The WWE's Big Match Problem
August 12, 2004 by Ben Chapman

What happened to all the big PPV matches that made loyal viewers rush for their wallets" Where are all the main events that make people shake in anticipation" Where have all the big names gone"

What happened to Triple H vs Stone Cold 2 out of 3 falls"

What happened to The Rock vs Goldberg or Brock Lesnar"

With the dissappearance of many big names in recent times wwe has had to search desperately for someone to fill the void. Admittedly Eddie Guerrero has done just that but he is the one shining light in the night sky. I'm sorry but JBL as th WWE champ just doesn't work for me. He was great as a tag team wrestler and occasionally in a singles match but the best in the business he is not. Surely when you lose a big name you fall back on a seasoned veteran like Billy Gunn or Hardcore Holly instead of trying to pass the torch to someone who will simply crash and burn.

As for the tag team ranks where Billy Kidman & Paul Londan and La Resistance have killed any interest one might have once had in the fiery tag division. The wrestling world will never be the same without the Road Warriors but they were not the only loss. The Hardy Boyz were as good as they came, the Guerreros, Kane and RVD were fast becomming great but no they are gone to. So now we have to sit back and watch Rhyno and Tajiri in 2 minute matches just to get a shot and the overated and uninspired french tag team champions.

Forget having matches with the big names. What happened to just making it a battle of the giants" For anyone who watches wrestling often you cannot say that you don't love watching to giants destroy each other from time to time.

Tyson Tonko and Rosey went at it on Raw recently and although the two are not the pick of the bunch the shear size of the two made for an intriguing contest. Sadly these matches are few and far between.

Taker vs Kane at Wrestlemania was a killer match, one of the best seen this year. not just because of their long standing fued but because it was two evenly matched giants going toe to toe on the grand stage.

The WWE is simply not the same without any of the the above features and unless something is done to adjust this current trend WWE fans will start seeking other alternatives for their wrestling fix.

by Ben Chapman..

Lucas Lee wrote:
Now I'm going to have to agree with you on most of what you said except for one thing, Paul London and Billy Kidman killing the interest in the Tag Division. Paul London and Billy Kidman put on great matches, with their speed and technical skills. I often tune into Smackdown! just to see them. Kidman and London are both great wrestlers in the ring and deserve those titles. Other than that great article.
I agree one thing that is bugging me lately they bring in all of these young guys like Nathan Jones, Mordeca, Kenzo, and Jon Heidenreich in who are so green and so bad in the ring. Hiedenreich is the same guy who almost broke Steven Richards neck getting a push for what, Undertaker is goin to get hurt if Heidenreich hasn't improve a great deal but i heard he hasn't. I mean Billy Gunn and Holly both can still go and both want something to do so why don't we give it to them i man god.

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