The Truth About WWE
July 15, 2005 by Anthony Deblasi

Let's see. WWE has recently tried to target the gay demographic. The 'Man Show' demographic. The science fiction demographic. The MTV demographic. The Handicapped Demographic. The 'reality TV' demographic. Now the Terrorist demographic"

Since September 2004, I have repeatedly said it was only a matter of time when the gimmick of USA being racist to Hassan, would turn into a terrorist storyline. And sure enough, it has happened. Ironically, the terrorist angle happened at such a perfect time. Because now, Vince McMahon, and the whole jackass management that decided to go forth with it, got beheaded themselves. They gambled by doing the terrorist angle, and got burned because another terrorist attack happened at the same time!

How many times did we mention on the hotline and website what is WWE going to do when another terrorist strike happens"

Nothing good or entertaining came out of that angle. Oh wait. We are all supposed to ejaculate with happiness once The Undertaker chokeslams the evil Arab. The good ole American Deadman Badass is going to gain his revenge. Maybe he'll come out in a Red White and Blue Fedora.

And if he doesn't prevail, there's good ole Batista with ironically called his Batista "Bomb". Or even Stone Cold and his stunner. My opinion" Go ahead and behead Undertaker. Let JBL stick one of those horns in his heart. Or even have The Mexicools chop him up with the Lawnmower. Undertaker hasn't entertainment me since Sara was being stalked by DDP.

If anyone out there doesn't have a problem with this, then you should have no problem with other storylines. Eddie Guerrero can 'molest' Rey Mysterio's son. Kurt Angle can 'tap' a 16 year old girl. This time, Kane can rape Snitsky. And you can go even further and Snitsky will like it!

And look at the marketing potential for merchandise. You had Hacksaw Jim Duggan's foam 2x4. You had rubber sledgehammers for Triple H. Mr Socko's made a killing with merchandise. Now you can have the Muhammed Hassan plastic Machete!

When fans hit the ring sometimes and try to assault a wrestler, some are just drunk and stupid. Others forget its entertainment.

But I truly believe some out there know it's a storyline. But they are so personally bothered by a person or company that offended them, they will try and attack anyway. There are just some topics you just don't cover. And I believe if this storyline or pattern continues, some crazy fan with nothing to lose is going to show up to a show, or an autograph signing with an agenda. And something terrible is going to happen.

There are some very sick people in this world. And someone who may think they are doing something 'patriotic' will come out of the wood work and cause a tragedy. And guess what. A chokeslam, stunner, leg drop, or anything else will change the outcome.

by Anthony Deblasi ..

Jesse Lee wrote:
To WWE's defense on airing the "terrorist attacking Taker" segment; do you know how hard it is to edit something out of a show that's supposed to be live, much less keep it a 2-hour show" (This is where the smart-asses start saying that JBL can come out and give another 30-40 minute promo or something.)

WWE wanted to keep the SL with Taker and Hassan, but had no time to edit the footage for television. They DID give a warning four different times in the show, TELLING viewers that they may not want to watch the show due to graphic violence based on the terrorist attack. But who cares" It's fake right" (Sarcasm) Maybe people should try listening to the warnings that the WWE provide rather than watching anyway and send a letter, thus proving that they are too dumb.
LanceCrucifix wrote:
The truth is, you're a moron, I've said it before, what in the blue hell has Hassan done to be labled a terrorist, just because the men where wearing ski masks, they are terrorists" No, they were men in Ski Masks, never ment to be terrorist, but it's stupid people like you that are the cause of Hassan, never getting the proper push that he deserve, but if he came out sayin', "If you smell what the Hassan is cookin'" you'd jump all over that wouldn't you"
matthew sobs wrote:
I can't agree with you on this one Anthony. It was very bad timing for the "sacrifice" storyline to take place but who knew that a terrorist attack would take place again. Terrorists are becoming a big part of the media today because it draws money. The TV show 24 on fox dedicated this past season to the hero fighting terrorists. Now I never watched the show but I know that the hero on the show ended the terrorist threat. That is what the wwe is trying to bring to it's fans. They are building Hassan to be a top heel in the company (which they are doing a very good job at) so that way the hero will beat him and the fans leave happy. If the WWE didn't do the storylines that would bring in money, then there would be no wwe.

As for crazy fans coming with an agenda, i don't doubt there is gonna be someone who tries something and maybe there already as been but i am sure security "beefs" up when Hassan is going to be in the ring or on stage. The fact is anything can happen no matter what the storyline is or who is involved. The best thing you can do is sit back and just enjoy the show. The last time I checked, Hassan has not hijacked any planes and flew them into any buildings, or blown up any trains or buses. He has been in the ring competing, sometimes cheating, but never going on a suicide mission. The attack on undertaker is no different then any hhh sending evolution in to the ring to do his dirty work, the only difference is the storyline.
Steven Brooks wrote:
Who has let non-wrestling fans post articles on OWW" Your whole article is a waste of space. Now I hated when the WWE made the mistake when they posted the Daivari "sacrifice" on the same day as the London attacks but you don't have to say that "the jackass management got beheaded. It was an honest mistake. And I could care less about your Undertaker comments. Sure he could job more but that doesn't mean he hasn't been entertaining since the DDP angle. Then your other "storylines" you talked about are just stupid. So let me get this straight, if people accept WWE's honest mistake then they can also accept Kane raping Snitsky" To me that doesn't fly. Oh, and Hassan isn't a terrorist, he is just a guy playing a role as an Arab who hates "Anti-Arab" fans. This article has nothing to do with the truth about the WWE. Next time you think about writing an article like this, rethink it.
Ai2392 wrote:
Well the terrorism subject is a sensitive one that they unfortunately had to get involved in. A lot of people will be mad with them and they kind of agree with them. I don't agree with you at all. Undertaker is always entertaining. Some of the things they are getting involved in will hurt them. They should stop trying to do these stupid reality storylines and get back to wrestling. I want to see that and not Eddie Guerro shoving Twizlers down Rey Mysterio's mouth.
Kevin Roberts wrote:
For all we know, the "arabs" in mask were probably the Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, Hardcore Holly and Danny Basham. Not saying that's who they were, but it's just like the time Edge and Christian dressed up as The Conquistadors. I'm really sorry about the terrorist attacks, but no one could have possibly known that was going to happen. The reality is, in the business of entertainment, we play off real-life situations. No one complains when Cold Case or something like that comes on and they replay 9-11.
Brad Dykens wrote:
We do know that the masked terrorists were Val Venis, The Shane Twins, Mike Knox and one other...
Z-Rich wrote:
I completely agree with LanceCrucifix, there was absolutely no mention of 'terrorists' in that angle. There is no differance between that and any other beatdown you see on a wrestling show, whether it be WWE, TNA, ROH, or any where else. And how did you get 'molest' out of the Eddie-Rey angle, it looks a lot more like a paternity angle to me and just about everyone else.
XLiLBlondChickX wrote:
I have a comment for the person who wrote this column! you do know Muhammed Hassan is ITALIAN right" he's not really indian! it's just a gimmick do you know what a gimmick is" just like all the other wrestlers how they have gimmicks! I don't get it if you have such a problem with wrestling and hate the storylines or whatever than why watch it" It's not like Vince was promoting terrorism, what does carrying someone out of the arena wearing masks have to do with terrorism like you said THEY'RE ALL JUST STORYLINES! " and what does Batista's move or Stone Cold's have to do with terrorism ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they're just names! Honestly you sound like a jackass yourself(no offense). you have some very ignorant and obnoxious comments. They're all storylines and gimmicks!
Danthrax (Scunthorpe, England) wrote in response to Jesse Lee wrote:
If the WWE wanted to edit out the sensitive footage i'm sure it would have been more than possible as our showing of Smackdown in the UK had in fact had this footage cut. with only 19 hours later or so when it was shown over here. As this show was recorded Tuesday night, and as the happenings in London did happen the morning before transmission, there was plenty of time to do it!

However with only seeing shots on sites such as this i cannot really tell if it could be mis interpreted.
"The Outsider" SJD wrote:
I think people are being overly sensitive on this issue, to me it looks more like a WWE witch hunt. The media is always looking to bury Vince McMahon and the WWE and I don't ever expect anything to change. Just like I don't ever expect the WWE to change. What you see is what you get and if anything the WWE does hits you personal then I suggest you become a fan of under water basket weaving because the WWE is and always be conteversal, that's it often gets compared to a soap opera. The more drama they can put in their show the better the product is going to be. Rating wise anyways.

Doesn't every show on TV have some kind of quirk in it" Of course otherwise we wouldn't watch. Don't other shows on TV theme around terrorism, child molestation, rape, ect. at least one episode or another" Yep, they sure do but only they aren't constantly under fire like the WWE. People love to hate Vince simply because of his ego. If it wasn't for Vince's ego (Which I call having thick skin) WWE would have shut down along time ago.

The WWE didn't know there was going to be a terrorist attack on that day so it's not like they were trying capitalize on another country's tragedy. It would have been in poor taste if they came out with the skit the next week but what else were they suppose to do" I think WARNING fans NOT to watch was good enough. If it really offended as many people as we are pretending then it's there own damn fault. If you see a sign that says "WARNING SHARKS" you don't just jump in the water do you"
eros giacalone wrote:
Hey XLiLBlondChickX, I hope you do realize that Muhammad Hassan aka Mark Copani REALLY IS an Arab (and not even Indian, which isn't even close to Arab). He's not from Detroit, MI as his billing would suggest. He was born in 1981 in Amman, Jordan, which last I checked is an Arab country. He was then raised in Syracuse, NY.
I don't agree with you at all. If you were offended it, it's your fault. They warned us.

Controversy can be a powerful factor in making a storyline entertaining. Steve Austin getting crucified on the Undertaker symbol is a good example of this. Some people were offended, some people were entertained. Everybody's not going to have the same opinion, good or bad.

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