The Next RAW General Manager
January 8, 2006 by A. Taylor

I have been a reader of the Online World of Wrestling columns for a while now and I have loved reading them so I have been inspired to write one. This will be my first column.

I have been a fan of WWE for a long time and was surprised without doubt that Eric Bischoff would be the RAW General Manager in 2002. ERIC BISCHOFF! It was unexpected that a man would had sought to take down the WWF/E was working for the company. Mixed reactions followed his appointment as the GM of RAW. Many fans hated him for his arrogance and for the downfall of WCW but many fans greeted Vince's choice with hope of a new era for the WWE. Since 2002 Bischoff has taken place in many feuds and storylines with Stephanie McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin as just some of his enemies. Over time many fans stated that his character was getting stale. Recently WWE Management are clearly directing a change in direction for RAW so Vince McMahon proclaimed that it was "Time to take out the trash" which saw the end of the Bischoff era on RAW. So one question is in the fans mind: Who will be the next General Manager of RAW"

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes: A former NWA Heavyweight Champion, Dusty Rhodes is a true legend in the wrestling business. After his wrestling career he became a booker and commentator for WCW. He opened his own company Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling but it was short lived. He debuted in TNA as an on screen role attacking S.E.X and later became TNA's Director of Authority which was seen as an embarrassing performance by many. He left TNA and after working on the independent circuit he signed with the WWE as a writer on the Smackdown! writing team. He made an appearance at a legends ceremony at WWE Homecoming and many people are hoping that he will come up to the next level and become GM of RAW.

Shane McMahon: An obvious choice to follow up Bischoff as he was named by Vince McMahon on RAW as a man that could replace Bischoff. Shane O'Mac's first on screen appearance was as a Colour Commentator on Heat and later engaged in a feud with his father Vince. He then went on to other feuds with superstars like Kane. He received a following from his amazing high spots but now is head of the WWE's Media Department. Could Shane be back in an on screen role"

Stephanie McMahon: One of the few people on the list who has had previous experience as a general manager when she was the General Manager of Smackdown! in 2002 and 2003. She made her debut on WWE Television with Linda McMahon and in other small roles including when she was "abducted" by The Ministry. She then went on to join Triple H in the McMahon-Helmsley Faction winning the WWE Women Title. After some time she left Triple H and then after some storylines became General Manager of Smackdown!. She was forced to resign as GM in the Father Daughter I Quit Match when Linda McMahon threw the towel in. Stephanie recently made an appearance at Eric Bischoff's "trial" on RAW and could easily become the next GM of RAW.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart: After the Montreal Incident in 1997 there have been huge doubts of The Hitman returning to the WWE. Lately though Bret has been in touch with the WWE releasing his DVD. It is unlikely that he will return since he stated on Byte This that he won't be returning in an Authority type role since he wants to be remembered as a wrestler and is happy with his current life. Many fans are anxious to see him back but it would be very likely that he could clash with HBK or Triple H because of past relations.

Ric Flair: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is arguably the best wrestler to ever step into the squared circle. The 16 time World Champion has had a role as the "co-owner" of the WWE and as a manager for The Game Triple H. He is currently in a wrestling role as the IC Champion but could possibly become a GM for RAW.

Paul Heyman: A legend in his own right, Heyman led Extreme Championship Wrestling to become one of the most popular cult promotions ever after being a manager in WCW and the Indys. After ECW's downfall he became a colour commentator on RAW and then later a leader of the Alliance. He became a manager and then became Smackdown GM before he resigned and became a manager once again. They are rumours that he might leave to go to TNA but if he stays with the WWE he could be in line for a return as RAW GM.

Others: Many other suggestions have been put forward by the WWE Fans and the WWE have hinted at possible GM's so absurd that they included Candice Michelle. Possibilities include Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Jim Cornette, Linda McMahon, Ultimate Warrior, Jerry Jarrett and many more.

With the next GM of WWE RAW still to be revealed who knows who will take the position. Maybe we will be surprised as we were when Vince McMahon announced that Eric Bischoff would be the General Manager of RAW. Who Knows" The outcome is yet to be seen but when it is the fans are hoping for a face to represent WWE RAW and take it to the next level.

by A. Taylor..

Ashton wrote:
I honestly hope Steve Austin is the new GM of Raw. How entertaining would he be to see him every monday night on Raw"
Jeremiah Bozich wrote:
you have some good ideas,a very good 1st column.but I can't see Candice Michell,Lesnar or Flair being the g.m. for Raw,I think it will be Rhodes,Shane or Stephanie
Dalhakkari63 wrote:
I would like to see the brother vs sister thing between Shane and Stephanie McMahon Stephanie be place on Smackdown and Shane on Raw. Have the two going against the other show because they would be trying to see who is the best McMahon to take over the company one day
Christian Kulas wrote:
I was hoping Chris Jericho would come back to be GM or like Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold or maybe even Roddy Piper! That would be cool if any of them would be GM!
-Dominic M. Phila PA wrote:
Very nice column. I saw Bring back ERIC BISCHOFF as the RAW GM!! He did a great job!!-
Adam Strobel wrote:
I think you are forgetting the one man RAW is missing the most, Good Ol' JR. I would love to see Jim Ross back on RAW in a GM capacity. He definitely has his favorites, but he is not only a great guy, but the fairest man I ever seen in this business
Nick Currier wrote:
I would like to see a legend come in as GM. Someone with a lot of experience in the ring and out. Instead of someone like Candice Michelle. Good article,except a few of your choices, I feel, stand no chance as becoming next GM. Keep up the good work
Michael Scott Stone wrote:
I really don't care who they pick to be the new general manager of RAW as long as it's NOT Stone Cold. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but the whole Austin vs. the McMahon family has gone beyond the "beating a dead horse" phase to the point that they'd be beating the can of dog food that the horse was ground into and you know damn good and well if Stone Cold came back as GM that's EXACTLY where the company would turn. I think some "new blood" in the GM ranks would be a great idea (and NO, "new blood" does NOT mean bring Russo back with that lame-ass angle that basically sank WCW).
Kelly Jones wrote:
First of all the thought of even reinstating Eric Bishoff is completly humerious. The one great possibilitie for a good G.M. is Mick Foley. Mick Foley has a good track record of being as far as possible. Many people who as possibilities for the position of Raw G.M. have one major flaw they all tend to be partial to a certain person or a group. Mick Foley may have the people that he chooses to like and many he does not like, but he does not discriminate based on storylines, or actions. If Mick Was Raw G.M. he would be as fair as possible. So he is my choice for Raw G.M.


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