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November 5, 2005 by Brody Trottier

I've been watching wrestling for a long time now, and I have to say that never have I liked a pro-Canadian angle more than what TNA is doing with Team Canada. As a Canadian, I would like to take this time to praise Team Canada and show why I like them (without dissing the U.S. that much).

There have been many "Team Canada" factions in the wrestling world dating back to the 50's with masked wrestlers and more memorable ones, like Lance Storm's Team Canada in WCW, the Un-Americans from the WWE, and even the Hart Foundation. TNA's Team Canada does one thing differently than all the others, which is YES they are Canadian but they're not anti-American. Every other Team Canada I have seen has repeatedly dissed the U.S every time they are given the mic. Even as a Canadian, I grow weary of this. TNA's Team Canada does not focus on what nation is better. Rather, they focus on being the better wrestlers and thank God that they don't say "eh" all the time. Other Team Canada's play our National Anthem; now don't get me wrong, I'm ok with that, but I watch wrestling for excitement and I hear that anthem enough at school thank you. TNA's Team Canada plays a nice little electric guitar rift and I could not like that more. I'll admit that I didn't see Team Canada when it first began but I remember seeing them for the first time...

I was sitting at home bored out of mind. I noticed that TNA was on PPV. I had stopped watching TNA for a long time before then so I thought "What the hell" It should be entertaining". As I watched, I saw a backstage angle with Team Canada getting a pep talk/game plan by Scott D'Amore. At first I thought "Oh great, another crappy anti-American, Team Canada faction but with some fat loud mouth as a leader instead of Lance Storm.". Boy, I was wrong. Sure they were fighting other countries in the World X Cup but I never saw them diss America or any other country. They were only dissing the wrestlers which made me happy. I was yet to see one member wrestle so I was still on edge about them, but then I saw what opened my eyes and my heart, which can be, described in two words...Canadian Destroyer!

I believe it was Petey Williams in a Gauntlet for the X-Division title when it came down to him and Amazing Red. Now I'm not a big fan of Amazing Red nor was I of Petey Williams at the time but I still gave it my attention because I paid $15 for this. After a back and forth battle, I saw Petey Williams set up Amazing Red for what I though would be just a normal pile driver. Now don't get me wrong a pile, driver is a powerful move and is dangerous. But a normal pile driver just isn't X-Division enough. Then in one fast motion he performed the Canadian Destroyer on Amazing Red and won! I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen that move before or even heard about it. It got me pumped and from there on I was a fan of Team Canada.

I will now discuss a few things about each member to say why I like them and fan stuff like that.

Scott D'Amore - At first glance he's just another loud-mouthed heel manager who cheats to win matches, but he is much more underneath. This guy trained many TNA stars outside of Team Canada like Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin (hail Sabin anyone"). He is a road agent for TNA, and also has his own promotion (Border City Wrestling). This guy has a real passion and respect for this business. By the way, not that many Canadians really like hockey, but it's the only thing that makes sense for D'Amore to use as a weapon so I'll let that go. He brings the best charisma to the group, as none of the other members have extraordinary mic skills. That is ok since D'Amore is quite entertaining and can get them over with the crowd. He is the brains and mouth behind Team Canada

Petey Williams - As I said before, the Canadian Destroyer. Enough said. Well, no, it's more than that. He is the leader of Team Canada and it shows. He has amazing ring ability and seems like the most well rounded athlete of the group. His personality is starting to show a lot more, and his charisma is increasing. So far he is liked just for his finisher, but he is learning to play to the crowd and be more comfortable. He has a pretty good move set and is great for the X-Division. Doing the sharpshooter is a nice touch, too.

Eric Young - Oh Eric... why is it you have to be the whipping boy of the group" Is it because you look like Doogie Howser" Is it because you're the smallest one" Now I'll be honest, I haven't seen Eric even win a match by himself or really take it to his opponent. He is the perfect compliment to a power partner like A-1 or Bobby Rude because he brings speed and agility to the team. Eric Young may be the whipping boy but he is one tough whipping boy. If you watch his matches, I guarantee you will see him take one nasty bump that will make you cringe and/or yell out "Oh!". He could start to shine more if TNA put him in some more X-division matches.

Bobby Rude - Dubbed "Team Canada's Enforcer" and with good reason. During the World X Cup, I was seeing this guy win it for his team over and over, whether in a match officially or unofficially. I thought he would be the biggest one of the group before A-1 joined. A-1 maybe be bigger than Bobby, but he could probably win a match over A-1 any day thanks to his surprising agility for his size and ring skill. I always thought of Mr. Rude as a tag team wrestler who would pretty much be stuck tagging with Eric or Petey, but he has surprised me. After seeing him take on Jeff Hardy I am convinced he is a future singles star. I also never took him as much of a talker, but at the last Impact! he yanked the mic right out of D'Amore's hand. This guy has a great commanding heel voice and shows that his personality is starting to grow out of just being the "Enforcer".

Johnny Devine- Johnny... I wish I could comment on you, really I do. Unfortunately, I haven't really seen you to comment on you. Get better and change that for me.

A1- Alistair Ralph is proclaimed as Team Canada's juggernaut. What this guy lacks in personality and ring skills he more than makes up for with strength. This guy is one of the biggest, strongest looking guys in TNA. I was hoping a guy like this would join the group after the X-Cup because now they weren't just in the X-Division, and really needed some muscle. The other guys aren't that big so with this guy they have a group ranging from BIG (A-1) to small (Eric Young). This guy's ring skills aren't the greatest but he is young and still learning. Him and Eric Young are great together, as they compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses.

It's great that they now have sheer strength. Remember, Team Canada does feud with heavyweights like 3 Live Crew and America's Most Wanted. That is why I think they're the greatest Team Canada ever. It's not because of the Canadian Destroyer. It's not like they're the greatest wrestlers ever. It's simply because they're not your stereotypical anti-American Canadian Team. Yeah, this article is one sided, but so is almost everything else.

by John Edwards (from Wasaga Beach .. (dramatic pause), Ontario Canada)..

gus davis wrote:
I, my self am Canadian.[Go Ottawa]. And I'm glad that they don't diss the USA because you practically see guys on WWE TV do that every mondays and fridays. Good article
aLeX EmANuElE wrote:
I have really started to like Team Canada lately, and I honestly believe it is because Scott D'amore has returned. When I started watching their internet shows, he wasn't there and they had no one to talk for them. I also like Eric Youngs character, Its funny to watch him jump when the pyros go off and stuff like that.
Ben from Vancouver, B.C. wrote:
THANK VERY MUCH!!! I thought the article was written VERY well because it was straight to the point. Everything you have written about Team Canada is correct. I am Canadian myself and not showing any favourtism but I feel that your comments about not having them not dis the United States is a good thing, sure they make comments here and there but thats NOT their thing, they go out there kick some butt and show their Canadian pride. I mean I did enjoy the Hart Foundation and Lance Storm's anti-us storylines but they got boring after awhile because they kept saying the same thing over and over again, ontop of that... the members of their faction weren't really Canadians (Brian Pillman(RIP), Bulldog(RIP), Neidhart, Hacksaw Jim Duggon, Primetime). In closing just wanted to say again... excellent comment and they Canadian Destoryer is an AMAZING move, I know a few people don't like it but every finishing moves needs 2 things... The person to hit the move, and the opponent to sell it. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH CAAAAAAAAAAANDA!!!!!
LaserLights5 wrote:
God, Team Canada is just waiting to fall apart. They have great talent, but they have nothing to do with each other. They have taken out the entire team part of Team Canada. THey have A-1 who does nothing but wave the hockey stick, Eric Young who is getting burryed under Rhoode and Willaims, Rhoode is getting Burryed under Williams and Williams who is all about the x division and basicly has no contact with his team beside gang beats and bad locker room promos.

On TNAs web site they do poles to see what match people want to see at the PPV or even jsut that week. No matter what the match is, Team Canada has recieved the least votes for almost 6 months now. Either they are being miss booked, bad storylines, or what not, they have basicly stoped being a good faction and become random canadians fighting randomly.

This is all my oppinion, but i think that Williams should split and have Da'more as his manager. Then the Rest of team Canada should go their own way. Booby Rhoode is a Heavywait champion in the making, it is only a matter of time. Showtime Eric Young could be big in X and is already a great tag team wrestler. A-1 could be a heavywait or a tag guy. There are so many options, i just dont think that can be explored with out breaking up the team.
Bill Littlewood wrote:
You know, I was reading what was being said and quite frankly I am sick of hearing how "Showtime" Eric Young should be a X-Division wrestler. Sure Showtime can do that style of wrestling but why would they want to put him in that situation"" They got Petey Williams who is doing it. In time Showtime will be doing good for himself. He is such an amazing wrestler. I remember watching him at BCW in Windsor, and NSPW in Niagra Falls area and his matches with Derek Wylde were awesome. His matches with Chris Sabin for the BCW TV Title were awesome.

Now Bobby Roode. The guy is good. He is better off tagging with Showtime. I mean TNA has better tag team scene then WWE does. Showtime and Bobby are a legit heel tag team. That match they had with AMW in January back almost a year ago is amazing. If you never saw it, I really think you should watch it. It has to be the tag team match of the year. Bobby and Showtime as a heel team is money.

A1. Poor A1. Stop ragging on him. The guy has talent for a big man. I have seen him wrestle Rhyno at a BCW show and it was surprisingly good. A1 is supposed to be the big guy of the group. So has a big guy, you don't do much. I think the problem is, is that wrestling fans watch wrestling now a days like they know what the hell the business is all about. They don't watch it as a 'mark' or as a fan. Sit back as a fan and watch A1, you may be shocked.

Johnny Devine is awesome. Just in the last year the guy hasn't had the best luck. From knife fights to blown out knees it has been one tough year for Johnny Devine. He is a really good wrestler though. If they do decide to break up Showtime and Bobby, Devine and Showtime is a definite must for a heel tag team.

Petey Williams. The master of the Canadian Destroyer. Yet from what I heard Alex Shelley and AJ Styles have done that move as well. It's not that complicated of a move. It looks awesome, yes but it's all AJ, Sabin, Sonjay or whoever is taking the move that is actually executing the move. Very wicked though. Petey is a very wicked wrestler. I have seen some of his early matches and he has improved so much with his in ring ability and look. He is a really good wrestler though when you take away all those hot spot x-division style moves. His match with Christopher Daniels was a really good wrestling match back in May.

Scott D'Amore is an awesome heel manager. And a pretty good wrestler too. He is the perfect mouth piece for Team Canada.

Team Canada in TNA isn't meant to diss Americans. It is just a group of Canadians who are just that, Canadians. And they are a group and they wrestle in TNA. Yet I bet in a few months all of those men will be bigger players in TNA then they are now. And right now they are already pretty big players.




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