Why Rey Mysterio Shouldn't Get A Title Shot
January 26, 2006 by Charman Morris

This could prove to be a bit of a bitch slap in the face of the complete fan favourite, but I am not entirely convinced Rey deserves to be where he is right now. I have been watching WWE on and off for 15 years now and there is no doubt that since the introduction of the Light Heavyweight Championship first won by Taka Mischinoku to the repackaged and completely dying on it's ass Cruiserweight Title has there been anyone as hugely over as Rey Mysterio. He is HUGE! But not in stature or in personality, and certainly not enough to get a World Title shot. So when I switched on last week to see him have a number 1 contenders match with the worlds most overrated, I mean strongest man Mark Henry, I was truly mystified. For one, why the hell does Henry even deserve a title shot, and secondly why does Rey""

There's no denying Rey Mysterio isn't talented. The world waited for him to join WWE when the competition fell down, and he didn't disappoint. I'm not saying he's not good enough. I for one can be transfixed by his moonsaults, corkscrews and daredevil tactics. For the first match. Now when I hear the theme tune and see his scrawny little body jump out of the floor I just get bored. The 619 is 61dying! See what I did there" Rey was amazing for Paul Heymans Cruiserweight Division. He had classic bouts with Matt Hardy, Billy Kidman, Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerrero. The fact is he just has nothing to offer the Heavyweight Title.

My main concern is that he doesn't have much of a on screen persona. He just doesn't talk. He can't shoot his mouth like Kurt Angle or Y2J. He's spent his career relying on his talent, and while that is all well and good, that's nothing when you're the champ. Just look at JBL. No talent could talk trash with the best of them! Another worry is what storylines can work for Rey" The best the creative departtment could come up with was 'Eddie Guerrero might be my kid's father' scenario. And that was as shocking as his angle with Noble and Nidia (something I personally would love to forget but just can't!)

The big question is whether Rey can beat the big guys with his moves. Watching to Henry match up it seems not, and Mark Henry is a crap wrestler anyway. Will Rey continue to go for the high flying moves and when they don't work go for the legs of the big men" Can you honestly see the likes of Angle being beaten by the lionsault and 619" Seriously" Or Taker losing to a huracarana and a small package" The David vs. Goliath crap just won't cut it because it isn't believable anymore. Rey Mysterio will not beat a big guy properly without help. Fact! The slightly smaller question is will the big names want to lose to the small one" How much will they complain about putting Rey over if the title run isn't going to have any substance.

Of course this is all part of the McMahon master plan. This involves not listening to what the fans want and just go about their business. Because they know best. Money talks but it sure as hell won't listen! Why is it that Shawn Michaels won't get a title shot despite the fans voting for him to face the champs in both Taboo Tuesdays"" And why does Rey get the chance to get to a title shot when it should have gone to Christian, Benoit, Booker T, Orton, or even for a short time Undertaker"

Rey Mysterio may be an old school luchador with talent coming out of his ears, but seriously a Heavyweight Champ" Mind you JBL was one, so anything's possible. But I don't think this is a good move. And he has plenty.

by Charman Morris ..

Adam Sykes wrote:
This is without a doubt, one of the stupidest things i have ever read about wrestling. Granted Rey wouldnt make a perfect champion, but back when Eddie was flipping about with the cruisers im sure nobody ever thought he would make a good world heavyweight champ, yet everybody was marking out when he beat Brock Lesnar for the title at no way out a few years back. the fact is this is wrestling we're talking about, and ultimately they want to put people on tv that are entertaining, and rey is. just because he isnt a strapping body builder means he cant be world champ" i suppose he shouldnt wrestle at all then, as any wrestler who cares about the business, gets into it with aspirations of being the world champion. look at shawn micheals, back when he started wrestling, long before his wwf run, he was leaping about like mad for the time, and then opon his wwf run with marty jannetty, they were both leaps and bounds above any other team at the time, im sure bakc then nobody thought he would become one of the greatest world champions of all time. Saying Rey doesnt deserve a title shot is absoluetly stupid, and putting JBL down in the proccess makes you nothing more than an average mark of wrestling. As bradshaw he was a sub par wrestler, upon his JBL title run, he improved greatly, i wouldnt say he was a great wrestler, but he held his own, and deserved it, much more so than the over pushed no talents like cena or orton. ''can you honestly see kurt angle being defeated by the lionsault or 619'' :S yes, kurt lost to the lionsault many times ala chris jericho. Basicaly Rey has more talent than most wrestlers on smackdown, and theres pretty much nobody else to put in the spot than him, obviously so , as they had to scrape the bottom of the barrell and dig out mark henry from whatever pie shop he was gorging himself in.
Jesse Lee wrote:
I'm a big fan of Rey Rey and I actually hope he gets the title someday. I may be the only one who thinks this, but the thing is, Rey really can do a lot with larger wrestlers if it's a good. Ok, so he can't talk well on the mic, I see that being more believable. Why would a small guy start dissing all the taller guys" In fact, when was the last time you saw an average-off-the-street person start throwing out insults at their boss, spouse, friend, stranger without having to curse to make himself sound tough" I think Rey's mic skills are decent enough-never stopped Benoit from getting the title for a good five six months (estimating there.) Also, I am a huge mark for Benoit, whether it's with or without the mic skills. That's just my opinion though, others are entitled to their own. Good column, though.
Ashton wrote:
Hey, I agree with what you say, You can't really imagine Rey beating Big Show or Undertaker with the 619. But I would like to see Rey as the World Champ. Imagine matches with him vs. Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Bobby Lashley etc.
Aaron Fowlow wrote:
Rey Mysterio should have never been made into the "David" of wrestling. He is constantly put in these David vs Goliath matches, where he seems to outwit the massive size and strength, with speedy quickness. I can't remember the ast time I saw a West Coast Pop work, because he continually gets caught, by whoever the giant is. But it does seem to get the crowd going, and begins to mystify them, when they see such a small package of lightening, take on such a huge behemoth of size, and make a decisive, hard fought victory over his huge opponent. But come on, seriously. Rey is not being utilized for his true skills in this way. He is 170-180lbs, and he's going against guys who are nearly 400lbs. In the real world, these guys would pulverize him. Of course, we are talking fantasy here, but shouldn't Rey be utilized within the Cruiserweight division" It would for one, further his career, as the top cruiserweight of all time, or the Ric Flair of the cruiserweights. Lets revitalize the cruiserweight division, by bringing Rey back into it. Otherwise, that division will continue to die slowly. They always talk about creating a cruiserweight division... it lasts for a couple weeks, and then it's gone again.
NPagHarrisonSJ wrote:
Can see what your saying. But how often are the McMahon's knocked for only loving strapping bodybuilder-types as their World Champions" Mysterio has - generally speaking - the ability to carry the World Title. Other guys who perhaps surprised by winning it actually improved while they held the belt. By that I mean JBL, Kurt Angle (first time round) and Eddie. I used to watch PPV after PPV just wondering how Angle was going to come out with the strap around his waist, but he managed it everytime, even at Armageddon in a 6-way match. I then found myself saying "there is no way JBL is going to be Champ for much longer" time after time, only to be proved wrong. Then when Lesnar was crushing challengers, I couldn't see how he was going to lose the belt to Eddie, but I was surprised again.

OK, Rey isn't going to have a record breaking run if he were to become Champ, but don't you think that it would capture the imagination of the fans if he were to run for a couple of months, stealing victories, beating big names with his impressive style" OK, so he might not be able to defeat Angle with a Lionsault, so put him in matches where he doesn't have to! Think ladder match! Mysterio and Angle could put on one hell of a show - Rey snatches the belt and doesn't have to pin Angle cleanly in the process! The same could work for an iron-man format. Angle scoring pinfalls, Mysterio perhaps getting one then winning by getting Angle counted out or DQ'd. Cage matches with Rey escaping to the outside, or Last Man Standing where they both can't answer the count. None of these see Rey demeaning big stars, but all of them are ways in which he could win or defend the Title.

However, can't quite see WWE going for it. Come on WWE surprise us one more time...
Jca2schultz11 wrote:
Great read. gotta say that I agree with most of what you had to say. watching mystery is a blast but not wwe champ good. Let's think this man was once only a cruiser weight champ that's all he should ever be
Flagg wrote: Wow, it's been a while since I've read such crap.

Last time I looked, it was called "wrestling", not "who can cut the best promos". Benoit is no god on the mic, but he can outwrestle 99% of the roster. Shelton Benjamin isn't Ric Flair on the mic, but didn't he and HBK put on the best televised match last year" And it certainly wasn't all HBK. And while Bradshaw may be able to speak, he is undoubtedly one of the most boring people in the ring Vince has to offer us.

A good promo is all well and good, but some of us actually like to see some wrestling when we turn on the tube. Rey is one of the best-and he could be even better if Vince didn't limit what his employees did in the ring. Would Rey be believable as a long-term champ" Probably not. Has he earned the right to strap the belt around his waist, even if for just a few defenses" Definitely.
JY wrote:
It can be done. Bret Hart, HBK, Y2J, Benoit, and Eddie were all considered "too small" to be world champions. Didn't Rey have a clean win over HBK at the Raw Eddit tribute show" Doesn't Rey hold clean victories over Eddie who is a former world champion" What's so hard to believe"
Gypsum wrote:
I don't know about you guys but Rey was once a WCW world heavyweight champion, even for just a day. In this match, he beat Kevin Nash on a show of Monday Nitro. Also remember that the World Heavy Weight championship belt you guys see around Kurt Angle's waist was once the WCW world champion belt that Rey Won.
Richard wrote:
Hey, I see that you are taking quite beating on why Rey Mysterio should not get a title shot much less the title. Let me weigh in and help you out here.

I agree with you one hundred percent and here is why:

1. As stipulated the David vs. Goliath theme is good once in a while, but for Rey Mysterio as champion, it would be practically every night.
2. Rey does not have the stature to be Champion.
3. Any top tier wrestlers who lose to Rey Mysterio on a regular basis will see their own careers go flush, along with the rest of the turds
4. I think a spade must be called a spade. Right now, Vinny Mac, and most specifically Rey Mysterio and the other mexican wrestlers, are using Eddie Guerrero's death to cash in and enahnce their own careers. Was there ever a time, prior to Eddie Guerrero's death, that anyone seriously thought about Rey Mysterio getting a world title shot, much less being World Champion" I don't think so. I had always said that Rey Mysterio would never be world champion. And so he should not be.


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