Samoa Joe: The Inspiration
January 17, 2006 by Anthony Ferguson

Holy Sh*t! That is usually what you hear every time a new person watches Samoa Joe in action! Well at least I did. I think the first match I saw with Samoa Joe was against CM Punk and I was blown away. Samoa Joe is 6'0 sometimes billed as 6'2 and 280 pounds and is an incredibly gifted wrestler.

From the first match to the very last match that I've seen from him I have been glued to the action in excitement waiting for the next power move to be hit. Samoa Joe has a huge arsenal of moves which are very impressive and very unique. Some of his moves include the face wash, various kicks, slaps, and chops, the unforgiving Muscle Buster, the Ole kick, and to top it all off the choke sleeper. That's just a taste because there are way too many to be listed. His fighting style is a whole new thing in itself with such mixes of martial arts, power wrestling, submission wrestling, and other technical talents.

Samoa Joe is an inspiration to me because he gave me hope when I lost all of mine. I am also 6'0 270-280 (my weight seems to shift) and I'm not exactly Brock Lesnar, I don't have bulging muscles in places most people haven't heard of, and I can't lift the 500 pound Big Show over my head and drop him into the canvas. I am not a professional wrestler but I will start training in about a year and a half. But that's a different story. I am just a big fan of the sport. That's where Joe inspires me; he puts on such incredible performances it made me remember that wrestling is a sport and isn't just "Sports Entertainment." I was losing hope in wrestling because I was starting to think - what's the point if it's fake" Then I saw Samoa Joe, and he made me remember why I watched wrestling because it's more than just storylines and attractive women. It was about a group of athletes going out there each and every night putting on the show of their lives.

Samoa Joe was always someone I knew I could look forward to watching because I knew he would have me on the edge of my seat wondering what kind of new combinations and new moves he would pull out. The very first time I saw the muscle buster I jumped out of my chair in disbelief. When I finally sat back down I had to rewind only to relive the moment again. One match that really sticks out in my mind is the Samoa Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi match.

That match was an incredible test of will and determination for Joe and even though he lost he was still the winner in my mind. Just thinking back to the chops that they were placing on each other and the way the action moved back and forth between the two men really showed the charisma Samoa Joe possesses. Samoa Joe was on top of his game every night out there in ROH because he had the drive that so many "Sports Entertainers" need.

Samoa Joe Reigned supreme in ROH, going (I think) 21 months as the champion. Right there shows that Samoa Joe is definitely capable of putting on a great match and can really holds his own against some of the greatest in the business. I think what makes Samoa Joe so popular is because he loves going out there night after night putting on a show for the fans because he knows that without them he would be nothing. After Joe gained success in ROH becoming on of the biggest names on the Indy scene it was only a matter of time before he would move on to bigger things.

Those bigger things turned out to be TNA. Since Joe has come to TNA it is like he hasn't lost a step. If anything I think it pushed him to only become better. Joe came and since then has destroyed the opposition. He has remained undefeated in TNA as well not exactly 21 months but this is still the beginning. Joe has had a few outstanding matches against the likes of Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

Samoa Joe has now moved on as X-Division Champion, taking out whoever stood in his way. AJ Styles was upset at what Samoa Joe did to Christopher Daniels, breaking the code to hurt and concuss The Fallen Angel. So Styles representing the code did the right thing by challenging Joe to a title match. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe (I think) headlined every PPV they have met at in TNA. From their #1 contenders match at Sacrifice to their X-Division Title match at Turning Point, these two guys were meant to be in the ring together as opponents. Their matches are just as incredible as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart or Sting and Ric Flair or Stone Cold and The Rock. They put on a wrestling clinic. And I can only hope they meet again in the near future. There rivalry in TNA is unprecedented. AJ Styles was representing honor and representing the code of the X-Division while Samoa Joe is there to win by any means necessary. Put those too things together and you get a match of the year candidate. Samoa Joe won both of those matches against the Phenomenal One. Joe then tried to do the same thing to Styles. Only to be broken up by the first person that suffered this beating.

Christopher Daniels came back from the concussion to stop the act from happening to another person. Joe then threatened to do it again. This escalated into a heated feud between the two. Samoa Joe put on another great performance in this match. He came out on top because of the ruthless beating he gave to Daniels. The match only ended because Styles threw in the towel. It will be interesting to see what escalates from there.

Samoa Joe is a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling business and he will definitely move onto bigger things in the future. But for now Samoa Joe will reign supreme in TNA and continue to be a great inspiration.

by Anthony Ferguson ..

Kevin Roberts wrote:
Mr. Ferguson, I couldnt agree with you more. Apparently, Samoa Joe has been "over" with the true wrestling fan for quite some time. Although I consider myself to be a true wrestling fan, I had never seen Samoa Joe wrestle until he came to TNA. I had heard all the stories about this incredible talent that could do some amazing things in the ring, but it wasnt until I saw with my own eyes, that Samoa Joe made a believer out of me. I mean, as soon as the bell rung, I saw this 280-pound guy take off and do a running enzuigiri and I was like: "Oh my god" in my best JR voice. For the rest of the match, I was glued to the set and didnt move until he completely destroyed Cassidy Riley and then beat up AJ Styles when he came out there. Like everyone else now, Im like: "This guy is incredible," doing all types of enzuigiris, dropkicks, suplexes and various martial arts strikes. But I think what I noticed the most was agile he was for a man his size. Im a former division I college football player myself, and I dare say that Samoa Joe's athleticism rivals that of some the better football players, who are now in the NFL, that Ive seen in my day. Taz is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, and no dis-respect to him, but in my opinion, Samoa Joe is the Taz of the future. He's like Taz mixed with The Great Muta, because he'll do a sick-looking suplex, irish-whip a guy to a corner and the do a shining wizard into the ringpost. Thats what I saw him do the other night and my mouth was on the floor. Petey Williams may actually LOSE the title of 'best finisher" this year with that move Samoa Joe does that previously I had only seen in Raw vs Smackdown 2006. I know its some kind of "buster," but as if that wasnt enough, he taps the guy out with the Tazzmission. Samoa Joe is the real deal.
Ian McLendon wrote:
The main event of Turning Point was actually Jeff Jarrett vs Rhino. Besides that, great article. Samoa Joe is an awesome wrestler.




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