Tough Enough"
March 17, 2005 by Adam K. Hunter (of A&R Wrestling)

Okay, so my last column might not have been so popular, and a lot of people disagree with my opinion, but I had some people telling me I was exactly right. So with that, I decided to write a second column here at Online World of Wrestling. The subject I had in mind was something that I haven't seen discussed here before, correct me if I'm wrong. So I hope you all enjoy it.

Anyway, there has been a lot of talk lately about how the WWE is going totally off course with its Women's Division and so on, as well as how those reality-TV-type thingees are ruining it. Especially the Diva Search and Tough Enough. But if we all know the WWE they will be back with another one. Therefore, what I was thinking is why not combine both" Have a Diva Search and a Tough Enough competition all at once. That is what I want to discuss in my column. What I feel the next instalment of Tough Enough 5 should be like.

First of all, why not go in a different direction and invite real wrestlers to the Tough Enough as Contestants" Have 20 men and 20 women who have worked the Indies and are actually trained to wrestle. Then in the end, have one man and one woman win to a contract on RAW, and another man and woman to SmackDown!.

There would be 20 men and 20 women. Then 10 women and 10 men go train for SmackDown! And then the other 20 people go train for RAW. This is after all the preliminary cuts. Every week, they only eliminate one person from each show. Like one week, a man, the next a woman. Until there are for people left for each show. Then at the finale, they would decide which two men and which two women receive the contracts.

As far as the challenges of the competition go, no-one shall ever have to dress in drag EVER again on a Tough Enough Segment. Also, the show will be taped like the older ones where they were actually trained with the trainers. The trainers I would go with would be Ivory, Al Snow, William Regal, Hardcore Holly, Bill DeMott and Lance Storm. And I would have a "guest judge" every week, either a legend or a member of the WWE Roster, or even the Boss. And the reason I called them a judge, I will explain later on. I would also have Josh Mathews as the Special Correspondent for SmackDown! And The Coach for RAW. All they do is check in on the show, and present the segments on their respective brands.

As far as the guest judges go, I called them a "guest judge" because that is really their job, to judge them. They are not there to work out in the ring with them a lot. They do not train them at all. They go for the last day, do some activities, give advice and then they will give the trainers their opinion on how they were. And who would be exempt from elimination that week, one from each show, based on what they saw.

I think that this would be great, because it would give an opportunity for real wrestlers to actually get a job within the WWE. Who knows, we might get to see April Hunter or AJ Styles get a contract. It all depends on who goes. That is the way I see it. Better to give a contract to someone who deserves it rather than a guy who dreamed of being in the ring, or a girl who wants to get more movie roles. That's my take on it.

Well, I would like to thank you all again for listening to my ramblings. Hopefully I will be back again. And hopefully you enjoyed the column. I would really enjoy hearing some feedback.

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by Adam K. Hunter (of A&R Wrestling)..

Joe Joe wrote:
There is no way that would happen because the losers would then lose respect and be deemed that guy or girl who couldn't make it on Tough Enough yet people like Nidia, Miss Jackie, Maven, etc did.
Larry Christison wrote:
I agree that it would be good for the buisness to have a tryout for the independant talent pool, and calling it "Tough Enough" would be appropriate for the competition. Covering the training is better than the stupid competitions offered in the last two offerings of the series. But I would rather have a round robin competition where each male and female has a chance to wrestle each of their corresponding competitors. This would be a better way to judge the talant pool.and see if they can make up good matches against a variety of wrestlers (sizes, styles, experience levels, and move basis). This would show us quickly who rely on a short list of moves and those who can sell. Each can have a short blurb of mike time to hype up the match. Once each pool has wrestled a minimum of 3 matches before elimination begins. The shorts could be shown on television, and the whole competition on a dvd. Give the indy's a chance to show their stuff and they will come through.






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