remark is absolutely stupid, unless you aren't a Christian you should know that Jesus was about showing love and compassion to everyone, no matter what type of person he/she is, and if Sting is a Christian he should try to follow that example.
Matt Kennedy wrote:
Not sure I care about what the wrestlers do behind close doors and about what is said about them to other people and on wrestling websites. The simple fact is they are here to entertain us and entertain us they do so whats all the whining about, I'm not a big fan of the kliq anyway but it has nothing to do with the backstage politics I just don't like them. HHH is hot and to be fair although he takes a battering by the internet wrestling fans is worth his weight in gold to the WWE. Need we forget Austin injured, Rock making movies, Mankind on his last legs who was there to pick up the slack Hunter was, yes I am bored with him by now but when he first won the title, he was needed!

As for You Jack Mcclainne, the average wrestling fan has a low I.Q. what rubbish, because people don't see things your way that gives them a low IQ hah hah. The idea of wrestling is a suspension of disbelief we know that it is set up, we know that they are not really fighting but we still watch and cheer. I personally couldn't care a less whether the guys no top are assholes and the nice guys are finishing last, I want to be entertained not to be mates with the guys.
Joshua Leatherwood wrote:
All I have to say is, people cheer these "good guys" because that is what they watching for. You aren't watching wrestling for what goes on backstage. As much as I love the internet dirt sheets and whatnot, it's destroying the image of performers going out to do a job. That job is to entertain us as fans and have us cheering and/or booing them based on their characters. You wouldn't judge a movie star based off of what they do when they are at home, you cheer them when they are heros and jeer their roles as villians. Never forget that wrestling is a show and take that at face value. No man is perfect or a "genuine good guy" as you put it.
Jaco Burger wrote:
This is by far the dumbest "article" I've ever seen on this site! It doesn't make sense at all, were suppose to boo wrestlers that entertains us because of the stuff they do in their PERSONAL life" WHY" It got nothing to do with any of us and mind you, most of the stuff you are yakking about is from the clique days, 1995/96. Also for most of those wrestlers it is bygones. You re judging Sting because of his friends" Since when does someone (who is not you re mother :) ) judge you because of you re friends. Mind you their not children, their adults and can make their own choice of who to hang out with. I'm sure you made your mistakes in the past as well, luckily for you not everyone got you re attitude, imagine making friends, getting a date, getting a job etc. if everybody judge you on past mistakes...

As for saying wrestlers got low IQ... quoting the words of Chris Jericho "SHUT THE HELL UP" :)
Eric Brunet wrote:
I've been watching professional wrestling since 1995, since I was twelve years old. I was so entirely enthralled with what these men and women did in the wrestling ring. They rapidly became my role models. I was a huge Razor Ramon fan and I still enjoy Scott Hall's wrestling antics. I must have heard a thousand times about his drinking problems and his treatment of other wrestlers but it just didn't ever matter to me. To me he was just a tremendous ring entertainer and I could care less about what trouble he got himself involved in outside of the ring. I admired him, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, and HHH. I didn't want any harm to come to them but I knew that their personal lives were really none of my concern. In wrestling you have faces and you have heels. That's what makes up the whole entire entertainment value of professional wrestling. That's what puts asses in Vinny Mac's seats. In reality, things aren't quite that quite and dry. People usually don't go around labeling their enemies as heels and bashing them in the heads with steel chairs. I don't think that some people realize that. This is entertainment, not war.
Alex Kirkbride wrote:
Sorry, seen as this article was written by myself, but would it be ok to respond a little to the feedback I recieved from it"

'The reason why I thought it would be good to write this article, was to bring to some people, who do not neccessarily follow the industry to the tee, that there is another side to the characters that they see on tv, and that perhaps we should think before we speak. For instance, when we say that a performer does not deserve a title shot, whilst another one does, we are usually not taking into account the actions of said performers backstage, or what they contribute as individuals outside of the ring to warrent said title shot.

I think that at a time in WWE history where we are seeing live sex segments, and going back some time Asian terrorist stereotypes used, it is important to keep an open mind on the characters not always for the worse, but some times for that persons better too.

For those who took offense at Jack's comments, I think that he was trying to make reference to the fact that the majority of the WWE audience are young kids, who do not distinguise reality from fiction so easily, examples being in some internet posters believing Guerrero's death to be a work. Although a few of you might say this article should never have been posted, I think that judging by the feedback it recieved, it got at least a few of you thinking, and whether the article be postive or negative, is that not its overall purpose"'
Ben Quan wrote:
Why do people like us come onto websites like Online World of Wrestling" because we are ALL interested in wrestling in front and behind the camera.

Now judging people on their wrestling skills or lack off (Nash, Hogan, Rock etc....) is one thing ... they do what they have to do, to entertain us and collect their money. What they do behind the camera is totally their choice, if they want to be an a$$, be arrogant, raciest etc... that's their choice. We shouldn't be judging them cause of the way they act when their not wrestling.

Wrestlers do crap to each other because they have to look out for themselves. They have to make the money to support them and their family, all TRUE wrestling fans know that in an INSTANT your career or LIFE can end. If they have to back stab then unfortunately they have to back stab. Hogan has been doing it for YEARS but yet people still cheer for him....

Besides, not everyone wrestling fan (especially WWE ones) know what really goes on behind the scene. A buddy of mine has been watching wrestling for YEARS and one RAW(maybe a month or 2 ago) there was a scene where Vince introduced HHH to Stephanie for a brief second, my friend goes oh they make a cute couple... I was like sh$$ they've been married for a few years now... he didn't believe me at first until he later on in the evening.
C & D wrote:
Wow. I just had to reply to this article after reading, unfortunately, the misguidance of the author. The fact is that what people, wrestlers included, do in their personal lives has absolutely nothing to do with how well they do their jobs. So what if HHH is an arrogant cut-throat out only for himself" Does it have any effect on my life" No. When I choose to tune into RAW and observe him giving great promo's and putting on a great match (whenever he forgets his hammer) and I am entertained, then I am reminded of why I'm watching. I don't care about what he, or anyone else for that matter, does behind the curtain. What matters is that I am entertained when I turn on my TV or pay to get my ticket to the live show. Maybe Sting is an excellent human being with righteous and good-hearted intentions in every aspect of his life. That's great...but I don't care. I want to see Sting put on a great match. I don't care if he saves babies from burning buildings, that is not why I watch professional wrestling.

Instead of spending time worrying about what professional wrestlers do when they are not doing their jobs, (you know, enternaining us), maybe those who do should concern themselves with their own lives and becoming the best person they should be. Watch wrestling if you want to, either enjoy it or turn it off. Past that, I wouldn't be too concerned if Kevin Nash wants to stay out late, have a few beers and piss somebody off who's going to run home to his pack of internet buddies and tell the world about how Nash is a bad person. And for the record, if I'm at a show and Scott Hall wants to talk trash to me in the parking lot or even spit in my face, then I'm all for it. That's entertainment! Whooooooo!!
Bruce Coleman wrote:
I don`t care too much about a wrestlers off time.there is an exception.when they physically attack "civilians".as far as HHH is concerned since he is in the mcmahn family by marage he does have an enormous advantage over the rest of the locker room.that is somethin that definatly is not right.
Big Jake wrote:
Here is my take on this: Sure guys who dont put over other wrestlers is wrong, but you have to ask yourself, do YOU make the other people you work with look good so that your boss gives them the promotion" No. Sure, you might not stab them in the back, but you are a fool if you dont look out for yourself. HBK might agree to "put over" Paul London, but in taking one of LOndon's high risk moves, HBK might die somehow. Then who'd take care of his family" Vince" No, hell move on to the next big thing.

Also, in the end, it comes down to Vince. He is the one who needs to hand out the punishment for the people who actually deserve it. He also needs to realize that the smaller guys are not there just to make the others look good. I mean, Mark Henry caused Bauista to be injured. Probly not on purpose. But I recall reading on a wresting site that back when Bubba Dudley was on Raw & wrestling Henry, that Henry couldnt remember what to do in a short 5 minute match, & that it was not the first time it happened. Plus how many times has Henry been out with an injury in the last 5 years. Maybe Vince should release him, instead of putting him in a match with the World Champion, & in a main event title match at a PPV.




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