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November 8, 2006 by Aric Kipling

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It's nice to watch wrestling every once in a while. It's nice that some title runs actually last a bit longer than usual. This is the case with the WWE World Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helm's latest run with the title. Heck, he even has a nice little feud between himself and Matt Hardy. But no one cares. No one cares about Helms, Hardy or the Cruiserweight belt. There is definitely a lack of competition for the champion as it is, no wonder he's the longest reigning Cruiserweight champion! The ECW title is strapped on a man that does not represent technical or extreme wrestling. RVD the former face of ECW once again seems to be only a mid-card player, and isn't promoted as a key attraction. So what do we do about these titles and wrestlers"

We give them feuds. Allow CM Punk to challenge Helms for his title, allow a stellar feud to be witnessed in ladder matches, and iron man matches. Let the Cruiserweight Title be defended like it means something. You see I believe the titles have to mean something. The cost of the titles should be what it takes to defend the title. Let CM Punk wrestle away the belt from Helms, and allow him to declare himself the ECW World Cruiserweight Champion. Let there be a change, because Smackdown doesn't have Cruiserweights left on the brand.

The ECW title needs to be a title driven by technical wrestlers. Wrestlers who can actually defend it, and make it worth something. When was the last time Chris Benoit was a World Champion" He just got back on to Smackdown, and he's reduced to play up the memory of the deceased Eddie Guerrero. Give Benoit an ECW title run and a feud with RVD. Let them fight over the title with main event submission only matches, steel cage matches and the occasional three way matches with Sabu.

But the key to creating a meaningful ECW belt lies in delivering a new ECW title. One that has a new lineage and reputation amongst WWE's brand extension system. Have CM Punk declare himself the greatest ECW World Champion that ECW has ever seen. Allow himself to constantly tout his endless achievements at defending his title across each brand. Place the Cruiserweight title in the main event sometimes. Make him prominent, and then put him in a tag team match with Chris Benoit the reigning ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Let CM Punk take the victory and declare himself second to none. This will elevate his title as well as him. By having the ECW Heavyweight and Cruiserweight champion feud we can see that both titles are meaningful to the brand. Each title should be held in high regard, that no single title is above the other. If that isn't in the cards, then the titles should be united into an ECW Undisputed Championship title should take the places of both former titles. Redesign the belt, eliminate the old belt from a forgotten lineage. Tout the belt as defended within a specific rule set, one defined by technical (the new extreme) wrestling. Let the title actually mean something as defined by the wrestlers who defended it and the matches to win it.

Titles themselves are meaningless, what gives them meaning is the wrestlers who carry them. The titles are nothing without feuds, and nothing without defense. For a title to mean something it has to be defended in a meaningful way.

by Aric Kipling ..

Jimmy Clifford wrote:
I agree with you, put i need to add my point here, You need to break away from the cruiserweight title and look at a few others like the "world" tag team titles on raw, OK it finally has someone who deserves them, but for a while now they have been nothing but pretty belt buckles with no meaning or respect. Also the United States title, once if as meaningful as the NWA World Title and WCW world title, there is now no respect in it what so ever. FINALLY the WWE championship, huge history which i can say as a fan its something to be proud off, but not how it looks, the spinner must go. NO RESPECT FOR WHAT IS MEANINGFUL!
James Mason wrote:
Your idea about having ECW's World Championship be more technical driven is an intriguing idea. I wouldn't shut out it's original lineage, ECW has been through enough changes, but more technical based matches are entertaining.

As far as your idea with the Cruiserweight Championship, I think those ideas are a bit absurd. If ECW is going to get another title, they should either ressurect the Television Title or they should create a new one. The Cruiserweight title should stay on Smackdown, the WWE should send it's Cruiserweights back to Smackdown, or hire new ones and from their the creative team should step their game up and put on some entertaing match ups.

If the WWE can still book the Women's title on Raw, the WWE should be able to book the Cruiserweight title.
Ben "The Beef" O'Keefe wrote:
I could not agree more with you the cruizerweight title is under rated in my opinion get some really athletic guys put them in a 6 man ladder match and you'll see more impressive things than Shelton Benjamin running the ladder lucadors for example but also people who have a good gimick, on the ECW World Title in my opinion they need to rethink the whole idea what they are putting across, I watched ECW from the begining and i was outstanded by what was being displayed in the squared circle but now I am watching a small brand called CZW its the only thing that is hardcore ONLY ORGINALS should be in ECW and hold the world title they also need to bring back the tag titles and F' the world title, but thats just my opinion

P.S Great article look forwad to reading a sequal
Jon Rosaler wrote:
Dude, there are a few CW's left on SD!. Jamie Noble, THe Holligans, S2h&Funaki and Jimmy Wang Yang, sure ECW has them,too, but still SD! also has a women's division with no title.
Philip Frazier wrote:
I agree that titles need to mean something again, but one thing that strike me as instantly being wrong is that you sasid for CM Punk to win the Cruiserweight title, but he is not a Cruiserweight, he would have to drop 2 pounds for this to happen. And Ben "The Beef", Shelton is 245lbs, 25lbs over the limit, that'll never happen.

Other than this, I completely agree. I have being saying for ages that titles need prestige and meaning again, and the only way to do this is through fueds and title defenses, as well as meaningful places on the card, and obviously the most important thing, an actual division (which is something the CW and both tag team ones do not have). This is something TNA have perfected, with both the Tag Team and X-Division titles meaning something, and having main event places as well as special match types and constant feuds. Their World Title also has this, but for the two (arguably) smaller titles to have such exposure is exactly how it should be done, therefore meaning that these other two titles are not smaller titles, just different divisions, exactly how it should be.

It's time WWE either look at TNA, ROH or the Indy's, or even just take a look back at when it could actually respect it's titles, and learn something from it.

Funnily enough, I was saying the exact same thing about Gregory Helms and his Cruiserweight Title just a few minutes ago.
Irish Red wrote:
Alot of what you are saying is true, The WWE only cares about certain titles, and thats their World and WWE Championships. Now they are bringing in the ECW Championship and attempting to make this work. But ECW fans want to see a real champion that defends it in all type of matches. Chris Benoit would definatly be one hell of an ECW Champion, as far as RVD and Sabu. RVD couldnt cut it in the hay day of ECW to be World Champion, and Sabu doesnt have what it takes to be "the man". Dont get me wrong, both are great performers but are no way ready to hold ECW in the spotlight. Gregory Helms, i have been waiting for hims to hold that title again since WCW as "Sugar" Shane Helms. And when he finally pulls it off, he beats everybody. Do they put it over that way NO!! He fueding with another underrated WWE talent in Matt Hardy. Stipulation matches would definatly add to the title, and what does it hurt to put the title in the Main Event if the World Title wouldnt be up for grabs for the night. But in the end your ideas for the title were infact just wishes, But a title all depends on the champion, unless your name is John Cena. Then its all given to you because a bunch of teeny bop mark kids cheer you on. Thats my word.


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