Growing Pains: Mr. Ken Kennedy
September 7, 2006 Anthony Schmidt

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Thanks to all who read my last article on TNA's Jay Lethal. It was a bit messy, I understand. I'm going to try to make this one better, so check it out and see what you think. This one is on the new United States Champion, Smackdown's own, Mr. Ken Kennedy.

Ken Anderson grew up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. He had an older brother and two younger sisters. Although he wasn't interested in wrestling until the age of 14, his dad was an avid wrestling fan. Once Ken got into it, his favorite was Stone Cold Steve Austin. Anderson even named his Wire-haired Fox Terrier Austin.

After he graduated from Washing High School in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, he decided to get into wrestling. He was trained by All-Star Championship Wrestling owners Eric Hammers and Mike Krause. WWE noticed Anderson after a few try out matches. Little did they know, he would become a star.

Anderson wrestled under his real name on WWE Jakked, Velocity, and Heat as a jobber. In February of 2005 he signed a developmental contract with Ohio Valley Wrestling. Anderson dawned the new name of Ken Kennedy on Velocity after a few weeks of wrestling jobbers.

On August 25, 2005 Kennedy made his debut to Smackdown! by defeating Funaki. Kennedy went undefeated and made his Pay-Per-View debut at No Mercy 2005 where he defeated and injured Hardcore Holly. Kennedy grew higher and higher and finally he got a shot at big time. On the November 11, 2005 edition of Smackdown! Ken Kennedy faced Eddie Guerrero in a match for a spot on Team Smackdown! at Survivor Series. Guerrero got Kennedy disqualified by throwing a chair into his hands. This handed Kennedy his first ever loss and he took it out on Eddie. After the match Kennedy nailed Guerrero with a vicious chair shot. Ken Kennedy was Eddie Guerrero's final opponent.

In December of 2005, Kennedy went overseas on the WWE's Tour. During the tour Kennedy suffered a serious latissimus dorsi tear. He tried wrestling with the injury, but he complained that it hurt so bad he couldn't even put his hand into his pocket to get his wallet. Anderson had surgery on December 16, 2005 and it was successful; however, this type of injury needs 3-4 months of healing. Kennedy would be sidelined for a few months.

During his time off, Kennedy commentated for a few matches in WWE. On June 9, 2006 Kennedy made his return to the WWE with a victory over Scotty 2 Hotty. The fans knew Kennedy was back and so did Scotty. After victories over Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, and Rey Mysterio, he was pinned. For the first time in his WWE career Ken Kennedy was pinned after a roll up by Matt Hardy on the July 14, 2006 edition of Smackdown!.

Kennedy made a huge jump when he accepted Batista's open challenge for a match at The Great American Bash 2005. He went on to win the match via disqualification but needed 22 stitches in his head. This was caused by getting throw into the steel steps too hard. The cut exposed his cranium and was very graphic.

After a short feud with Batista (getting a 2-1 advantage) Kennedy helped Shane and Vince McMahon beat down DX at Summer Slam 2006. On the August 28, 2006 edition of RAW, Kennedy along with William Regal and Finlay lost to DX in a Three On Two Handicap Match. Kennedy was never tagged in.

Ken Kennedy finally made it to the big time on the September 1, 2006 edition of Smackdown!. He would pin Bobby Lashley to win the United States Championship in a Triple Threat Match. After the match in an exclusive interview Kennedy stated that he's better then (George) Bush, Carlito, and even John Cena.

I expect Kennedy to be a getting a big push. He's a brash and cocky young superstar with loads of talent. A future World Heavyweight or WWE Champion, no doubt. This has been Growing Pains, thanks for reading.

by Anthony Schmidt..

Jon Rosaler wrote:
Thank you for writing this. I love Mr.Kennedy...Kennedy and yes, he is getting a push, he is going to face The Undertaker at No Mercy. This guy is the best. He reminds me a lot of a young Chris Jericho. Y2J was very rude, but talented on the mic, they both have blonde hair, and they love to be rude to their opponents. Wow, what a coincidence, I began watching wrestling when i was 14,too and now I'm almost 17. Great Column, and I hope we get to see Kennedy and/or Bobby Lashley World Champion ASAP.
Eli Brooke wrote:
What was the point of this article" It just summarized his career so far! Where were the "growing pains"" Kennedy's good but what did this tell us we didn't know" What light did it shed on his future - or even past or present"
Jeremy Adams wrote:
I agree, Ken Kennedy is the future of the WWE. And if what I read from you is true, there's a thory that applys to that. --- "Kennedy went undefeated and made his Pay-Per-View debut at No Mercy 2005 where he defeated and injured Hardcore Holly" --- I believe the theory goes; If you injor Hardcore Holly, You become a success in the WWE, the like Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar. I wouldn't be surprised to see him wearing the Wrold Heavyweight Title by 2007.
Jonathan Preston wrote:
He Hails from GREEN.......BAY........WISCONSIN!!!!! MRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYY!!!! (PAUSE) KENNEDYYYYY!!! I love the intro, its brilliant!!! I think he needs to punk Tony Chimel so more, that was hilarious!! Yeah, Mr Kennedy is the fastest rising superstar I've seen in awhile. He has a charisma that is just untouchable and his gimmick is awesome!! I love his brash and arrogant style and I love how he talks trash to everybody. Honestly, I'm not the biggest Smackdown fan. I watch it because I do follow wrestling, well at least the big 3 anyway. (WWE, ROH, and TNA) But Mr Kennedy is the reason why I don't miss Smackdown. He is the total package. Great wrestling skills and Great on the Mic. Why because he's MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I'm sorry, I just had to do it. Good Column though. I dig it!!!
Anthony Schmidt wrote:
To Eli Brooke -- The purpose of this article is to inform you on a superstar's past. Just because you may know Kennedy doesn't mean everyone does. Articles of mine shine on superstar's past and how they got to where they are today. Sorry to disappoint.
Michael Rey wrote:
I agree with Eli Brooke. This seems a bit pointless. Everybody knows about Kennedy's time in WWE. You should focus these articles on the wrestler's past. Talk about his days on the indy circuit - his time wrestling throughout the Midwest, his time with IWA-Mid South and OVW. Talk about the very cool partnership he and Daniel Puder had in OVW. I like the concept of "Growing Pains" but everybody knows this stuff. Just talk how the certain wrestler got to where he is today, going throw the many "Growing Pains" in his career.
Ike Eisen wrote:
I agree with Eli Brooke and Michael Ray. This article is little more than a recap of Kennedy's time in WWE, which anyone can search on Google or Wikipedia. Where's the insight here" Where's your take on what stuff Ken Anderson had to overcome to get to his position in WWE" Was he considered too small" Too bland" Did Kennedy's injury end the careers of other wrestlers"

I do not buy your excuse that not everyone knows who Ken Kennedy is. If you come to, you are a wrestling fan. If you are a wrestling fan - especially one who speaks English - you would be familiar with WWE and its wrestlers. So yes, your article is little more than a recap.
Jason Lock wrote:
Yes, i agree that Kennedy is an excellent superstar. But I dont understand what you are trying to say here... growing pains" What are the growing pains" You pretty much just told us what we know and said that he's a good wrestler at the end. If i wanted to know Kennedy's bio i check it out on this website. Your title intriged me because i thought that you were going to say something interesting and make a theory that could be refutable and able to discuss. (ps. Lashley is the future for WWE, he gets his first World Heavy Weight Championship match at No Mercy)


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