Under-rated Wrestlers
April 3, 2006 by Bobby Bristow

Week in week out, we see numerous talent showcased on RAW and SmackDown! But there is a lot of talent in the WWE that is stuck on Heat and Velocity that are deserving of a more prominent role in each show's roster.

Stevie Richards: Always portrayed as a bizarre mindless individual, but Stevie has been on a wrestling card for ages! He always provides a quality match with what he has to work with. I'm surprised that after One Night Stand Stevie's fortunes haven't improved. I feel the only reason he is still with the 'E is he would be used so much better in TNA or ROH. Maybe a new angle is what Stevie needs, a tag-team with Simon Dean (as Nova) perhaps.

Nunzio: Forget Vito he's awful, but Nunzio is one of the most under-rated wrestlers there is period. Back in ECW he was famed for his no nonsense grappling style and his tough Italian attitude but what is he now, Vito's elf for a Christmas angle! Nunzio could probably hold his own against most of the SD! mid-card. He should always be a perennial contender for a least the cruiserweight championship.

William Regal: One of my all-time favourites, Regal is perhaps the most gifted wrestler on the roster. His submission skills are unrivalled and he has plenty of charisma. So why isn't he a top title contender" Age" Shawn Michaels gets plenty and he is 41. Boring style" Benoit uses a very similar style. Regal's under use will remain a mystery. He should be a contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Simon Dean: Ah everyone's favourite purple wearing, wrestling fitness guru. It screams terrible. From what I hear Nova from ECW was a phenomenal wrestler. He is one of the more charismatic low carders and has the ability to make the audience laugh. Forget the Simon System, grow his hair go back to the old Nova a team with Stevie could make the SD! Tag division even more interesting.

Mexicools: The Mexicools are the last survivors of the Lucha Revolution in America. Psicosis and Super Crazy are very gifted high flyers and can mat wrestle if needed. Crazy's match with Nunzio has been billed as a match of the year already.

Funaki: From TAKA's bitch to SD!'s Number 1 Announcer. Funaki WWE stay hasn't been too impressive. When he was cruiserweight champ, all I could think of was "We are Kaientai and we are EVIL haha, indeed!" Like most of the above talent, Funaki is still in the WWE because he would used better elsewhere.

Rob Conway: The 'Con Man' had a very impressive debut under his new gimmick it all seemed to well for him until he interrupted the Legends ceremony at Home Coming. Since then it's been Eugene and Big Vis for the Con Man. His star needs to shine before its too late. I know it sounds crazy but he would make a good team with Buff Bagwell. RAW Tag Division needs sprucing up, badly.

Lance Cade: Remember when was Garrison Cade, all was going good. He had made an alliance with Bischoff and the future looked bright. Sadly injury took Cade of the scene for a while. He returned in a very good tag-team with Trevor Murdoch. Sadly their only reign was short and they broke up soon after. He now wrestles on Heat regularly. He needs to make a return to the big time.

Val Venis: Venis has had successful tenure with the 'E. IC, European and Tag Team champ. Sadly the glory days are over and he is currently team with the terrible Viscera on Heat. He is still with the 'E because he will be used better elsewhere.

Test: He has not made his debut yet but I really hope he gets a decent push. Remember in the Invasion, Test was the best thing going. Then his career declined thanks to Big Poppa Chump. He should be a contender for the IC title. Bu who knows I really hope this time things are better.

by Bobby Bristow..

Jose Aguirre wrote:
You forgot Orlando Jordan! He is an amazing athlete. He just needs to expand his moves and stop being a jobber, and he can be in title contention sometime in the next few years.
Steffy Feds wrote:
You forgot the most underrated of them all Chavo Guerrero! Great athlete but is stuck at the bottom of the card for no reason except the writers at WWE cannot find a good enough place for him.
Steven Matthews wrote:
I'm surprised that you left Eugene off that list. He is the most underutilized wrester on either roster. I agree with most of your list with the exception of Test. He was NOT the best thing going during the Invasion. The best thing going was Angle vs. Austin. Test was just a mid carder and his WWE return will see him in the same role. Nicely done.
Linda Lloyd wrote:
I agree with all of your choices but you have missed out two of the most athletic, exiting young under-rated superstars on velocity. Paul London and Brian Kendrick!!!!! If these were givin a chance to impress on smackdown and at PPV's they could be tag champs. Lets just pray that the WWE dosn't release them like they did with many other wrestlers last year. Both Kendrick and London have been in ROH where the were givin real chances to show their ability. Lets all hope to see them on smackdown soon!!!
Ivan Cernigoy wrote:
Perry saturn was one of my faves. too bad about what they did with him in wwe. here was a guy who was high flying, had a million suplexed, and submission as well as some great kicks. just couldn't talk and was cross eyed. still as part of the flock he was awesome.
Sickly Sure wrote:
hi my name is Luke, and honestly I feel Paul Burchill should be on your list, I think he has a fun to watch gimmick right now with the pirate thing, he does what any great wrestler does, and that is entertian, he is fun to watch, and he can do some fantastic moves that not all to many people could do at his size, like his finisher for instance, is awesome, and the fact he can do a standing moonsault is great, hes got a huge up side, i just dont think it has been tapped yet so to speak.

I also love Mr. Kennedy, I think he has great mic skills and it seems with all the new talent that the WWE is bringing in, he has been overlooked, he was great to watch, and even better to listen to, for such a young guy he could cut a great promo, and I honestly can not wait for him to get healthy and start wrestling agian, I think he has a lot of potentional to go the route of Randy Orton and be a big time contender once he gets back from his injury.
J.J. Jacob wrote:
I think you left off a great wrestler on this list. And that man happens to be The Notorious K.I.D. Kid Kash. Now, for all of us true ECW fans. We know what kind of talent that Kid Kash has and he had many, many great matches in the world of Extreme. A dream match up right now would be Kid Kash vs. Rob Van Dam. I've always wanted to see that match and now that could happen since Kash is now in the WWE, but the match would be really, really, really watered down if you know what I mean, But Kid Kash definetly needs to be on this list.
PTRcTe wrote:
D.T Teal here ,and I have to say that the one of the most under-rated superstars in WWE history would have to be Road Dogg who has only one I.C title which did not last long, by the way and he is doing horrible in T.N.A. Another former WWE superstar that I think is the most under-rated has to be Goldust who has great pushes as a heel and a face from the mid 90's till 2004, he has also held the I.C title a few times but now he is stuck on WWE Heat wrestling great young talent like Lance Cade.
destrothers wrote:
What I don't understand is how the WWE could squash someone like Rosey for a year anda half as the S.H.I.T. and then when he finally pays his dues, you get rid of him and bring back his old partner Jamal,give him a new gimmick, and push him right away as a monster heel, even though he left and paid less dues than Rosey. Rosey has at least the same amount of physical prowess as Jamal but somehow got caught under Vince's bandwagon forever. Also, it would be nice to see William Regal actually win a match for once instead of being the "mr. great technical wrestler/brawler but still a jobber every other week for Benoit or Birchill or lashley or Whoever" type of wrestler. I wouldn't have kissed Vince's ass for that type of position in the company, at least let me win a match occasionally. Maybe they should make RobConway kiss Vince's ass too because it's not the "Con Way", its Vince's way or the highway. You do have to love Conway's entrance music though he is still a jobber at this point.
Ryan D. wrote:
good article, but you seem to have forgotton one very impotant under-rated wrestler: Booker T. Despite being a multi-time Tag Team and United States Champion, the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship have eluded Booker T his whole life. I mean, if such Booker T counterparts like Chris Benoit can become World Champion, then why can't Booker" When he did get his title shots, I always rooted for him, even though I knew deep down inside Vince would never give him the title he so rightfully deserves (although I was shocked to see him lose against Triple H at WrestleMania 19). Bottom Line: Booker T has paid his dues and his reign as champion is LONG overdue. Now can you dig that, suckaaaaaa!


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