Why ROH Is Praised!
July 18, 2006 by Anthony Ferguson

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There has been a lot of talk lately about ROH and whether it is worthy of all the praise and hype it receives from fans. There has been a lot of debating and yet this argument has not been settled. Some of the good facts is that the "people" don't just want to see wrestling, they want to see a storyline to base the match off, because it's entertainment. Now I have to disagree.

The reason ROH is so successful in a fan base level is because it is bringing back the "sport" that was wrestling. Now I will admit I do watch WWE faithfully, but I mean come on now, they have become pretty lackluster.

They are on the other hand seemingly rising from the fallen product they have become. ROH is in some eyes is the "real new ECW" in the sense that they have a small venue but it is jam packed on any given night. But to others it's the rebirth of what wrestling was.

Wrestling once was a competitive sport where the payoff for putting your body on the line night after night wasn't money in some senses but, it was to hold a world title belt and to be appreciated by the fans for their hard work and dedication. ROH has surely shown this because they have accommodated a certain prestige to their title. Now the ROH title hasn't been held by any wrestling legends from the past but it has been held by some wrestling legends of the future. Now ROH doesn't seemingly have any backstage politics like the WWE and they are surely in no means anywhere near as wealthy as the WWE but they don't use those things to get the attention of the fans, they use what they have and that is WRESTLING talent.

ROH on any given night can put two unknown wrestlers in the ring and showcase their true talent and not hide it behind flashy costumes and an arrogant attitude. They have made many wrestlers; superstars or even legends in their own respect some of those guys being, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, "American Dragon" Brian Danielson, AJ Styles, Homicide, and the list can go on and on.

ROH from day one has put innovation back into the sport. They didn't have to (even though they did) create new match types or anything like that because the wrestlers inside of ROH have the skills to take the old ones and make them special. They have created moves in the ring that 10 years ago would have been believed as impossible.

Now as bad of a comparison that this can be is that ROH can very well be compared to WCW in the sense that the wrestlers have freedom to their storylines and characters. Now I don't mean this in the sense that each wrestler says whether they are going to win or lose because it doesn't work like that. What I do mean is that ROH has trust in their wrestlers to go out there and do what they do best which is wrestle because they know the fans will be witness to a great show.

I like most of you have a dream of becoming a wrestler and that dream may and will come true in the near future. And unlike most of you I don't want to go to the WWE and be known as a "superstar" because I would much rather go to ROH and be known as a "wrestler." I think that ROH showcases the wrestler's real talent and they don't hold back the wrestlers because of their lack of mic skills.

Now this article might not have ended this debate but it can surely open the eyes to those who doubt ROH and the credibility of its worthiness of praise and approval.

by Anthony Ferguson ..

Darron C. wrote:
I agree 100% with what you're saying, ROH is bringing Wrestling back to North America and giving die-hard Wrestling fans what they wanna see and that's pure Wrestling action, Not some Diva Search where they do jumping jacks and run around like idiots and not a bunch of Divas having pillow fights and water gun battles like morons like the garbage that WWE produces on Monday Nights.

Ring Of Honor never set out to be a Storyline first, Wrestling second product. The whole basis when Ring Of Honor started was to showcase the in-ring talent of great wrestlers such as Samoa Joe, Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Paul London, Spanky and "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson but over the years it has evolved into an even better product mixing both great storylines with great wrestling as highlighted in storylines like The Embassy vs. Generation Next, CM Punk vs. ROH, Samoa Joe vs. The Rottweilers and Bryan Danielson vs. The World. All of these feuds saw many twists and turns and cliffhangers while mixing in great matches and great moments in ROH.

Now I'll admit that I still somewhat pay attention to the WWE product mainly their Friday Night programming which is much better than that sad excuse for a Monday Night show because with the Friday Night show I get to see actual wrestling and good wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Ken Kennedy, Booker T., William Regal, Fit Finlay, Paul London, James Gibson and Spanky and usually Smackdown produces some great TV matches and moments but fans that knock ROH for not being like the WWE are missing the point because ROH never intended or set out to be anything like the WWE.

The last year of Ring Of Honor has seen a radical transformation especially with the appearance of Jim Cornette who has in a way given ROH a shot in the arm as he was at the forefront of the biggest storyline in ROH which was the feud with Combat Zone Wrestling which was a spectacular storyline that regenerated interest in the Philadelphia area where both promotions hold shows. Both promotions benefited greatly from the storyline and it really gave the fans what the wanted to see which was a true interpromotional battle that waged outta control for eight months while delivering such great action and insane twists and turns which in the end send both ROH and CZW fans home happy.

Ring Of Honor has come a long way in the last 4 years and will continue on into the future delivering fact paced action, exciting storyline twists and great Wrestling that people wanna see from the wrestlers that they've come to know and enjoy like Homicide, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Jimmy Rave, Colt Cabana, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Christopher Daniels, Jack Evans, The Briscoes, Davey Richards, BJ Whitmer, Alex Shelley, Nigel McGuiness and Claudio Castagnoli all of whom are the future of Wrestling.
Anthony Fabio wrote:
I completely agree with your article. ROH is pro wrestling how it should be and people need to see that. They are just like any other wrestling promotion except for the fact that they give more freedom and allow every match to a be a show stealer. I also want to be a wrestler one day and would much rather go to ROH and be called a wrestler than a WWE superstar. ROH is were a wrestler can showcase their talent and athletcism and also put on a great show.
Jack wrote:
The article certainly won't end the debate, but I totally agree with it. I have been to a few ROH events in philly and I can say first hand that it was much more entertaining than the unforgiven I had been to earlier. You put many feelings and unspoken words into very well and outspoken words in this article. Although I would rather compare CZW with the old ECW in the sense of wrestling style, your point was well taken. I also hope more people open there minds to something new, and realize that ROH does not intend to be the next WWE competitor -- at least in the visible future simply because they refuse to be broadcasted.
Jose Perez wrote:
The ironic thing about wrestling is, that people dont like ROH cuz it doesnt have "storylines", yet they complain when they say that WWE matches are boring, or that WWE needs more wrestling. And on top of that, 90% of WWE fans, call themselves wrestling fans, when they dont watch anything else besides WWE, cuz they think that any other fed is boring or has no name talent.
benrlinzy wrote:
Well said, and a good column. Couldn't agree more.
PMPFTourney wrote:
Stop spreading your opinions as if they were facts. WWE is just as competitive when it comes to wrestling and that's why it's the number one promotion in the world and will always be. Everything you said about ROH, WWE provides.
Mike ****** wrote:
I agree. ROH is by far my favorite company. A close second being TNA. Sure WWE is good in the aspect that it has the known guys like HBK and Matt Hardy (two of my favorites) but no one has ever heard of one of my favorites Apocalypse with this black cape it makes for a very entertaining schedule of wrestling. We can even see this guy in the Stampede wrestling which is like ROH because it shows you what wrestling IS! No guys in red makeup breaking clocks, no retarded (in the literal sense) wrestler nor a formerly great athlete reduced to being a manager of sorts. ROH showcases some of the best matches you can find! LONG LIVE ROH!


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