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February 15, 2006 by Charlie Eccles

Shane McMahon is the son of WWE Chairman and owner, Vince McMahon. Shane is also on the board for the WWE. He is a husband and father of two. What sets Shane apart from his daddy Vince" Said quite plainly, he's crazy. He has done things in the business that would make Jeff Hardy say "He's nuts!" So many people think of him as just Vince's son, or as the heir to the throne. What many people don't understand is this guy can perform.

You'll see Shane most recently working with his father; although, what made him popular in the WWE is him turning against his father. He started in the business working underneath Vince in the now defunct Corporation. He was part of the infamous beer bath with Stone Cold. At that time Shane was the European Champion. Very few superstars that have been the European champion are still around today, but the stars that were, were great performers.

During his time with the corporation, there was another faction that was making their mark in the WWE. The Ministry of Darkness was lead by the Undertaker, who was overly demonic at the time. The story line went along with the two factions not even coming close to each other. Then Shane broke away from his father, and took control of his Corporation. Then he joined forces with the Undertaker and his Ministry to form the Corporate Ministry.

After this famous story, Shane broke away from wrestling for a while. He worked behind the scenes and came back a few years later, with another group to turn against daddy Vince. Vince and the WWE finally won the Monday night war against WCW, and decided to buy out the company. After buying the company, a storyline was born with the former WCW stars. The storyline went on to say that it was Shane who bought out WCW, and his sister Stephanie bought ECW. Therefore, ECW and WCW formed what is now known as the Alliance to try and take down the WWE.

In this time you saw Shane O'Mac at his best. He went against the Big Show in a last man standing match and Kurt Angle in a hardcore match, two of the best matches ever to hit pay-per-view. In his match against the Big Show, he jumped off of the stage from 25 feet in the air, and landed right on Show. In his match with Angle, he was thrown through 2 glass stage props, and still ended the match. In this time he also trademarked his now very well known elbow drop. It was so well known because he would do it from the top rope, onto the announce table. Not many superstars would do this more than once.

After the Alliance fell out of the WWE, Shane disappeared again. He returned to feud with Kane after Kane gave Shane's mother Linda, the tombstone pile-driver on the stage. Shane was back with a vengeance. He had one match with Eric Bischoff, which was a flop, and started the Kane feud back up. Granted he lost twice against the big red machine, he still put on two great matches. One of which was an ambulance match, and the other was a Last Man Standing Match.

You are probably reading this column and thinking that you've seen all this, and why did it not affect you to cheer for Shane. Truth be told, he is still looked at as Vince's son, and not a ring competitor. He has been brought in for short stints, but could never become a huge star, because he is Vince's son.

Shane is a great hardcore performer, one of the best if you ask me; although, he cannot be looked at as anything else but Vince's son. Think about it, would you look at him more of a wrestler if he were Hulk Hogan's son. But we cannot see him other than Vince Jr.

by Charlie Eccles

Steven P. wrote:
Good job with this column. I'm surprised that someone would write about the wrestling abilities of Shane McMahon. I would have to agree with your comments and that Shane is a great performer, in the ring and on the mic. You talk about Shane's hardcore style and forgot to mention a very fun match from Summerslam 2000. If you remember, Shane McMahon, Hardcore Champion at the time, defended against Steve Blackman. Shane climbed the side of the TitanTron and Blackman, Kendo Stick in hand, went after him. After a few shots, Shane fell 40 plus feet to the floor and was finished off after a leg drop by Blackman off the tron. He's a great athlete and in my view, the only McMahon who deserves air time and everything you said was absolutely right.
Edward Madill wrote:
Good article. You fail to mention his 3 story fall at the hands of Steve Blackman in an awesome (but short) hardcore match.

There was also the high cross body onto the Mean Street Posse off the top of a steel cage that was mighty impressive.

I was lucky enough to be in Jersey the night he had his match with Angle. There were actually a couple of failed attempts to get him throught the glass where he landed on his head. It was BRUTAL. He still ended up getting carted to the ring and taking a top rope Angle slam bump before he did the J.O.B.

He's a billionaire's son and there is really no need for him to risk his well-being on ridiculous spots like these. That is why he is HARDCORE. I hope he's back on TV sooner than later.

SHANE O MAC is a psycho and he deserves all the credit in the world for putting his neck on the line for the entertainment of us.
Kevin Roberts wrote:
Good column. I also think Shane O Mac is one of the greatest "non-wrestler" performers in the business ...... ever. He may very well be the best ever. Even though he was never contracted as a wreslter, Shane IS a hardcore legend. Every match he has been in, have been DVD-quality good. By that, I mean that his matches could be on one of those hardcore DVDs that they make every now and then. Shane is like a white New Jack. LOL.



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