The Year That Was 2004, & the Year That is 2005
January 20, 2005 by Chad Perry

Well we are now about three weeks into the new year which means it's time for my annual (3rd year to be exact) column that will look at my predictions from yester-year and profile my newer ones so first:

2004 Predictions in Retrospect:

The brand extension will continue through the year, but we will get inter-promotional matches at WrestleMania- We saw both come true, though I wish the extension would have been wrong (my column in 3 weeks will profile this).

Brock Lesnar will hold the WWE title until WrestleMania were he will drop it to Chris Benoit, who will then feud with good friend Eddie Guerrero and put on some out-standing matches. Others to hold the belt will be a heel Kurt Angle at the end of the year- well this one has some rights and wrongs. Brock lost the belt a month earlier than I thought and Benoit went to raw (were he won the World title). Eddie did win the belt and defended against a heel version of Kurt Angle. But When Brock left and JBL got the belt that I do not think anyone saw coming.

The Cruiserweight division with the addition of Paul London and Akio will become more competitive, they will add some new CW’s and push the division through the summer months when it will start to die down a little- well unless your name was Chavo or Rey you did not get even 15 minute CW title match. I wanted this one to happen, London got wasted as you may remember he was the only one not in the CW invitational at WM.

Goldberg and WWE will part ways- This was an easy call.

The Raw World title will be held by HHH, who will lose it to Michaels at WM in a ladder match. Hunter will win the belt back within 4 months and then in December drop the belt to RVD- eh, I was WAY OFF here. Shawn never won the belt, RVD got drafted and didn’t get a push their either.

John Cena will win the US belt by WrestleMania and have a lengthy reign.- he did hold the belt a while and won it at WM.

At one point Dupree will be IC champ and Conway/Grenier will hold the tag belts at the same time- Well this would have been easy had Rene been on Raw as La Resistance were the constant champs.

Taker will return as the deadman and beat Kane in either a casket match or Hell in a cell match at WrestleMania- was right except it was no gimmick match.

The Bashams and Haas/Benjamin will have a good feud were in the end Haas/Benjamin will loose a match that forces them to part forever, one of them will be going for the US belt in December- Well The Bashams were wasted, Haas/Benjamin will probably never tag again as they were separated in the lottery.

So that wraps up that part, one thing I notice is that the Lottery really messed up A LOT of my predictions.


WWE will continue to not care about the Women's, Cruiserweight , or the Tag Team divisions.

WrestleMania will feature at least 2 cross-brand matches.

WWE champions will be- JBL (current), John Cena (WrestleMania), and Kurt Angle (Survivor Series).

World champions will be- Triple H (New Year Revolution), Randy Orton (WrestleMania), Edge (September), and Batista (December).

Batista and John Cena will become certified main eveners, while Shelton Benjamin and Rene Dupree will become upper mid-carders, to be pushed heavily in 2006.

Carlito Cool will hold the US belt over half the year starting in May. He will win the belt from Cena who like the Ultimate Warrior in 1990 will hold the two top belts.

Batista will break away from Evolution with Ric Flair in April, will fued with Hunter for a few months.

Taboo Tuesday will again be used BUT for the SmackDown! Brand instead of raw and will be one of at least 4 months were we have double PPV's.

The brand extension will continue through the year.

BIG guys that are not ready like Heidenreich, Tomko, and Matt Morgan will continue to be brought up, shoved down our throats for 4 or 5 months and then disappear.

The Hassan character will last through the year with many personal close calls for the two in real life, but sadly one of my favorite gimmicks Eugene will be gone by the end of the year.

Undertaker will announce his retirement for WrestleMania 22.

Well there we are 12 predictions for the year, I must say this is one of my favorite columns to right ever year.

In two weeks join me and find out 2 months ahead of WrestleMania what i see in the card. Also my Royal Rumble predictions. Next week i will have a review of TNA New Year Resolution.

by Chad Perry..



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