WWE Ruining Kurt Angle
June 1, 2005 by Benjamin Connor

What comes to mind when we hear the name Kurt Angle" We think of course of what has to be one of the best and biggest assets to professional wrestling, EVER!!!

He is a 1996, Olympic Gold medallist in free style wrestling (which alone, brings an overwhelming load of credibility to any fed), who is not only a talented wrestler in the ring, but a charismatic star out of it.

A man so talented, he can make some of the most untalented wresters (i.e. John Cena, Big Show, and J.B.L.), and still pull off an entertaining match. He can put over stars as if they looked to have talent. A man who can take any title, and make it look credible. A man that had more memorable, worthy moments in the last 5 years, than the likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Booker T have in their entire careers.

Aside from a great champion, Kurt has also been playing the role of chief jobber, putting over the likes of Brock Lesnar, Edge, The Rock, J.B.L., and John Cena, jobbing titles left and right, as well as pulling off clean losses.

So how does the WWE repay one of its biggest contributors, who single handedly makes SmackDown! a credible franchise" They put him in one of the worst "angles"(no pun intended) in fed history.

Yes I'm talking about the all too embarrassing "Horny Kurt" angle, where Kurt tries to get his hands on the "Gutter Slut" Sharmell, who is Booker T's wife. This alone screams out complete and utter shit. NEVER in any fed history did a "wife" angle ever work out well.

Aside from the fact that this sort of angle should never be done...They do it with such an ugly...ugly...UGLY, overacting bitch who has no place in the WWE whatsoever. (This showcases just how sad the WWE is, that they can't possibly think of anything to do with Mr. "5-time WCW champion" these days other than to bring his wife into the mix..., but that's another story).

This is completely embarrassing. Aside from this being a terrible Angle, they continue it!!! WTF" As a whole month of the "Horny Kurt" angle, and losing a horrible match at Judgment day, They continue the feud as if giving it more time will develop into something.

After what had to be an awesome Royal Rumble triple threat match, the overwhelming huge put over at No Way Out for John Cena, and what had to be the 2005 Match of the Year with Shawn Michaels (a match that single handedly cost Kurt the front row of his teeth), the WWE decides to ruin Kurt's career with this crap.

Isn't there anything else that can be done with Kurt" How about a feud with Cena, since JBL.'s quitting" Try to reclaim some dignity to the U.S. Belt (especially after it got destroyed by Cena and Jordan), a belt that now wonders in the obscurity of Velocity matches" Or another cross brand feud with a RAW superstar that could lead to another impressive, cross brand promotion match at SummerSlam" There has to be something.

A great wrestler with a terrible angle, tossed in with a has-been and his wife, and you got yourself a 2005 Hall of Shame Inductee, and a move that could ruin a great wrestler's career.

Hopefully, the WWE will do something with Kurt soon.

by Benjamin Connor ..

Dev Hasan wrote:
Your making out Kurt Angle is some kind of wrestling God. And can never be out-wrestled or as a matter of fact as if he is the greatest in the wide world in the history of wrestling. There is about 100 people in the olympics like it or not that could flatten Kurt in a match in under 10 seconds.

I aint saying Kurt Angle is shit. He can wrestle and he can talk on the mic. But saying guys like Cena are un-talented is bullshit. Wrestling isnt really about wrestling anymore is it" I mean, the only time you see good wrestling is the likes of Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho. The one reason why these guys are not boring to watch, they add more hype to the matches. The match they had at Royal Rumble 2001 was amazing. They busted each other in half. That's another one of those "memobal" things.

John Cena and JBL have actually been busting their asses off why Kurt has been out with some neck problem. Matter fact, everyone claims Kurt busted his ass and all that other bullcrap but if he was so tough with this "neck injury" how comes he didnt last over a month with it"

Stone Cold Steve Austin actually wrestled with a broken neck and bones chipped into the back of his neck for TWO YEARS. Plus the Piledriver from Owen Hart (RIP) didn't do him any good. It made it worse and he still carried it on with all the numb arms and such.

Each of your comments are negative about wrestlers. Aka Jordan and Cena. They are young rising stars. Sure their ring skills isnt as great as Kurt Angle. But if they concentrated more on their wrestling skills than the things they are doing now. They wouldent of become the great superstars they are at the moment. Some of you are just critics who don't like a new guy like Cena just to come out and basically have the people on their corner and actually be given a pop like The Rock did. Like it or not whoever...John Cena will have more WWE Title's in the future than Kurt's whole title reign to quote a old snore boring quote "it's's true"

Kurt did more stuff that was more memorble than Austin, Rock and The Undertaker....

If your not forgetting. It was Stone Cold Steve Austin who was the leader of the well known "Attitude Era" that actually got the WWF to whoop WCW in the ratings. The Rock and Stone Cold. The Rock and Mankind feud especially the "Empty Arena Match" Triple H another thing to remember..OH YEAH! He took over WCW Headquaters and invaded WCW! and sprayed WCW Suck It and DX Rulez on the building.The Undertaker! casket match with Shawn Michaels, Inferno Matches, KOTR 1998 with Mankind in The Hell in a Cell when he made Foley "famous" oh wait...Shawn Michaels match with Bret Hart at WrestleMania. Kevin Nash in 2002 was apart of the nWo scene where they drove a truck into a abulance that had The Rock inside.

Kurt Angle did more than Stone Cold did" Austin busted his ass more than Kurt ever did. Kurt doesnt even take bumps. King of The Ring againt Shane McMahon was a joke. Shane took all the bumps and Kurt didnt take nothing...matter fact I can't remember Kurt taking a big bump ever. Apart from some neck problem he had while hitting a bottom rope. I don't see that being so hurtful than a Spiked Piledriver, Chokeslam Thru The Hell in The Cell, 19 Chairshots by The Rock, etc etc etc.

The only thing I can be honest to say that is memorble about Kurt Angle doing is...
1. Losing to Tazz by the Tazmission.
2. Getting his hair shaved by Edge.
3. Wearing a bright pink thong.
4. Ripping off Stone Cold's beer truck gimmick.
5. Getting chokeslammed by The Undertaker from 6 foot. (WOW THAT WAS SO HIGH!!..not..)
6. Kissing Stephanie McMahon
7. Being a stalker of some guy.

And the list goes on and on and on.

Any real fan right here will say that match at WrestleMania was good. I didn't say the match was crap at all. But let's face facts. Everyone wanted to see Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle. The WWE's old skool technical and prephaps the greatest ever to step into the WWE ring from Canada againt Kurt Angle. Seeing Bret got hit by a stroke in 2002. That could never happen.

Plus you want to talk about talented wrestlers. The WWE were putting the likes of Chris Benoit over which worked.

As for talented wrestlers...You didnt actually say anything about the guys who can wrestle. I can name you guys who could OR could of gone pure wrestling with Kurt Angle. - Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Bret 'Hitman' Hart, Owen Hart (R.I.P), Dynamite Kid. The list goes on.

Man, Im done talking, Ive said my point.
Dean Evans wrote:
I thought the Big Show Killed Kurt Angle when he threw him off a second story onto concrete""" Just Kidding. Yes I totally Agree Angle is being mis-used and he has already beaten just about everyone on Smackdown which is why he will be traded to Raw to start some fresh feuds...
Jack Malone wrote:
I agree with you 100%, Benjamin. In my opinion, Kurt remains the best ring worker on the roster, but this angle is an insult to him and all of his fans. Not only is the storyline awful in general, but it is especially sickening to see Kurt lumbered with it, since it goes against everything he stands for.

His original heel gimmick was the goofy medal winner with principals. He had his three I's, one of which was "integrity" and always preached about being a true american hero. Now it's evident that his character has developed over the years, heading in a more serious and sinister direction. Yet essentially, the gimmick has remained the same until now.

It just makes no sense to me. It is completely illogical to see a man who last year feuded with Eddie Gurrearo and John Cena, claiming them to be "cheats" and "thugs", attempt to rape another man's wife. WWE needs to establish a sense of character. They have to look at the gimmick they have created for a superstar and work around it, instead of progressing with a storyline which doesn't suit the personality involved. It just renders the whole thing unbelievable.
James Norbury wrote:
I totally agree with what your saying and you make some good points. The WWE and other wrestling organisations over the years, have repeatedly used the 'wrestler and his wife' angle and not once can i ever remember it being pulled off succesfully. Two embarrasing examples that come to mind are firstly the Test - Triple H - Stephanie McMahon story line, where Triple H interrupted Tests and Stephanies wedding by revealing that he had some how managed to drug stephanie and then marry her whilst she was still unconscious I mean what the hell!" The second and more recent storyline is the infamous Lita Kane wedding which was just stupid to begin with as it did not aid either superstars career and has held Kane back for nearly a year now! Instead of reaking havoc the 'Big Red Machine has been transformed into a sentimental gibbering wreck! The sooner this angle is over the better for everyone concerned.

Kurt Angle is in danger of following the same path that Kane has gone down which is just crazy, as Smackdown! is just calling out for a Heel main eventer to challenge for the WWE title. And with Eddy Guerrero being used as a midcarder at present and JBL being rubish Kurt Angle is surely the only man to challenge and hopefully defeat John Cena and in doing so become the first Champion of Smackdown to be worthy of the tiltle in over a year. I really hope that Kurt Angle gets drafted to Raw at some point over the next four weeks because he could bring an end to the tiresome Triple H - Batista story line or maybe could have a rematch of the excellent contest between Kurt and Shawn Michaels that took place at Wrestlemania. A switch to Raw would help kick start Angle's career utilising his incredible talent to its full potential, and at the very least would end the terrible storyline which he is currently involved in.
Huthaifas wrote:
First, you have no right to call a woman, who has done nothing to you a bitch, it is completely uncalled for. Calling a future Hall of Famer like Booker T(check the titles, he is hall of fame class) a hasbeen show how little you know about wrestling. The man has worked hard for every promotion, he has been in.The man is about the same age as Angle. Jobbing to the Rock isnt a big thing, especially when the Rock has jobbed to countless wrestlers. He is one of the most unselfish superstar in recent memory.

I think Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler ever, but your little diatribe completely disrespect him and the people he works with.
Louie John Buluran wrote:
I think that Kurt Angle has done all the things that he has to do since being the leader of the Smackdown Rosters in the Brand Draft in 2002. He is the main guy of Smackdown and being a 4 time WWE Champion, Angle carry this show by virtue of the character change that he has been able to input on his role. In 2002 He took the great Paul Heyman as his manager and develop a great rivalry with Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Big Show and a Rookie by the name of John Cena. . In 2003 He became the leader and the mentor of Team Angle, which is composed of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. During that time also he continue his quest on making hell on the life of Brock Lesnar until a Neck injury kept him from WWE Television for a couple of months. When he returns he became a baby face first he turned on Team Angle for not being able to visit him at the hospital that even Brock Lesnar try to phone him at the hospital and try to befriend him The aftermath Team Angle was broken and was rename as Worlds Greatest Tag-Team.

He befriends Brock Lesnar and challenges him in a Triple Threat match at Vengeance with Big Show as the other participants. The results angle won his 4th WWE World title and return to his Patriotic and family man character that we all love. Brock Lesnar turn Heel after cahoots between Mr. Mcmahon and Brock during a Steel Cage Match on Smackdown. Angle was the referee between the match of Mr. Mcmahon and Brock Lesnar. Brock F5 Angle after selling his injury that a man attacks him at the back, which is only scripted. Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle meet at Summerslam 2003 where Angle makes Brock Lesnar tap-out to the Ankle lock. After the match the Birthday boy Mr. Mcmahon came on the ring and taste the Angle Slam over the tables a nice present to his 58th Birthday. The Saga still continues as Kurt and Brock faces each other in a 60 minute Iron Man match. During the start of this match Brock Lesnar cheated by hitting Angle with a steel chair that lead to Angle picking up the 1-0. Brock capitalizes on the "Injury" of Angle as he led the match 3-1. Until Angle regains his strength and able to defeat Brock that lead to 3-2. During the last 20 minutes of the match Angle has been able to tied the score at 3-3 until Brock Lesnar get the pin and 4-3. Angle almost wins the match after almost decapitating the leg of Brock Lesnar. Brock won and Angle develop some feud with John Cena. In a very good segment Angle with a Midget parody Cena by forcing him to tap-out (The Midget makes the Fake Cena played by Kurt tap-out). Kurt Angle teaches a young Cena respect by forcing him to tap-out in their PPV match. In the Survivor Series 2003 Angle was the team Captain with Benoit, Holly, JBL and newly teammate Cena against the team of Saquash of Lesnar, which is composed of 6 ft 10 Matt Morgan and Natan Jones, 7 ft 1 500 lbs Big Show, and 6 ft 7 350 lbs. Angle was eliminated earlier (as an excuse not to aggravate his injuries cause he is preparing for a surgery). Kurt Angle returns at Smackdown and vows to win the Royal Rumble for his countrymen and all the US Soldiers in Iraq. Angle participated at the Royal Rumble and eliminated Bill Goldberg before being eliminated by Chris Benoit. Kurt began his heel turn after attacking Eddie Guerrero backstage after he grows jealous because a "Drug addict" Eddie Guerrero won the WWE title. They meet at Wrestlemania XX and Angle lose to Eddie Guerrero after a roll up.

Angle changes his character again by replacing Paul Heyman as Smackdown GM. During his reign as GM he fired Big Show after he lose a WWE title match against Eddie Guerrero. Bradshaw became JBL and He introduces Luther Reigns as his bodyguard. He cost Eddie Guerrero the title by ruling that JBL won the Texas bull-rope match. He became EL GRAND LUCHADORE for one night to again cost Eddie Guerrero his WWE title rematch in a Steel Cage Match. He strip John Cena of the US title that lead Cena to have a best of 5 series with Booker T. Until Mr. Mcmahon strip Angle of his role as GM and order him to be reinstated on the active roster list. Kurt Angle formed a successful stable by having Mark Jindrak and Luther Reign as his henchman in ordered to take care of the returning Big Show. Angle shot a tranquilizer gun of the Big Show and shave his head bald. That lead to Big Show ala King Kong Bundy hairstyle, Angle meanwhile challenge JBL to a Triple threat match at the Royal Rumble with the Big Show again and Angle lost. At the 2005 Royal Rumble Angle make an impact by stealing the number of Nunzio and go out and participated to the yearly Battle Royal, He suplex Benoit, Cena, Mysterio and Edge until HBK enters the ring and eliminated Angle with a sweet chin music that lead Kurt to snap and re enter the ring eliminating Shawn Michaels and forced him to tap outside the ring. After losing his no.1 contenders tournaments to John Cena at No Way Out via Fu. Kurt Angle challenge Shawn Michaels to a Wrestlemania Interpromotional match. Kurt Angle attacks a bloody HBK after his grueling match with Edge and Angle Slam HBK to the mat as Angle went to Raw. In Smackdown HBK dresses up as a cameraman attacks Kurt Angle and pummeled him.

This lead to Angle saying that he can accomplish what HBK has done in his 17 yr. Career in less than four weeks. During the 1st week of Kurt Angle's HBK (Heart Break Kurt) mini parody. He defeated a Jobber in a ladder match and Kurt showed some clips of Shawn Michaels early days as a member of the rockers. The other week he faces Marty Jennety in a match of the year candidate as Marty take Angle to the limit showing that he never lose a beat. Angle won the match after forcing Marty to tap-out in almost 1 minute. The Other week HBK make parody of the sexy boy gimmick as he dress up as HBK and with a special guest the lovely Sensational Sherrie Martel to teach him the song of HBK. I think that this is the best parody of Kurt Angle since his feud with John Cena. As Angle dance to his Sexy Kurt Song I laugh very hard when I see Kurt do this. After that a clips showing the accomplishment of Shawn Michaels was shown and Sherrie smiles that lead Angle to turn on her and forced him to an Ankle lock. The other week he beat the crap out of Josh Mathews and beat him like a rag doll. On the biggest stage of them all WrestleMania 21, Kurt Angle and HBK put a show as one of the greatest match at WrestleMania history as Kurt Angle forced HBK to tap-out. After this Kurt Angle loses a WWE title shot after Booker T hit him with a steel chair that lead to the Sharmell Incident as Kurt Angle became a "sex maniac" to a very beautiful and sexy women like Sharmel (I like her she is the epitome of a " Black Beauty, She is really so very hot and sexy) I think that this feud is very crap as the former Olympic Champion loses his 3 "I", Intelligence, Integrity and Intensity. Fans would like to see the old Kurt Angle let Vince Mcmahon traded him to Raw and develop a feud with long time Nemesis Chris Benoit, Edge, Jericho, HHH and even Shelton Benjamin. Kurt could face his Idol Ric Flair in a legend vs. legend match or face against Shawn Michaels in a WrestleMania rematch. This time Kurt will retains his Heel Status and became the no.1 Heel on Raw Mybe reformed the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michael's and Christ Master yes we need Masters here to be able to have a nice gimmick. They will face a face turned HHH, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Batista and Eugene. This will test angle to have a classic rivalry with Batista and multiple time World Heavyweight title reign. As of now I think that nexts week's draft Angle would be drafted to Raw and he will play a major part in the ECW Invasion Angle. I guess that Kurt Angle would face Tazz in the ECW One night only.
O.Aziz wrote:
Sharmell Sullivan was a part of the Nitro program, thus she does have a place in the WWe, albeit as a wife of a wrestler. Calling someone a bitch without first knowing them is idiotic.

I will not go further on how apathetic and ignorant the original poster were. I'm here to reply to Dev Hassan.

These young and rising stars will never rise to what Stone Cold and The Rock were. Instead of focusing on just the entertainment part of the business, they should have focused on their in-ring skills. Stone Cold were a great wrestler. Even Paul Heyman stated before Stone Cold left for the WWe, that he had a great amount of potential. He could go toe to toe against the likes of Bret Hart, or Chris Benoit. On top of that he was even greater on the microphone. His actions and remarks revolutionised the "Attitude" era. The Rock, were of the same caliber as Stone Cold. He worked hard to get to the top, through wrestling skills and microphone skills.

John Cena and Orlando Jordan are both bland, both personality-wise and in-ring-wise. Cena especially could not carry another person, whereas if you watched Stone Cold he could carry any wrestler regardless of how bad they were.

And Chris Benoit is hardly getting a push. It was more of a catapult. It went up and as fast as it went up, is as fast as it went down. This is to a person who has wrestled for more than 16 years of his life, a person who has greater knowledge in wrestling than most, a person who is respected by wrestlers all over the world. This is the kind of people who should be champions, not young stars. And this is a person who clearly has not received training to be on the microphone.

And foremost you cannot blame Kurt Angle for not taking risky bumps. He was trained to be a mat wrestler, not a high-flyer. And to say wrestling isn't entertaining when it's pure wrestling is sad. If you have seen Ring of Honor matches you would definitely have thought differently.
Kelvin J. Fisher wrote:
Any credence your article had flew out the window when you called Sharmell an "ugly...bitch." Anger management classes have worked wonders for many.
Joe L. wrote:
It's not Kurt Angle is losing credibility and is having his career dismantled. It's just that he has nothing to do right now. What do you want: another Mysterio-Angle encounter. As excellent as the match would be, I think it would be wise if Kurt moved on to other opponents. Besides, he has faced almost 90% of the entire SMACKDOWN roster (Guerreros, Rey, JBL, Big Show, Cena, Morgan, ex-SMACKDOWN cohorts Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar, among others) that it would be good if Kurt fought someone he had yet to face one-on-one on SMACKDOWN like Booker T.

As much as I dislike the rape storyline, it is accomplishing the two things most fans want 1.) Re-motivate Booker T into upper-card and 2.) Giving Kurt something to do besides throw Invitational challenges. Because think about it, perhaps this feud is a time-wasting series of events that would lead to the draft lottery.

Booker needs to sustain intensity and momentum, after all that was lost RAW and I believe, that if he's pushed properly, he could be once again the WWE Champion. After Angle is done with Booker, he should be drafted to RAW where he would began a new legacy by facing HBK, Jericho, Benjamin, HHH and Benoit. Anyone rooting for a ****3/4 classic between Angle-Benoit, say I.
Jake Raynor wrote:
Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin. We all already know Kurt Angles is a great wrestler and that this storyline with Sharmel is really dumb but there's no excuse for saying that Sharmel is a ****** because she's been told to scream and act scared and saying he's had more memorable moments than HHH, HBK, Nash, Taker, Rock, Stone Cold & The Book Man just made me laugh. Yes Kurts great but there's no need to insult his colleagues try thinking about what you write next time BEFORE you write it
Victor Lee wrote:
Allow me to play devil's advocate here. The WWE has portrayed Kurt Angle throughout his professional career as a human being, not one who deserves a pedestal above us all. So his current plot involves his liking of "gutter sluts". Didn't he fall for another "slut" a while back" Didn't we complain back then" It didn't tarnish his credibility did it"

Even he concedes to the notion that he may not be wrestling for much longer. It hass been speculated he has some pull backstage, and if so... why not have some fun with it" He's being pushed as a human being with flaws. It's like a classic Greek tragedy. The hero with a gold medal must fall eventually, so why not make the wrestlecrap archives while he's at it" Will we remember him for being placed in a shitty storyline or will he remember his work as a wrestler" Would you remember Paul Orndorff as the man who made Hogan or the man who trained a bunch of scrubs from the Power Plant"
Dev Hasan wrote (in response to O.Aziz):
Erm...I didnt say pure wrestling wasnt entertaining...I like pure wrestling matches. I liked matches like British Bulldog vs Bret Hart, Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart...

As for Ring of Honor. I watch that. I didnt judge anything about ROH either. I love the product. I like guys from there like Low Ki, Homocide, Chris Daniels, Steve Corino etc, etc, etc.

Cena is still young at the moment to carry anyone. I didnt say he could either. I know he'll be something bigger than what he is at the moment the reaction he is getting, like it or not, no-one has had that kind of reaction in the arena's since The Rock.

I can agree with you what you said that Austin could carry anyone. He carried alot of guys. Bret Hart carried Austin and real wrestling fans know the truth that Bret made Austin into "Stone Cold"

And talking about mat wrestlers not taking risks. Chris Benoit does his diving head-butt from top of ladders and even did it off a damn cage in WCW. Bret Hart did cross-body blocks to the outside and did a running suicide dive to the outside. Shawn Michaels..well just the Hell in The Cell match with The Undertaker and Triple H showed how he busted himself in half. Chris Jericho does the lionsault and even crazy ass moves from the ladder, he messed up with the shooting star press tho.

Kurt does just the moonsault. And when ever he went up there I said to myself "why does he do that he never connects" and he did once and he f-ked it up by breaking Hardcore Holly's arm.

And as for The Big Show chokeslamming Kurt off the top of the thing. If anyone believed that was a real chokeslam, your dumb. The camera didnt show Kurt actually getting chokeslammed to the floor. He would of been crippled for life and never wrestle or he would of been dead, simple. If it was a real chokeslam it would of been like the one The Undertaker gave on Foley ontop of the Cell and he went right through it. Now that was real.
smolina wrote:
Hey dude your nuts. You obviously dont know shiz about the professional wrestling world. I am a big fan of Kurt Angle. He is one of my fav wrestlers and I do agree that the WWE is stupid for making the "rape" storyline but you just dont call anyone "bitch" or untalented. Of course Angle had memorable moments in his 5 years with WWE but he isnt the shit. Who are the best are the likes of Austin, Rock, Taker, Bret Hart, Nash, HHH etc. Angle isnt the top wrestler of all time in the WWE, maybe on Smackdown. You gotta check your background roots on wrestlers and find out all the struggles and promotions and their rise to success before saying shit to them like JBL and CENA. Man I bet Kurt wont wrestle after WM22. Who knows" His neck my die out.
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
While I can not agree with the way it was expressed, I have to agree with the general theme behind the original article. Kurt Angle is one of the most talented wrestlers in wrestling, and turning him in to some sort of sexual predator is a bad idea. I can't see how this is good for anyone.

I also want to comment on the remarks made by Dev Hasan.

Generally, referring to someone as a "Wrestling God" is a very subjective thing. One fan's god is another fan's peaon. If the original author sees Kurt as a god, that is purely his right. There are, in fact, a large group of people that will agree with him. I would be one of those guys.

I am also a huge fan of amateur wrestling. Presently, Kurt Angle is too old and too injured to make any sort of impact on the amateur wrestling scene. He has spinal and nerve problems. Because of this, there probably are a lot of people who could beat him. I think you have exagerrated that there are 100 who could beat him in under 10 seconds. If you believe that is true, please name 10 of them. Kurt Angle is recognized by the amateur wrestling community as one of the greatest of all time. If there were 100 people who could have squashed him in under 10 seconds back in 1996, why did he end up the one with the gold medal. Please know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.

I won't tackle all of the rest of what you said, because it's all just opinion on your part. In Angle's defense, the man is pretty roughed up. He has spinal injuries, nerve damage and loss of feeling in the left side of his body and who knows what else. Yet, he still goes out and wrestles hard. Just because he is not letting people throw him into a table every five minutes does not discredit his toughness. He is an athlete and a wrestler and has a personal dislike of hardcore matches. This has in no way deterred his career in any way.


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