What The Future Should Look Like
September 12, 2004 by Chad Perry

Ok now you probably think maybe this is about Randy Orton or Batista 2 high mid-carders/main eventers who many feel do not belong there. Nor am I speaking of John Cena. Not Shelton Benjamin or Rene Dupree. I think that the later 3 of those 5 are good performers but not as good as who I am going to speak of.

Charlie Haas. I do not know if I stand alone on this but I hope I do not. If I do then many people are not opening their eyes. Haas who made his wrestling debut back in January of 2003 with his then tag partner Shelton Benjamin to form Team Angle worked as a tagger for a while. Haas has never really had a chance to venture by himself.

Haas and Benjamin were one heck of a team one of my personal favorites but in the later part of last year started to fade. In September of 2003 Benjamin was injured and put on the shelf for around 4 weeks time. That was Charlie's time to prevail and show his single skills. Look at his U.S. title match with Eddie it really was a great match. Now what he was doing there is not as good as now.

Charlie lately has been able to mix in a little bit of high risk offense with his great mat skills. When he was put on Velocity often this summer I was actually watching it just to see him. His middle/top rope I guess you could call plancha that he does is spectacular and yet so simple.

I am not saying Charlie has the mat skill or say Benoit or Angle but he is in the top 10 somewhere. He may also not be a better amature then Kurt but once again is right up there. He has kept up with the likes of Kurt, Eddie, Brock and Benoit all at their bests. Haas has improved so greatly and in my opinion should be in the title contention for the U.S. title.

Van Dam who many said was unmotivated looked great last July against Haas and then later in the same match looked like crap against Suzuki (although who does not) and Booker. If given the proper push like Benjamin was given on Raw after the brand draft then Haas could easily be what John Cena is now and that is someone who is competing with mid-carders for a mid-card title but also playing a main eventer. By the end of 2005 Haas could be feuding with Cena for the WWE title or whoever is the champ.

So if WWE wants to give their roster a push it would be a great idea to do the same to Charlie Haas.

by Chad Perry..

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Rico Suave wrote:
I completely and entirely agree that Charlie Haas is an excellent performer, and definitely deserves his fifteen minutes of fame. However, I noticed that you stated he debuted in the WWE with Shelton Benjamin. A little known fact to most wrestling fans is that Charlie worked the independent scene years prior to this, teaming up with his now deceased brother, Russ Haas. In fact, I've been following Charlie's career since early 1998.



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