A Look at WWE's B-Show Talant
October 16, 2003 by Apple Sauce

Everytime I sit and watch RAW or Smackdown, I think to myself "Why"". Why are wrestlers like A-Train, Big Show and Scott Steiner on TV when better, more talented wrestlers are stuck on the B shows, Almost forgotten. When was the last time you seen Funaki, Stevie Richards, or Tommy Dreamer wrestle on the main shows" All three are great and entertaining in the ring. Why are they stuck on Heat or Velocity when they are so much better than some of the bigger name wrestlers.

Theres been several times I got up an walked away from an match or segement while watching the main shows, I rarely do that when watching Heat or Velocity. Most of the time, I'm entertained.

Stevie Night Heat is an great show most of the time. Tommy Dreamer, Val Venis and Stevie Richards (with Victoria) are almost always in an match. Honestly, how can you go wrong with these three super stars" I'm rarely disappointed with Heat.

Velocity always delivers. Funaki, Ultimo Dragon and Kanyon are regulars. Funaki is so entertaining, His match against Charlie Hass was awsome. Better than any match that week on the mainshows and this week so far. So was last weeks match between Rey and Kanyon. Last weeks show was solid and was better than smackdown. I just read this weeks results and it seems like another good show. I'm looking forward to it alot more than I am smackdown....

So, If you like talented superstars as well as jobbers... i mean rookies (most of which are entertaining and good also) than watch the B shows and see how the WWE treats their real talent.

by Apple Sauce

Keith had this to say:
I'd like to say that I really enjoyed your column on the WWE's B talent. I've grown bored of the main stream show and now only look forward to Heat and Velocity. I truly believe that WWE should give Val Venis and Stevie Richards a push, along with Ultimo Dragon and Sean O'haire on Smackdown. I can't wait to see this weeks velocity with Ultimo Dragon and Joey Matthews. Keep up the great work..
Sean Goodrich:
It IS a huge injustice to the world that linda Mcmahon gets more time on Raw than Tommy Dreamer. Almost as sad that the only big money match Dreamer was involved in was Tazz vs. Triple H and that was when Dreamer wasn't even under contract to the WWF(E).The sin that Dreamer along with several other talented wrestlers like and O'haire are stuck on B shows like heat is one that could almost be forgiven, because you can still see them on TV. The much bigger sin agianst the fans i feel is the fact that Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards and many other of those talents are not included for fans enjoyment on the WWE smackdown:here comes the pain for the ps2. Of course you can play as all the mcmahons, hell you can even play as superfly Snuka, but theres no Dreamer, Richards, or EVEN Matt Hardy! Now this is a true sin agianst wrestling fans world wide
Nexman84 Responds too Sean Goodrich:
Yes good point about Dreamer...but Stevie R. is on the roster for the game.Matt Hardy is also there. here's the link.

It's a german site but Offical site. So unless they are making different versions, Don't fear Bro Matt and Steven are there and far as Tommy well isn't a CAW for Tommy the easy to make and hey a Caw be better to play him as any way. you wanna complain about missing workers on roster how about... Al Snow!" Jeff Hardy!" Spike!" and no Gail Kim lol well but i here ya peace and thanks Online World of Wrestling Great Site!
Alon wrote:
although you have a point you need to realise that most of the wrestlers you mentioned are no longer (or never were) over with the fans and that's supposedly what counts on the a shows, what does annoy greatly is that deadweights with no charisma or talent (like a train, big show, mark henry, rodney mack) are being constantly pushed in spite of their inadequacies. don't forget that the a shows have talented in ring performers like benoit, angle, mysterio, tajiri, rhyno, hardy, jericho, christian etc but they let crap angles (kane electricuting shane's testicles, big show being drenched in shit etc) cast a shadow on the in ring work. such a shame

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