Looking at New Legends
May 14, 2005 by Anthony Peric

Tell me something" Can you see HUGE potential in some of the new faces" I sure can. Matt Morgan, MNM, and someone that has showed me he will play a huge part in RAW in about two years: Muhammad Hassan. I would like to point out the pros and cons of these.


Pros: Something that is a huge pro is that they have already shown they can be great heels. When I think of them I think "Sh*t I hate those guys, but they are so cool!" which is exactly what I think about Triple H. And the fact that they look absolutely awesome is a good thing too.

Con: Their con is that the WWE has started them off so it makes them look like they can't wrestle. They were so bad in their first match it made Hulk Hogan look like Kurt Angle. (Is that possible")

Matt Morgan:

Pro: Unless you haven't noticed, THIS DUDE IS A TOTAL POWERHOUSE! He is 6'10; I mean, really he is huge. And his finisher is awesome.

Con: His stuttering is sooo stupid, the WWE writers are sooo dumb. His finisher is awesome and very original but can you see him winning any major titles with it""" (Orlando Jordan won a title, which proves with the right storyline you can do anything!). When he was with Nathan Jones I liked him a lot more, they would have been awesome tag team champs, and I would love to see Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan vs. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns (if either team were still together).

Muhammad Hassan:

Pro: He opens a doorway for so many grudge match feuds. And I can see him being very successful.

Cons: He has shown less skill every match. The WWE has to keep pushing his gimmick every week so it doesn't become stale.

Chris Masters:

Pro: What pro"

Cons: He is a bad wrestler, his entrance is wasted. I would rather see the money the WWE spends on his fireworks go to charity (wouldn't you") The $1000 Masterlock thing is already boring,(This is mainly because he is ignoring all the viewers at home and is therefore boring the hell out of us!), and what else""" Ummm... there's so much that I can't think of anything else!!!

by Anthony Peric ..

"Lucifer" Nick wrote:
I cant disagree much with this column. Chris Masters was slow and bad at his technical skills. He was just put up for show and i doubt i can imagine a future with Chris Masters as champ. Muhammed Hassan on the other hand, is a great wrestler but got pushed too hard. Like, first, Chris Benoit then Shawn Michaels then Hulk Hogan" He's just a one year rookie at the WWE. And Matt Morgan, on teh other hand doesn't get pushed 'nuff. His match didn't look important and his all-serious-badass gimmick was great.
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
Ok so what the heck does MNM, Chris Masters or Matt Morgan do in your "new legends" list. They all suck if i say it harsh! Since when did Village people start wrestling" These guys MNM got the most ridicilous gimmick of all time and i rather watch Melina's ass than these guys "wrestling". Matt Morgan is just another powerhouse with no skill! Please we dont need more Heidenreich's. Chris Masters is the cream of the crap. This guy injured Steven Richards in his first match which lasted about 2 seconds anyway. His finisher the technical wonder the MASTERLOCK! (half nelson to be honest) more need to say

If you are looking for new legends then Randy Orton might turn some heads, right now he needs something new cause he is getting stale but i am behind Orton 100 % even when i hated him about a year back.

Muhammed Hassan, yes anthony you are right about that one. I am from finland so i don't care about his political views so only thing i see in his promos is GREAT heel. In the ring, he might not be so savy but he will work that out i mean he is just a rookie who has been wrestling for a little time now. He is a great character already. Too bad that they put Hassan to job for 100 years old fart who couldnt wrestle 15 years ago AND STILL CAN'T.
robbie_754 wrote:
Absolutely Masters is a dreadful wrestler his finisher "The Master lock" is a crappy version of the full nelson lock and wastes time every monday with his master lock challenge, MNM have a fine future I was just surprised they got the tag team titles already but then again I guess it was to set up the Guerrero/Mysterio break up as for Morgan they must get rid of this horrible gimmick I doubt he'll be going anywhere with it.





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