The RAW DivaSearch & Why it's STUPID
August 12, 2004 by Bill Tyrrell

First of all this crap that they have been having the last few weeks is just annoying, pointless, and nobody cares about it, and if you do care about it you have no business watching the WWE, they is no reason at all that they should be taking up 10-20 minutes of wrestling for this Diva Search crap.

I don't want to see women walking around in bikinis when I watch wrestling, get this I want to see wrestling, if you are going to be a woman and you decide you want to be in the wrestling industry please be a wrestler or at least a valet, I don't care if you look good in a bikini, I have the internet I can see women in bikinis all day, I can ever see them naked if I chose to.

The worst part about it is that every single one of the contestants were no more than 110 pounds, have a flat chest (unless they have implants), and they are all the most unattractive women I have seen in my entire life.

I have one more complaint about the WWE Diva Search, and that this Sunday on PPV they are going to have Diva Dodge ball. They are taking up approximately 20 minutes of the Raw part of Summerslam, for a game of dodge ball, when they could use those 20 minutes to add to the Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit match for the WWE Title, which the last time I checked is a pretty important match for Raw.

My Final Thought goes out to Vince, instead from of some stupid dodge ball game, have a match instead, because us as wrestling fans don't give a crap about your stupid Diva Search.

by Bill Tyrrell..

William McCracken wrote:
This column was mostly right on target, especially the suggestion that the time used for the dodgeball game at SummerSlam would be better employed elsewhere (perhaps in a world tag title match"). However, I think at least a couple of the contestants in the Diva Search do break 110 lbs, and some don't look too terribly bad.
XtremeFalls wrote:
Yeah your right it is stupid to me to see them in the ring when nobody is interested not even the guy in the building. Instead of wasting time seeing the dodge ball match lets do Trajiri & Rhyno vs. La Resistance
OwenneiL wrote:
i agree. i watch wrestling for wrestling. and this diva thing makes me mad. they hardly have wrestling on raw anymore to begin with. like 3 matchs and they seem to suck or they keep taking breaks in the middle of them yet the diva search they run it break free thats when we need to have a break. i like the whole times its running you hear fans booing so last week they had pre taped spots with them so there was no booing thats gold you would thing that use booing would say "hey this sucks give us wrestling" yet there not listen. and im saying its for sure fixed. how could the twins be the first off when that really nasty red head that has a hugh forhead and is jumping around like shes on drugs still there" its so so bad i feel like peoking my eyes out.
Jimbobjoe37 wrote:
I agree, Why, because I dont want to see some wanabees dancing around in the ring when we could have Victoria vs. Molly in a street fight match! So what there hot! so Is Stacy and Victoria, put more of them on Raw, not some ugly twigs playing with ice cream trying to waste your money by voting for them, which is probably fixed anyway! And I agree with the dodgeball thing to! Why waste 10-20 minutes on that when you could add it to other matches! or at least a real match! *Daydreams of Victoria kicking there a**es!
Unctarheel224 wrote:
Bill, I could not agree more with you. No one gives a damn about any of these women and they don't deserve any of this tv time their getting. Vince should of done some hour special on spike tv instead of boring us week in and week out with this diva search crap.
Jarrod Foreman wrote:
I agree with what everyone has said the Raw Diva talent search is a waste of time and taking up time especially 10-20 minuutes of them just prancing around wearing just a bikini,eating ice cream or selling themselves to the fans is just stupid this got me to thinking what happens if one of them makes it to the WWE I bet we will not see her for a while and then when we do she is a pathetic Wrestler and if she doesn't wrestle lets hope the involve her in a hell of a good story line or use her as a valet any that's what I think
UDontKnowMyNameG wrote:
The WWE is obviously trying to capitalize on the American Idol type craze by having a "talent competition" where the WWE viewers decide which Divas are going to be eliminated. The WWE is essentially slapping the veteran women in the lockeroom by giving a contract to a woman that has yet to prove anything, but is being voted on the basis of being able to win silly games and her appearance. The women in the lockeroom (Lita, Jazz, Trish, and Dawn Marie specifically) that have busted their behinds to get where they are, should feel the most offended by this contest, because these women are getting a free ride. I highly doubt that the winner of this contest will last too long in the WWE, as the fans will realize that this contest was a total bust and had no real impact on the WWE.

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