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February 8, 2006 by Blake Gregory

This article has been fuelled by the outrage of some [internet] wrestling fans at the refusal of certain wrestlers to "put over" other wrestlers.

Whilst recently scanning through the archives I met some interesting articles. Yes, some of these articles were published in early 2005, however they still provide some interesting points.

Case in point #1- JBL: Whilst JBL was going through his 10 month title reign, one columnist was arguing against his championship reign by saying that JBL had rarely put over any of the talent on Smackdown!. Sure, I can't think of any examples of his doing so, but why would he need to" The Vince and the WWE had found a diamond in the rough with JBL's character, as no one could tolerate him. 10 months into his title reign and we were aching for him to lose the title. Surely this means good business for Vince. It meant that every time he fought someone, anyone, for the title we would barrack for him. People would by the PPV's almost monthly just to see if this would be the day that JBL would lose his title. In Vince's eyes this just meant more money. However it also increased the popularity of the wrestlers facing him. No matter who they were, we would be in their corner. I wasn't a big fan of Booker T or Big Show, but when they faced JBL, I became their #1 fan.

This in turn helped to build up John Cena. If it were anyone else but JBL, I feel that Cena would not have been able to pull any credibility to his title run (not that the title match at WrestleMania did, however). By the time that he did face Cena at WrestleMania we were ready for a new champion, no matter who it was. Simply put, JBL did equate to buy rates and bums on seats.

Case in point #2: Triple H There are many detractors of Trips on the Internet and I can see where they are coming from. I agree with them to some degree. I do agree that 10 title reigns is about 3 or 4 times too many, however I don't think he's all that bad. For starters his promos are (for the most part) interesting, and his matches are of high quality. Just look at how he managed to put over Bill Goldberg at Unforgiven 2003. It was actually an entertaining match if anything, rather than the boring G-berg matches I usually associate with him. As to Trips' title runs, I don't believe that any other heel was in any position to hold the title. Look at the equation; you've either got Triple H, Edge (who was still building his character) Muhammad Hassan (at a similar period to Edge, and also a rookie at this stage) Maven and Snitsky (enough said) as the heels performing at the most recent PPV's. I think Trips wins hands down from that list.

Case in point #3: John Cena Although I am not a John Cena fan at the moment, almost opposite in fact, I still believe that he is still immensely popular. I mean the majority of the crowd were still out of their seats and cheering for Cena (excepting Survivor Series '05). Alluding to an old proverb, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it.' Having said that however, I do wish that they would give someone else a title run, with Edge's recent title run falling WELL short of the mark in terms of the longevity he deserves.

And in the main, is it the wrestler's fault if he doesn't put over any of the talent" Is wrestling not pre-determined" If you are offered to take the win for the event will you not take it, especially if your boss asks you to do it" Imagine this hypothetical conversation between Vince and any of the previously mentioned champions.

Vince: We've decided to keep you as champion to your current popularity/the amount of heel heat you have been getting. Wrestler: Sure, sounds like a sensible idea to me. Vince: As soon as you get stale you're out of the picture though. Wrestler: Sure thing, boss.

In summary, next time you are whingeing about the lack of talent being 'put over', stop and think. Who could seriously be a better/more popular choice" Who could continue carrying the company" Or is the WWE in a position to put anyone else over"

by Blake Gregory ..

Bishop92882 wrote:
Thank you SO MUCH for pointing out how credible JBL was as a heel. I said a similar thing in a previous article that I wrote on here, and got my head chewed off for it. But, the arguments just proved both yours and my points, that JBL was so great at being a heel because we as fans loved to hate him, and that any guy who was in the ring against him during his title reign was an overnight success as fan support goes, simply because............why" WE ALL WANTED TO SEE HIM BEAT JBL. Think about it. It even made matches like JBL vs. Scotty 2 Hotty exciting, even though we all knew it was going to be a squash, because the minute Scotty hit the bulldog to set up the Worm, every fan had a (VERY) faint gleam of hope in their hearts that JBL was going to lose. If that doesn't count as credibility as a wrestler and even as a champion, I don't know what does. wrote:

Tim wrote:
All I have to say is that HHH "does" hold wrestlers back. Look at EDGE..he was champ for 20 days...He's more thrilling to watch than HHH. Why hasnt anyone elaborated that HHH was the 1 who basically whined for EDGE to lose at the Rumble....Edge vs. Cena at Mania in a Ladder match or TLC match would be alot better than a basic squash and HHH starting another 8 or 9 month reign. Nobody needs that.....
Sean Spears wrote:
My comment is to Tim. I agree 100% Hunter is the reason that Edge lost the belt so damn soon. And if what the results of RAW are right and I have the point of the tourney right, theninstead of RVD and Edge..we have RVD and Cena. I'll take Edge over Cena any day.
Scott Adam Akers & Jessica Lynn Cook wrote:
Ok now I don't about the rest of you out there, but look at how they are promoting their wrestlers and champions now-a-day. Edge won the money in the bank ladder match what close to a year ago. He walked over everyone to get to Cena and in one split second he became champ" Angle was the same way. He and Shawn Michaels had a good rivalry building back up on RAW and in a 20 man battle Royal he became Champ" Ok I'm not sayin that either guy doesn't deserve it, if either one of the guys deserves it, in a crude way I'd hate to say it but it would have to be Edge. Don't take and put him in a storyline with Kane and Matt Hardy. Let him have had his match against Batista. Now I believe that would have been a great match. But as usual the pre determined draft took place and if you remember very carefully at this past years draft. Neither Champ had a title match. They were in matches but it was either non-title or a tag match or a big promo. And usually they have them in a storyline AFTER Wrestlemania takes place. Well the night after noone hit up a storyline with John Cena or Batista. Now we have a SD Champ, (Angle) number 5 for him, with his number one contender being the Undertaker which I think should be the underdog Rey Mysterio. Not for the simple fact of the Eddie(RIP) twist to it but because look at how long he has been in the business and never once has came this close to a World Title. How many times has Taker held the title" I believe that after Rumble the match should be set in stone. I think now they are trying to give Angle his Face gimmick back to him. Now we also have our RAW champ, (Cena). Don't get me wrong he is a good fan favorite, but if Vince is looking for the money aspect of it, give it to some unlikely, none loved superstar. Hell throw it on Snitsky shoulder for awhile. If you do that it'll bring up the uprising of a new gimmick for him, which was the same for Show and Kane and Takers all alike, and that was the fact of noone can beat me. If WWE would do that then you can take and change your whole rosters antikes around. Chris Masters can be boosted and given title shots. Shelton Benjamin, RVD, and those GREAT superstars that they hold down and back from great title oppurtunities. They made a good move on the part of Carlito winning US gold on SD for his debut, and later on RAW winning the IC title. Now they have him down teaming with masters" Boost him back up, put him and Masters against each other make on a face for crying out loud. You don't make money by making your Champs good guys all the time. And giving your bad guys a week long title reing or a month long title reign. Hell make em the new JBL give it to them for a few months leading to WM. Take it away at a "no-name" PPV. Such as Taboo Tuesday. Give the Boogeyman his well deserved US title shot. Put Lashley in the running for the winner of WM. (Not actual just some thoughts). Play it rough not smart. Now a days fans are getting to the point of changing the channell because they know what's going to happen. If you know ahead of time the match lineups you can pretty much guess exactly. Like right now I believe that right now this whole Trish and Mickie BS is going to WrestleMania as both of them hating each other. The newcomer becomes champ for a few weeks or even a month. If it doesn't happen then I'll be shocked. All I'm saying is that the WWE needs to take some risks. Grow some balls. if it doesn't work out then go back to the old. I'm just saying them from a fan point of view.


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