Future Stars of WrestleMania
December 3, 2006 by Brian Jones

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WrestleMania. What else is there to be said. The pinnacle of the wrestling year. The event that most, if not all, wrestlers and wrestling hopefuls dream of one day performing at. With the current great superstars headlining Mania, these are the people that I believe will, if they wind up in the WWE, make an impact in the event.


1) Amazing Red - This guy can do things in the squared circle that few can dream of. His battles in the early stages of TNA with Low-Ki and A.J. Styles blew my mind. Red has the ability to counter a spectacular move and turn it into a more spectacular counter attack at any given point in a match. Then again, he would need an equally exciting counterpart for this match up.

2) Jack Evans - In the few times I was lucky enough to see Jack Evans perform, I was instantly convinced that this guy was set for stardom. Deceptive by his small stature, Evans - much like Red - is a breath of fresh air in the ring, even if that breath is being held. His antics at CZW's Cage of Death were simply insane. When he joined team BLK OUT along with Sabian, Ruckus, and Eddie Kingston, to take on team Ca$h, consisting of J.C. Bailey, Nate Webb, Sexxxy Eddy, and the late Chri$ Ca$h, he fit in rather well. Numerous Suicide 630's from the top of the cage onto trash cans and other various objects, and being thrown by Ca$h from the cage to the floor earned my respect.


This prestigious title hasn't exactly gotten its just due in the past few years, but these next two could step it up and make it worth fighting for again.

1) Chris Hero - Ok, ok, I know. Claudio Castagnolli got signed to a WWE developmental deal. These two were, in my opinion, one of the most dominant tag teams in the past several years. Holding the CHIKARA, ROH, and CZW tag titles at the same time. Although, if Hero was to be signed by WWE, if feel as though he should remain a singles wrestler. The guy can cut a hell of a promo, not to mention the fact that with innovative moves such as The Hero's Welcome, he can flat out get it done in the ring. People love to hate the guy, and I think his merchandise is very marketable, which we all know will get you to the top in WWE (*coughJohnCenacough*)..

This next guy is so versatile that I didn't know where to put him, so I'll insert him here.

2) "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson - What can I say about Danielson" Perhaps the best mat wrestler in the business" At 185 lbs., he can hang with the best of the big boys. With numerous victories over the likes of Homicide, C.M. Punk, and even Samoa Joe, a guy like Danielson could very realistically have a long IC Title run. With the unification of the ROH Pure and World Titles, I don't think he has much left to prove in ROH. Maybe an IC Title win at Mania, and then long feuds with other submission specialists.


For this category, I will name one man for each title, to either defend it or win it at WM.

1) WWE CHAMPIONSHIP - Samoa Joe. Sure, he is TNA property, for now at least. But eventually, he will realize his worth and cross over. The guy is nothing short of incredible. He can use any style in the ring. Technical, striking, ground and pound, and even high flying. I can see him having great feuds with the likes of HHH, Edge, and Kane, if he returned to RAW. The signing of Joe would ultimately eliminate the over usage of Umaga, who some say is nothing but a generic Samoa Joe rip off.

2) WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown. I know I am going to catch some flack over this, but if he can sharpen up his in ring skills, he is a shoe in for the belt. His mic work is better than anyone on SmackDown!, except of course for Mr. Kennedy............................Kennedy. He has the beast/bodybuilder look that Vince likes to see, and since Batista seems to bee the only dominant big man on that brand, a title switch to Brown could very well be in the cards.

by Brian Jones..

Rogelio from Costa Rica wrote:
Brian.... You are dreamin' -- Maybe Amazing Red or Jack Evans, the others only in your dreams you'll see them in the 'E -- Vince McMahon have tons of money, but in his "sport entertainment" the really wrestlers don't have a place, except by a few like Benoit -- TNA is called to be the future of the sport, and NEVER will let go Samoa Joe, and I hope to see American Dragon in TNA. -- Dreams are free but not real
Richard Miller wrote:
I don't understand this: WHY does everyone keep saying that Umaga is a Samoa Joe ripoff" Because they're both Samoan" Other than that, they have nothing in common. Samoa Joe is intelligent, well-spoken, person that can be reasoned with. If Umaga was similar to anyone else, it would be George "The Animal" Steele. He can't talk - he's some tribal savage. The exact opposite of Samoa Joe.
Jonathan Preston wrote:
For starters, its not likely we would ever see these wrestlers go to the WWE, with the exception of Monty Brown of course, but I like your imagination. But, if they were to go to the WWE, this is what I would like to see:

Chris Hero- Him and Claudio Castagnoli would have to be a tag team. I agree Chris Hero is a good singles wrestler, but putting him and Claudio together would be ideal, especially considering how lame the WWE tag teams our right now. They're starting to come around by putting DX back together, MNM, the Hardy's and Rated RKO but they could still use more. The Kings of Wrestling would be an awesome addition to the tag team division in the WWE. Besides, they're KRS 1 finisher is insane.

While were on the tag team trip, here's another team that's Wrestlemania material:

The Briscoes- Now that's a tag team right there. Their move sets are awesome and they are a very fun and exciting team to watch. I'm very shocked that Vinnie Mac hasn't expressed any interest in them yet. They're young, talented, and they are going to go places in this business for sure. That is the future of tag team wrestling.

Now Brian Danielson is the man!! He could hold his own against anybody. If he ever came to the WWE, I could truly see him winning the WWE or World Heavyweight titles. He's just that good!! He's technically gifted. He can take you on the mat or in the air, it doesn't matter. He's like a Chris Benoit, William Regal, with a splash of Rey Mysterio all in one.

And last but not least, who better than the Phenomenal one himself, AJ Styles. To leave him out would be a crime. He truly shows his versatility in all aspects. He's got a ton of moves, not only that but he can wrestle singles or tag team, it doesn't matter because AJ can do it all. No one goes to the air like AJ, well Jack Evans is an exception, but combining his aerial talents, mat skills, striking skills, and decent on the mic too, you have a total package in AJ Styles.
Jon Rosaler wrote: Well, Brian, I would like to add 2 more possible stasr and titles
UNITED STATES CHAMPION: Vampiro; I know he's in Wrestling Society X right now, but he has the potential to sign with WWE. I don't think his gimmick will work, but it seems to work in Indy Promotions. Vampiro is a power wrestler, no doubt and The United States Championship has been proven to be a prestigous title bein held by Sgt. Slaughter, Ric Flair, Sting, Wahoo Mcdaniel, Bret Hart, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Chris Benoit, and many others. Young Guns like David Flair, Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes,John Cena, Bobby Lashley and Ken Kennedy have proven to make great US Champs, so let's see if we'll see Red,White and Blue around our vicious ICP-make-up wearing wrestler.

WOMEN's CHAMPION: Christie Ricci; this one is definetily a good candidate for WWE Women's champion. She he held the NWA Championship for nealry 15 months just like Trish Stratus held her 6th title. Only a few women in WWE history have held both the NWA and WWE women's title.
Josh Werner wrote:
First off Umaga is just stupid and to even say that he's a rip off of Samoa Joe is insulting why you ask it's simple really Samoa Joe has talent he can wrestle. What's Jamal's o I mean Umaga moves the samoan spike how much dumber can it get than that. That finisher is worse then the FU the moster undevasting move in the wwe. Umaga is a joke I can't believe his opponents don't crack up when he does his finisher like steve-o did that was great I thought. As for Monty Brown Vince will mess it up and he'll probably job to the second worse wrestler in WWE Batista. The WWE is a joke and all you people that bash TNA atleast they high light new stars and don't make the young talent job to triple h every week who the hell is wwe pushing Rated RKO so they can get dominated at Survior Series on raw everyweek with the same damn match talk about stupid and John Cena wins every match what a joke. I'm out I can't even handle this anymore boo WWE long Live TNA! TNA TNA TNA.





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