Jericho For General Manager"
January 17, 2006 by Amanda Patterson

Hello everyone out there in the wrestling world, fans and athletes alike, this is my first venture into the column world, so please bear with my comments and opinions for the time being, but keep in mind, all feedback is appreciated, good or bad.

I log on to this site and what do I see" A bunch of columns looking back at me. So many are debating on who they think should be the new GM, and I decided before that was decided, I wanted to get in my two cents.

Is my choice Dusty Rhodes" Nope, one of the McMahons'" Spare me. Or could it actually be.... Trevor Murdoch" Ha, only in my nightmares. Why none of those choices my fine feathered friends, my choice is none other then Y2J himself... Chris Jericho!!! Why that crazy notion you must ask" Plenty of good reasons behind it. First off, Jericho knows this business, he began wrestling at the age of 19, has wrestled everywhere from indies to ECW to WCW to WWF/E. He has held a bazillion titles, he is the first ever Undisputed Champion and he has been in some of the best matches in the history of this business. He can hold his own against such names as Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero (God rest his soul) and HHH just to name a few. So I think it's safe to say that he's no dummy when it comes to this sport we like to call wrestling. Think about the great matches he could make.

Secondly, Jericho equals entertainment! When he was face, people cheered, when he was heel, people cheered. When he was onscreen people cheered. He can pull off a reaction, whether he's the guy in the story line getting screwed or doing the screwing. Who can forget the ass cream segment with the Dudley Boyz" Or his great insults on countless superstars. Jericho has charisma. He can be a baby-face or a hardened heel, he can screw with people's minds. Just look at his web site, he's teased going to TNA and GM possibilities, and I personally enjoy watching him more then some guy carrying around a briefcase and Hardy's old love or some balding muscle-headed youngster, Jericho has extremely addictive catch phrases (RAW.... Is.... Jericho you assclowns!) and legions of fans. Like it or not, Jericho puts butts in the seats. He would be so much more fun then Eric, don't you think"

And last, but most definitely not least, can you imagine how much more salt that would pour into Bischoff's already scathing wounds if he was to get that very same power-wielding job that Eric abused" Eric fired Jericho, Jericho gets carried out screaming much like a little girl in the middle of some extremely terrifying looking clowns. Couple months later Bischoff gets fired and trashed, literally. Jericho makes his stellar return in the same position as the one that banished him from the company, talk about an O. Henry type of story right there! Well, that's my reasons, and like I said, this is only my choice for the dream RAW GM, just a dream, nothing more. But some dreams can come true, am I not correct" Well, thank you for taking time out of your web-time and glancing over my rambling of opinion, as I said, feedback is appreciated. Thank you and have a good day.

by Amanda Patterson..

Bonn Feds wrote:
I like Y2J a lot in fact he is probably my favorite wrestler out there today (tied with some others) and though Raw would be possibly the best it has ever been if Y2J took over as Gm I really would rather he didn't! Some of bests feuds I've seen in the WWE have been with him and I'd hate to see him step out of the ring. Personally I'm saying Y2J for Champ.
Steven Pozaryck wrote:
You know something, that;s a pretty good idea. I think Chris Jericho would be a great GM for Raw. The problem is what side would he be on. Would he be a face, a heel, or independent. The wrestling world can't deal with another heel GM like Stephanie and Eric B. Oh yes, Stephanie was a heel as GM if you go back to SmackDown in late 2002 for a couple of weeks. There is another issue of whether Jericho would want to get back in the ring again. I would love to see him wrestle on a full time basis again because I always had a feeling that guys like Eddie Guerrreo, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho would someday be multiple time World Champions. Sadly, that won't happen for Eddie Guerrero,who was one of my favorite wrestlers, ever. Jericho would be a refreshing choice as GM of Raw. My GM choice would be Jim Ross or an ECW like Paul Heyman, which would be different than how he played it on SmackDown. Good column though and it's nice to see a creative mind being put to use.
Adam wrote:
Personally I would rather see him back as a wrestler though. The guy looks great in the ring and putting him in a non wrestling role would just be a waste of talent. I think the general manager needs to be someone who is a retired wrestler or someone who hasn't wrestled before. General Managers are suppose to be beaten up where as Chris Jericho could probably kick most superstars asses on the Raw rooster. Having said that, I will still be happy to see him if he does come back as the new GM because he would still be great to watch.
Hitchens wrote:
Hey Manda (I can call u Manda, right) -- Look, i LOVE Chris Jericho too, dont get me wrong, but even though he can get it done inside the ring and on the mic, does it mean he can get it done making matches and doing other GM related things" I know, i know, before you say anything, i know he was in the winning survivor series team with orton, maven and the other guy, thus making him GM for a week, but can he do it every week of every year before he quits or is fired" I must admit, The Captian Charisma costume, pure genius, but other than that....oh well he should get a shot in any case. Just so long as it isnt murdoch...cna u imagine him as GM (me: o_O) but i degress.....anyway awesome first article, keep it up
Aaron Fowlow (Canada) wrote:
When you say that the Ultimate Warrior, and Brock Lesnar are possibilities as candidates for RAW GM, you are making a statement of total fantasy, and not "possibility". Let me explain why. The WWE, Vince McMahon, and many veteran workers of the WWE, HATE The Ultimate Warrior, formerly known as Jim Helwig. The feeling is mutual, as "Warrior" fees the same way about the WWE, Vince McMahon, and all those who had a part in blindsiding him in the slanderous video called "The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior". Is there any chance in hell that he will work for WWE ever again" Absolutely no chance... unless the planets align in some strange way, and pigs start to take flight.

Brock Lesnar is a very unlikely candidate as well, since many tims, the WWE has failed to attract Brock's interest in rejoining the WWE at this time. There are many many more reasons why this is very unlikely, but I will clu up this response in saying "The likely new RAW GM is probably more obvious than we would give credit for". Who knows who it will be, but it won't be Brock Lesnar or The Ultimate Warrior.*
Michael Nader wrote:
Jericho was my favorite on Monday nights no doubt. Although if Jericho came back I think it would be as a wrestler, not a GM. I mean why waste wrestling talent" It would be cool to see him come back and say something about Bischoff firing him though.
Charlie Eccles wrote:
Have you never heard of a storyline, they made the match between Cena and Jericho a "you're fired" match because Jericho did not sign a new deal with the WWE. Bringing him back as GM would be entertaining, but honestly, would not do a thing to torke Bischoff off. Seriously dude!!!


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