The Good in the Diva Search
February 5, 2005 by Adam K. Hunter (of A&R Wrestling)

Now, judging by the title of this column, I think it is pretty obvious what my column will be about. Now I'll be the first to admit it, I was a fan of the Diva Search, and I was really rooting for Christy Hemme to win. And I am very glad she did, simply because of all the girls she seemed like the one, to me, who looked to most like a future Women's Champion. And I stand by that argument. Christy is well built and has the perfect attitude to becoming the champ. She has somewhat of charisma, and is totally open to training as a wrestler, and wants to learn to valet as well. She wants to do it all, and not be used as only eye candy. Which I respect more than anything.

But lets face it, the Diva Search was not meant for the next Women's Champ, it was for the next eye candy--- err eye candies. But don't get me wrong, as much as I was opposed to bringing in all of the diva-rejects, I looked on the bright side and was able to find that a lot of them are doing very well and add to the storylines.

First, as I mentioned above given the proper training Christy could well be on her way to becoming the Women's Champion (Hey if Debra can...) And I would love to see her character evolve into something a little more interesting and less T-Shirt Firingy. She has more potential than that, and could very well hire someone for minimum wage rather than 250 000$ to do that! Now, of all the Diva Search girls, Amy is my favorite right now. Yes, I know I wanted Christy to win, and still glad she did. But Amy is the one who developed her character into something unique, that is completely not like her. She has trademarked her Tiara as an Amy Webber thing, and she is getting over as a major heel right now. She evolved right into it and gets better every week. This whole image consultant for JBL is a great gimmick, the only thing she needs now is to get more involved with the matches. Become more of a manager, not just valet. But she has her character perfected. She can actually go somewhere in the WWE, and you almost forget that she was in the Diva Search.

Maria, as far as I am concerned, is doing a good job at doing backstage interviews. It shows that she still is getting used to doing the interviews because she still laughs a lot, but what the hell. It adds to her character, as a giggly blonde interviewer. A lot of people argue that with Lilian Garcia, she is not needed but they had Lilian Ring Announcing, and doing interviews. Or they had Todd Grisham to interviews, Heat and Experience. Maria is quite possibly becoming the next Terri. But I can guarantee she will never be that good. NEVER! Terri was great!

Moving on, Joy. Okay, Joy is sorta doing a good job. I can see a feud forming between her and Amy. And it can be good. Well as far as a 2 female eye candy feud can go. But with the training these girls can have a successful feud. The only problem with Maria is Big Show. Her character sucks. She is a valet who doesn't accompany her man to the ring, just hangs out backstage and showers. If she was used more, she can be something. She just needs to break away from Big Show because he is holding her down, and he really doesn't need a valet. Not at all.

Finally there is Michelle. Her character sucks nig, and she is always placed in the wrong places (Helping RVD stretch of all people) But Michelle was my second pick for the Diva Search. Why, athleticism. If you saw the flip she delivered to Hiroko on SmackDown! A while back, you know that this girl has strength, beauty and the skills to become a WRESTLER and a CHAMP! All she needs is the proper training.

Now that I have covered the girls that do good, here come the bad. The only Diva Search girl I find useless in Candace. The make-up artist thing is a pathetic excuse for getting her involved. Even then she shows up for a few seconds in a blue moon. She is very useless. And there are also the two new models they hired Rochelle and Lauren. Two more that are useless models who do nothing at all.

Well, I would like to thank you all again for listening to my ramblings. Hopefully I will be back again. And hopefully you enjoyed the column. I would really enjoy hearing some feedback. Or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks.

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by Adam K. Hunter (of A&R Wrestling)..

Ditto Robertson wrote:
A fan of the Diva search" I thought those where just myths! You may recognize the unique name Ditto from my first feedback response; writing to FanJam about how much I truley hated the diva search. I think all of the girls who tried out are little more then girls who desperately want to be on TV, as work on the street corners is getting more lonely these days. Anyways; Christie claims she wants to do it all. Can she" Probably not. If she was actually asked to step up, would she" Not likely. She claims she wants be more then eye candy. Let's look at her recent run of matches; bra and panty, pillow fights, diva dodgeball.. No, I think she's quite happy at the eye candy level. And, damndest thing, did you know she gets all her "energy" and "charisma" from weight loss pills" Deliciouse little bit of information, isn't it" But, I do agree with you on the Amy Webber subject. Out of all the "divas" I like her best. Her image consultant thing is going great. She makes a good bitch, too. Maria" I guess she's not really a bad interviewer. Although a friend of mine recognizes her from on of those reality shows... Outback Jack, I think... I don't know, they're all the same. This leads me to beleive she could care less about WWE and wants one thing; publicity. Joy" I REALLY don't like her. Her whole boob-wiggling ass-shaking thing still gets to me. Sure, she doesn't do it anymore, but when she did it was really annoying. Of course, it probably wouldn't bug me at all, but this chick has two kids! Way to go, Mom of the Year! Michelle" I wanted her to win. She is athletic and seems SO much less sleezy then the other girls. Her gimmick needs lots of work. But, I firmly beleive out of the whole Diva search" She and Amy are the only ones who deserve even minor rolls in WWE. The rest of the girls need to pack up their teddy bears and lingere and GET TO STEPPIN!
nate speckman wrote:
There is no good in the diva search. It was a colossal waste of time and it pushed people like William Regal and Tajiri and The Hurricane off of RAW or even off of Heat. It also accomplished nothing as nothing the divas have done so far has pulled in any ratings. I actually turned my tv off when I saw that filth that SmackDown! had with Angle walking in on Joy in the shower. It's terrible what these girls are doing. Maria sucks as an interviewer because she can barley get words out of her mouth right. And as a side note Terri sucked as an interviewer big time. Christy should never be allowed to be within a 100 mile radius of the Women's Title as it would only bring that title's credibility down when Trish and Lita and others worked so hard to build it back from the ashes of the McMahon-Helmsley title reign. And all Christy is good for is shooting t shirts and being called fat by Simon Dean. Joy and Amy's feud is the most worthless junk on SmackDown! today. End of story. And don't even get me started on those random girls that came in seemingly from off the street and offer nothing but T&A. Those girls should be taken off the air immediately. Bottom line is that all of the Diva Search girls (I hate having to say that because they all lost except Christy) are good for nothing in the wrestling world as far as I'm concerned. Now I'm not sexist and I certainly don't think women can't be allowed in wrestling, it's just that when you get down to it wrestling is two guys with chips on their shoulders wanting to get their frustrations out by beating the crap out of the other one. And I think Vince has forgotten about that. He believes that sex sells and while it definitely does, in the wrestling business it kind of wears off after a while and people start to remember that all they want to see is a thirty minute classic between two star performers that actually have talent. I'm just waiting for the day.
Angela Kruse, wrote:
If you think the Diva Search was frustrating for us to watch, can you imagine what Rikishi, Rodney Mack, Billy Gunn,etc. are thinking" Was it just poor timing or did Vince McMahon and the WWE just release 14 or so superstars to make room for some no-nothing craptastic pretty girls" Granted some of the released superstars won't be missed a lot, but to be replaced with people who have NO wrestling ability and probably never will has to feel like a big fat spear right in the back. While some of these ladies might prove to have marginal talent some day all they're doing right now is taking even more focus off of wrestling. They're not worth the time and money that was spent on them and that's the bottom line.




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