The Best Announce Team
September 15, 2004 by Brendan R.

Well before I start, my last article "Tazz and what could have been" had a lot of people comment on things. First of all I did watch ECW but I was like 8 when Tazz was champion in it so I don't remember him in it very well which sucks because he did much more their then in the WWE. I know Tazz had to retire because of a bad neck, and this is my fault because I forgot to mention it. Even if his neck was good his gimmick was getting stale and he'd have to either change it or be released that's what I was trying to say, but I really screwed that up. Last I know I'm not Tazz's #1 fan because if I was he would be the only wrestler I pretty much would like, and I would have to like own every tazz thing which I don't, and seen all his matches. I wouldn't be also because I like Ultimo Dragon just a little bit less. Now onto my article.

This is about the four announce teams in WWE right now, and which is the best. I'm going to tell you about all four then announce who is the best.

Jerry "the king" Lawler, and good old J.R:
They can call a good match but J.R is the most annoying person I think I've ever heard. It sounds as if he was at the dentist office and his gums were numbed (I know one of the reasons he talks like that is because Austin hit him in the face with a chair). Also Jimmy boy can be emotional when he needs to but it's so annoying. It's just so annoying that me, and my two brothers mute the T.V and announce the match are selves. Onto to King, he is a good announcer and Supports heels (which is a good thing). I only have two bad things to say about King, once on Raw he said he hates Canada, and the "PUPPIES" thing has gotten pretty annoying. One more thing about J.R he forgets the name of moves a lot Gail Kims finisher is a kind of Octopus stretch, and once he forgot what the Pedigree was called.

Tazz and Michael Cole:
From reading the top you know I like Tazz, but he is not my favorite announcer. Don't get me wrong I still think he is a good announcer. The bad things about Tazz are, his jokes aren't very funny the funniest joke I've ever heard him say was at Invasion on the DVD extras. He starts talking about how he screwed William Regal out of the win against Raven them some fire works go off and he say's "Sorry I had gas". Not very funny but still made me laugh a little bit. I don't want to say this but sometimes Tazz says some stupid stuff. I can't think of an example right now but he has. Now onto Michael Cole, he also is a good announcer he just can't do emotion. One of the biggest emotional things he's done (this is only counting stuff he has said while announcing) is when Big Show and Brock Lesnar broke the ring. He yelled "HOLLY SHIT!" Other than emotion Michael is a very good announcer but is not funny, only a few times he has made me laugh.

Jonathon Coachman and Al Snow:
While let's start with the Snow Man. Al Snow is a GREAT announcer he can call a match, doesn't forget the names of moves, can be a colour commentator, and a normal commentator all at once, he's funny, and the Bobaginush thing is hilarious. Now onto the Coach. Coach is a great colour commentator, he also can be serious or lively when he needs to.

Josh Mathews and Bill Demott:
These guys are a good announce team but they aren't the most entertaining. First I'm not going to say much about Josh Mathews because he is just like Michael Cole but younger, just read what I said a Cole if you want to know what I think of Matthews. Demott is good and just like Tazz, Snow, and King he used to be a wrestler. The problem with Demott is he is too serious. Well actually ever since he started announcing on Velocity he has lightened up. Now it's Billocity as he say's not Velocity. Demott does make good points and says what he thinks.

After adding up the facts I've decided that the best announce team in the WWE today is Al Snow and Johnathon Coachman! I know some people won't agree with me but that is my opionion on the best announce team in WWE. In second place it is Tazz and Michael Cole, then Bill Demott and Josh Mathews, and the worst announce team is J.R and The King.

Well hopefully that may want to make you watch Sunday night Heat. I watch it, not for the announcing but because I love to watch wrestling. If you don't watch heat or Velocity you should, sure they don't have good storyline, but it's wrestling that's why you should watch it.

Anyway congratulations to Al and Coach, WWE"s best announce team!

by Brendan R...

Aidy wrote:
you say "It sounds as if he [J.R.] was at the dentist office and his gums were numbed (I know one of the reasons he talks like that is because Austin hit him in the face with a chair)."

Well, while I agree with you abot J.R. being a poor announcer, I feel that I should point out that the reason that he talks as if he has a numb face is that he suffers from Bell's Palsy - in other words, his face is paralysed.





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