Ten Years From Now: The Future Hall Of Fame
September 14, 2006 by Charlie Eccles

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Being a fan of wrestling, I often look at the superstars of today and think who will be in the Hall of Fame in the future. There are many decorated superstars who will one day be deserving of the Hall of Fame. People like Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan make up the Hall of Fame as we know it today, but who will make the induction ceremony a memorable one ten years from now" Many superstars today have the potential but who is deserving, who already has the makings for the Hall of Fame"

EDGE - Edge is a superstar that can produce more heat than any other superstar today. Starting off as a heel he used his infamous hook-up with Lita, while she was dating Matt Hardy, to produce hatred from the fans. Edge is also one of the best in the ring and on the mic today. He had one of the most memorable matches in WrestleMania history this year, with the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. The match showed us a side of Edge that not many people thought he was able to show, a hardcore side.

In the beginning of his career, he joined The Brood with Christian, former NWA Heavyweight Champion, and Gangrel. They set out to change tag-team wrestling as we know it today. With their ever popular "Blood Baths", these men could generate both pop and heat from a crowd pending on the recipient of the blood bath.

Being in The Brood jump-started his career to phenomenal levels. He joined his "brother" Christian to break away from the brood and become one of the most entertaining, and most successful tag-teams in WWE history, winning the WWE/F Tag Team titles more than any other tag-team ever in the WWE/F. Edge also went on to take the tag titles with the likes of Hulk Hogan and Chris Benoit. He has won the Intercontinental title five times, during which he ended Randy Orton's legendary 9 month reign as champion.

He started his reign as a WWE headliner when he won the first ever "Money in the Bank" ladder match at WrestleMania 21. This meant he had a title shot anytime, anywhere. So Edge cashed in the Money in the Bank at New Years Revolution after the WWE Champion at the time, John Cena, won the Elimination Chamber match. He defeated Cena to win his first WWE Championship, only to lose it 3 weeks later at the Royal Rumble. Later in the year he defeated both John Cena and Rob Van Dam in a triple threat match on RAW to win his second WWE Championship.

Chris Benoit - Chris Benoit is one of the most talented technical wrestlers to step in a wrestling ring. Benoit was trained by Stu Hart in the infamous Dungeon. Getting his start in Japan as the Pegasus Kid, he was discovered by ECW founder Paul Heyman. Heyman gave him his start in the United States with matches against the likes of legends such as Sabu. He also won the ECW tag-team title with Dean Malenko, who he would have a very close friendship with and also many other tag-team titles.

Later in his career, Eric Bischoff of WCW brought him to his company and pushed him as a mid-carder for years, with United States and Television title shots galore. He would go on to win both the US title one time and the Television title 3 times. Also, he won the WCW tag-team titles with Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko. He was later pushed as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion but was stripped of the title because he was making the jump to the WWF at the time.

He had a great debut in the WWF, by debuting with Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko as a faction known as The Radicalz.

In the WWF he got his first title push at WrestleMania 2000 by pinning Chris Jericho for Kurt Angle's Intercontinental title in a triple threat match. He would go on to win the Intercontinental title 3 more times, and win the Tag Team titles with Edge, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho, before getting pushed to the big time, by beating both Triple H and Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania 20. He was later moved to SmackDown! and won the U.S. title twice

Chris Jericho - Even though he is not in the business today, he has a resume to put him in the Hall of Fame for sure.

He made his debut in the United States with the gimmick of "Lion-heart" Chris Jericho. He won the ECW world Television title there, only to jump off the independent scene to WCW.

He had an illustrious career in WCW. He would win the WCW Cruiserweight title 7 times, facing people like Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko. He would also win the WCW Television title against Booker T.

He would later move to the WWF and have the most entertaining debut into the company than any other superstar in recent memory. In his debut, he interrupted The Rock in his prime. Though he pissed off The Rock, that did not stop him from having one of the most successful careers in WWE history.

He is a 7 time Intercontinental Champion, former tag-team champion with The Rock, Chris Benoit and Christian, and European Champion. All this and you're thinking he is going to be deserving of the Hall of Fame one day, and we haven't even mentioned that he was the first Undisputed Champion in WWE history.

Being the first Undisputed Champion in WWE history is an accomplishment to be proud of, and he had to defeat two of the business's greatest stars in one night to do it. He defeated both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to pull off this amazing accomplishment.

He has the skill on the mic to do whatever he wants with the fans, have them boo or cheer him. Even though he is sidetracked with other projects right now, he will some day be inducted for sure.

Shawn Michaels - It's not hard to convince people that Michaels is a superstar who deserves the Hall of Fame in the future. He was considered the first "Grand-Slam Champion", by being the first man to win every major title in the WWE/F. His first major title that he won was the Intercontinental title, beating one of his long time rivals The British Bulldog. He would later in his career win the European title from The British Bulldog also. Although, that would not be before he would defeat Bret Hart at WrestleMania 12 for the WWF title in overtime of a 60 minute Iron Man match. He is also a former Tag-Team Champion with the likes of Diesel (Kevin Nash).

One of the things that people really do not realize is that he has been in the main event of WrestleMania 4 times. His first time was when he went all the way from number one in the Royal Rumble to win and face his former tag team partner Diesel. He would not win that match, but let's face it; it was not a memorable one. His second time was a different story with his match against Bret Hart. He has also faced Stone Cold Steve Austin before leaving the WWF for a couple of years with a back injury. When he came back, He was almost instantly thrown into the main event by facing Chris Benoit and Triple H in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 20.

Another great fact about Shawn Michaels is that he is one of the founding fathers of the most entertaining factions in the history of professional wrestling, D-Generation X. Better known as DX, this faction is what started the most memorable time in WWE history with the Attitude Era. When Shawn took some time off for his back injury he became a born again Christian, and when the idea came to bring DX back, he was a little leery at first, but decided to make it entertaining in his own fashion. He would do things like blindfold himself when cheerleaders came out to show the crowd a little striptease show, just to show the world that he is serious in his faith but loves the business just as much as he used to.

Watching these men has been what keeps me at peace in my life. These men are dedicated to the business, and love what they do. They also do it better than most people today, which is an accomplishment of its own. I may not have a complete list, but hang on and watch, because I am coming back with round two.

by Charlie Eccles

tat2 jake wrote:
well i am glad to see that there is going to be a part 2 to this article cuz this is a pretty puny list. as far as 10 years from now though i think the only one on this list that will be there that fast is shawn michaels. i am not saying the other 3 wont make it eventually but not in the next 10 years. hell, Edge will probably still be active in 10 years. why not start your list with for sure lock on the hof like Ric Flair, Undertaker, or HHH, all 3 of these when will see the HOF long before benoit, jericho, or edge. also there is a huge list of already retired superstars that will see the hof and they only induct 5 or 6 a year. this is not a bad idea for an article, i just think you picked the wrong guys to start off with
Chris Cook wrote:
Great column. Other current superstars I believe will be inducted are... Triple H, The Undertaker and Ric Flair. I also think some of the WWE's former stars that have passed away should be inducted. Stars like Mr Perfect, Owen Hart, The Big Bossman and Hawk should be inducted.

It would also be great to see former superstars that contributed a lot to the WWE in the past inducted. People like Macho Man, Ricky Steamboat and Ted Bibiase.
Chris Pratt wrote:
Just so you know Chris Benoit wasnt stripped of the WCW title, he gave it to a refferee and left WCW because he hated it. Thinking he was stripped of it shows that your a mark who doesnt know what your talking about
Ritwik wrote:
Shawn Michaels, without a shadow of a doubt, is a surefire 'FIRSTBALLOT' Hall of Famer. He is one of the greatest worker of all time, and him not getting inducted would be the biggest joke in the wrestling business.
Mike Timko wrote:
I wasn't even thinking Chris Jericho, but he does have impressive stats. I do question Edge. Yes, he and Christian have an impressive number of tag team title reigns. However, you don't really think of them as a great tag team of all time. When I think of legendary tag teams, I think of Demolition and Legion of Doom. I also think it's too early in Edge's career to determine his Hall status. I agree with Chris Benoit. He's one of those rare guys to win titles with ECW, WCW, and the WWF/E. Shawn Michaels is also a no-brainer.
Jesse Lee wrote:
Great column! While I do agree with one of the comments saying that Undertaker, Ric Flair, and Triple H should have been on the list before Benoit, Edge, and Jericho, I still think this list would be accurate.

It really doesn't take too long to be inducted, it just depends on who WWE wants to put in it and who accepts it. It also depends on whether or not they've been with the company or still aligned with the company in some way. Such the case would be Jeff Jarrett. While Jarrett may be HoF for TNA sometime in the far future, he definitely wouldn't be WWE's HoF (along with the fact that he never did anything great in WWE.) If Benoit retires anytime soon, he would definatelly be on there in the next ten years. Jericho and Edge, I don't think, would be inducted by the time, but definitely in the future.






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