Tajiri The Japanese Buzzsaw
May 11, 2006 by Brodie Pullar

After coming back from my Christmas holidays and settling back down in my home I was shocked and disappointed to find that Tajiri had been released from his WWE contract (and I didn't even get to see his last match). So I decided to make a brief tribute to my all time favourite wrestler and inspiration.

Born in Tokyo Japan on the 29th of September 1970, Tajiri was a late bloomer into the wrestling business after picking it up full-time only after he left school, but he did have accomplishments in martial arts which he incorporated into his wrestling style. With his combined martial arts and wrestling training it only took him a few years to debut into the wrestling ring in 1994 (age: 24). He quickly made a name for himself wining the BJPW tag titles and BJPW junior heavyweight title as well as touring Japan and Mexico (where he learned his high flying techniques); it was not long before he was given a WWF contract.

Two years later Tajiri joined the ECW where he became extremely popular and greatly successful. He had great rivalries with Super Crazy, X-Pac, Tazz, Little Guido, Jerry Lynn and the FBI. His huge fan base, abstract wrestling style (including moves like the Tarantula and the green mist) and eccentric personality brought him far in the ECW and it became his base to become a huge star in wrestling.

In early 2001 Tajiri became a WWF superstar once again this time wining more matches and getting the WCW cruiserweight championship and United States championship. Tajiri competed in matches against greats like the Undertaker and X-Pac cementing his place in the roster. Tajiri continued to win and lose some amazing match ups as well as aligning himself with veteran Diva Torrie Wilson. After a few months Tajiri turned heel and broke up with Torrie, Tajiri became a fierce contender for the Cruiserweight championship battling the likes of Billy Kidman and the Hurricane. During Late 2002 Tajiri turned face again after being beaten up by his previous friend Jamie Noble and owned the ring at No mercy 2002 (even if he lost). The rivalry continued for a while until Tajiri took hiatus from his WWE career

After his return to SD in 2003 Tajiri teamed with Eddie Guerrero to defend the tag team titles. The new tag team champ Tajiri continued to team with Eddie Guerrero until early July when there entertaining alliance came to an end via Tajiri being smashed through Eddie's low rider by Eddie (all good thing must come to an end, Sigh!). After Eddie turned heel Tajiri had two chances to steal Eddie's US title, but sadly could not grasp the gold, though he wrestled fantastically in the process.

When his feud with Eddie ended Tajiri set his sites on the Cruiserweight championship now turning heel and starting his rivalry with Rey Mysterio. After spitting a black mist into Nidia's eyes, Tajiri became a powerful heel. He teamed up with Akio and Sakoda to form his very own faction and feuded with newly signed talent Ultimo Dragon. So many quality matches where fought by these Japanese Cruiserweights, it was a rivalry I thought could have gotten further if it had the chance. Finally Tajiri participated at WrestleMania XX in a Cruiserweight Battle Royal.

In 2004 Tajiri was drafted to Raw after his WrestleMania debut, leaving Akio and Sakoda to fend for themselves. Though having to abandon his successful Cruiserweight career Tajiri became an entertaining face. His debut into RAW found him spewing green mist into the Coach's face (much to the crowds delight). This cost him a match against Kane! Which he won! He then had feuds with both the Coach and Evolution. Then at Vengeance Tajiri teamed with Rhyno and a new tag team was born. Though not wining the titles Tajiri & Rhyno produced some great exciting matches. After a three way tag team title shot lost Tajiri and Rhyno went there separate ways ending a short but entertaining alliance.

On February 7th 2005 in Japan Tajiri teamed with William Regal to win the tag team titles against La resistance (much to the crowd's thunderous delight). The two held onto the titles defeating the heart throbs and la resistance several times until finally losing there titles at Backlash.

Tajiri and William Regal's alliance went down hill from there. Once Regal joined the anti-ECW crusade Tajiri separated from him to participate in international three-way against little Guido and Super Crazy.

After a mini-feud with Chris Masters and a few matches on Heat, Tajiri teamed with Eugene Dinsmore. This created a whacky and popular tag team which was unexpected, but very entertaining. The few matches they had together where fun to watch, but unfortunately in early December 2005 Tajiri was released from his WWE contract and like a true sportsman said this on his last night on the WWE.

"Tonight is my last night in WWE, I am going back home to Japan. Thank you WWE for 5 years, thank you WWE, thank you ECW, thank you fans, thank you goodbye."

Tajiri has been a persistent and entertaining addition to the WWE roster, whether he was a heel or a face Tajiri was swift tough with an individual style rarely seen in today's wrestling scene. I completely respect his decision to leave the WWE and go back to his home country and he did it gracefully and appreciatively like a true star.

by Brodie Pullar ..

PtrcTe wrote:
I really agree withe the fact that Tajiri was a great wrestler, my greatest Tajiri moment was when he won the United States Championship in 2001. It was great to see him win one of the most valuable championships in the U.S. at the time. I hope he will be back soon under the new E.C.W brand. Thank you for writing this article!
Jesco (Hamburg Germany) wrote:
First of all: It's "their" not "there". Their is used as a pronoun like his or hers. There is the opposite to here. Might wanna check it so you get it right in your next testpaper.

I like Tajirir going back to Japan. Of course he was entertaining when he was with WWE but I realized when watching Samoa Joe vs Jushin Liger that Japanese Wrestling is so much better when performed by people of equal size. Tajiri is a man who deserved the titles he got but only was credible against the smaller wrestlers. I hope he'll be as much a success in Japan as he was in the US
Jose Aguirre wrote:
Hey Jesco, stop being so picky!! Everyone makes mistakes, just like HITLER. Get it, cause you are German and probably a Nazi. Just kidding. If you want to kick my ass I'll be in Munich and Berlin for 2 weeks, because of the world cup. Seriously, Tajiri was a technical wrestler and he isn't given enough credit. I wish he was the C.W. champion because I hate Greggory Helms, he has the attitude of a metro sexual, but he has a hick accent.
Brodie Pullar wrote:
I'd like to personally apologise for my english in this column, I'm afraid its my second language and I obviously need to work on my punctuation. Thank you for your comments non the less.

I'd also like to point out that there are rumors about Tajiri returning for ECW One Night stand, but im not sure if he will stay in the WWE/ECW. thank you.




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