What is Wrestling Coming To"
March 16, 2005 by Chari Harper

I'm a big fan of wrestling but there are many things that have been, putting it nicely, disappointing. So in this column I will write what, in my opinion, are some of the things that I find wrong with the WWE today.


I am a big fan of female wrestling, being a female myself, but I have to say that the way the women's division is going is not good. What happened to all the women wrestlers who worked hard to get where they are today" Eg. Lita, who not only worked hard to learn how to wrestle before coming into the WWE but also improving while working for the company. Trish Stratus, who may have got her contract because of her looks, has worked really hard to improve her wrestling skills and become a great female wrestler. And the many other female wrestlers e.g Molly, Victoria and Jazz. Now the WWE are having DIVA searches to find more eye candy when they have perfectly good women wrestlers who are also very good-looking sitting in the back not being used. Also with the DIVA search, it is not only the winner who gets a contract but half of the contestants also do. My 2 cents is that women should get in the WWE for their wrestling skills and for the WWE to push their women wrestlers that they have, instead of continuously adding more eye candy.


Is it just me or is that a serious lack of character in the WWE" Many of the superstars in the WWE are lacking that little "IT". For my first example I would like to use Shelton Benjamin. Don't get me wrong, he is a great wrestler, but he just lacks the character that it takes to make him big. For me, watching him can get a little boring for he is not interesting enough. With the right character/gimmick he could be a main-eventer some day. Next example would be Batista. Now he is very strong and athletic and he does have a gimmick of "The Animal" but to me he does not have the right essentials to carry RAW. After a while he will just get boring. There are many other wrestlers who also lack that little bit extra, though with the right creativity any of them could get over big, just look at what Billy Gunn did.


Watching an old wrestling tape from 2000: each RAW was packed full of entertaining story-lines, around 7-8 matches and could keep a fan interested. Recalling back I remember in one episode I watched: a feud between HHH and Kurt Angle on the boiling point, Jericho have a match and X-Pac interfere, then X-Pac have a match and Jericho interfere,e then a fight between them occurring back stage, a tag team match, a women's title match and heaps more. The shows used to be action-packed with heaps of wrestler feuding and doing entertaining tapings backstage. Now, I am lucky to maybe watch about 3 short matches, a really long main event match, half an hour of someone running their mouth in the ring, and the left over time backstage tapings. The WWE is really falling apart.

To conclude this article, I would like to say that one reason, maybe for it's downfall, is having no one to compete with, but it has truly been a huge let down to see how far the WWE has fallen. All I can say is thank God for the old wresting tapes in video stores.

by Chari Harper ..

Brad Dykens wrote:
I just want to say I don't wanna hear from anybody complaining that Chari Harper has broken the "WWE Analysis" Commandment. Deal with it. Thank you.
sfhardrock wrote:
Hey, I have to say I agree big time with your article. However, you didn't have a full article here. There is much more going on with the show than just the downfall of the Women's division and the character of characters.

There's the cruiserweight division which strongly needs reinforced. Perhaps do a lottery where Smackdown gets most of the cruiserweights or hire new cruiserweights for the title. Something should be done. Right now.. Rey Rey, Shannon Moore, Scotty 2 Hotty, Spike, Akio, Paul London, and Chavo Gurerro are the best contenders for the title. Now granted they're all good contenders, perhaps even the only contender, for some it's just a downfall. Rey Rey and Scotty 2 Hotty have long since proved themselves worthy of higher spots.

The Tag Team division has been damaged in a serious condition. La Resistance, Basham Brothers, Haas/Holly, and well.. I can't think of anyone else. Those three teams are the top "true" tag teams in the company. What I mean by true is that the members either came into the company as a team or the two truly act like a team and dress like a team rather than two people just being put together. Haas/Holly may have been one of these two people put together, but they really function well as a team. The tag division really needs worked on and needs more time on WWE tv.. stop with putting two superstars who can do considerably well when apart with each other.

The U.S. title kinda lost its value a long time ago when Cena lost against Carlito only to gain it back nearly a week or so later. The reputation was damaged even more when Cena lost against O.J. just so he can get the WWE title at WM21. I havn't seen O.J. win a match for too long.. even as a heel.
kurt pillsbury wrote:
i just want to say that i totally agree with cheri about everything she said. A lot the new so called diva's have no talent and most of them will just do playboy anyway. Shelton bores me also he is just plain. Maybe they could make someone else intercont. champion i know how about muhamad he is entertaining. Good job with your article
Llion Jones wrote:
Reading your article, I agree that WWE is really losing its touch. There are to many eye candy in the WWE, I remember watching 1 Smackdown last month, A great match was on between Shannon Moore/Paul London (MORE TV TIME PLEASE!!!) and Funaki vs Akio/Spike Dudley and Chavo Gurerro to promote the Gauntlet At No Way Out 2005. I really enjoyed that match (Even if Torrie was a guest announcer) until halfway through the match, some of the diva search rejects came out and paraded around the ring to promote some talent contest they were having. Even as Male wrestling fan I just wanted to turn off the TV I find the results on this site. The only good woman's wrestling match I could think from the top of my head is Lita vs Trish for the Women's title earlier this year and even that wont sell because of the whole Lita backstabbing Matt. The hardcore gimmick match at Survivor Series 2002 was great but now it's all about looks. To change the dismal woman's division I would bring some GAEA wrestlers to WWE. Another thing you pointed out was some of the characters, fair play they have some good characters e.g. Muhammad Hassan and the undertaker (IN MY VIEW!) but even when they have good characters they end up being either a jobber or back to OVW (Which I don't have the privilege to watch as I am from the UK), does anyone here remember Mordecai"""" It would have been great to see him vs the Undertaker. The WWE needs to stop pushing poor superstars to the top. I am fed up of seeing Cena this and Cena that, put someone suitable at the SD main event like Kurt Angle, at least he's got some wrestling skills. Does anyone actually remember when they felt excited waiting for the next Raw or SD""" Nope didn't think so. There's too much promo's at the moment and is just getting tired. Just be thankful that there are old wrestling tapes in video stores as there's not much of a demand for wrestling tapes in the UK and its usually the new tapes from, quote Shane Douglas, "Wrestling's 900lbs Gorilla".
Matthew Bentzley wrote:
Amen. I couldn't have said it better myself. TNA doesn't have the clout to deal with WWE so the stories and the sow are getting stupid. buying out ECW and WCW was also bad for business some lost htier jobs but others came in and got stupid roles. WWE needs serious competition liek another from of ECW to come in shake everything up.


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