Feuds, Wars, Rivalries Gone"
May 19, 2006 by ChiChi Cardiel

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Hello wrestling fans, my name is Chichi Cardiel and this is my first article. Do you ever wonder what happened to those big, huge battles, feuds, and fights that made WWE into what it is today". I thought those days were long gone, but I have been proved wrong and by an unlikely wrestler I'm not an apparent fan of. Yes you've guessed it: John Cena, and one of my all time favorites, Triple H. This became apparent to me after I kept seeing weird, crude, and go-nowhere storylines including: HBK and GOD vs. Vince McMahon, The Great Khali vs. Undertaker, and I never knew what happened to the Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker angle. Last I remember Undertaker told Kurt Angle, he had his number"

One of my favorite feuds of all-time has got to be Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. The first ever Hell in a Cell match was not only bloody, rough, and historic, it was probably the best Hell in a Cell match in history (with the exception of Undertaker vs. Mankind). The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels feud was short lived due to the back injury Shawn Michaels suffered during the Casket Match at the Royal Rumble 1998, but nonetheless was one of my all-time favorite classic feuds, they both sold each others moves so good they had incredible chemistry. Perfect big-man power versus technique, speed, and heart. If you haven't seen these matches I really insist that you must, trust me.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon was an instant Classic. The average man loved this angle. Everybody related to this feud, it was worker going against the boss, something everyone dreams of. This led to one stable that would generate and change gimmicks such as Rocky Maivia to "The Rock" and Triple H into "The Game", The Corporation. Stone Cold threw McMahon from a cage, gave him countless stunners, drank so much beer, gave the Corporation a beer bath. I believe there is even a DVD out there "Austin vs. McMahon". This is a must watch!

Another well documented rivalry was between Triple H versus Shawn Michaels. Their matches were incredible, they were bloody, they were interesting, and probably some of the best to date. Triple H came out on top of this one, but who can forget the 3 falls match where Triple H threw HBK from a ladder to the outside of a ring into a set of 3 tables. The fans were right: "holy sh*t". HBK's comeback match was indeed against Triple H in a street fight in 2002. The two had their share of title runs until they went back into their rivalry.

Those feuds lead me to the point I wrote this column, my first to be exact. After the Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels feud WEE went into a stale state. Matches were boring, predictable, pretty much like JBL's one year reign.... until Triple H turned his way back into wanting WWE gold. At first, I was hesitant about Triple H having a feud with John Cena as I felt Triple H would only job Cena and making WWE force him down our throats but it led into an incredible atmosphere. Wrestlemania 22 was incredible in the way the fans reacted towards the John Cena vs. Triple H feud. I haven't seen the fans as hooked on a match like this for a long time, it reminded me of the feud between The Rock and Stone Cold. The fans ate up the whole match, they loved the D-X crotch chop, loved Triple H messing around with Cena's in-ring capability, but the ending was predictable. Having Triple H tap out to the STFU... I am not going to say Uh oh, my bad, but if the fans enjoyed the match the way they did Cena shouldn't feel bad fans hate him, he should embrace that they love hating him pretty much like Triple H has for all his career. Thank you Triple H for helping Cena get a response from real fans... even though a negative one. My conclusion is this; it doesn't matter what fans say or do, what matters is that they enjoyed a match, booed for the person they hated, cheered for their hero. What matters is that because of their reaction, WWE now has another rivalry down in history as one of the most watched, talked about, and bought.

Thank you, for reading my first article. I know I'm bound to have some haters but, that's part of being the heel feedback guy I am. I'm out!

by ChiChi Cardiel..

CarneyDream wrote:
Hi, long time reader, first time reply here. This has stuck a nerve with me, as I was having a heated debate with a friend over "best feuds" recently.

I agree that the feuds you've mentioned were extremely entertaining and solid moments in history - because of the matches at the end of them. What makes a feud is not only the mic work and set up, but the quality of the match itself. If the match stinks, you won't want to watch it again, and so the feuds loses some of its luster. Example, Scott Steiner vs Triple H from 03 - the feuds were excellent, with some real good tv - like the pose down on Raw - but as the matches sucked, no-one remembers them.

Oh, and I can't believe you said there were no good feuds betwen HBK/HHH until Cena/HHH. Did you forget Batista/HHH" Slow buring feud, spread over 5 PPV's (as it started at NYRC) and stand out moments (like the contract signing on Raw).

Other than that - really good article.
Brian McCauley wrote:
I just have to say that I disagree with the fact that John Cena and Triple H's feud leading up to Wrestlemania was anything like The Rock vs Stone Cold. The moments did not spring up a bit of the past, and the way that both of those men could not only light up the mic...but also entertain us in the ring. Cena is decent in the ring, and Triple H is definitely a good person to watch. But Cena on the mic is nowhere near the entertainment value of Rock or Austin. Triple H is good on the mic at certain points, but at other points I have to say that he can drone on and on and completely kill the flow of his promo. No hate meant towards you, because everybody can have their own opinion. But I certainly don't agree with you on that viewpoint at all.
Jose Aguirre wrote:
What is your problem. You only talked about Triple H and gave a little insight to matches everybody has seen, via Limewire, unless you're an idiot and actually buy the DVD's. You should of named the column "Triple H vs. John Cena, what's up with that"," or something like that, you're the column writer not me. Anyway Undertaker and Mankind wasn't that great, it had a shocking moment but the match started at the top of the cage, the best Hell in The Cell match was Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Vs. Rikishi Vs. The Rock Vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
ChiChi, are you in love with Kirsty Q. or something" And Charlie Eccles will be all over you soon, he might be all over you now. Everyday I have to deal with hearing how much people think Cena sucks. I must say, what you have said said about Cena was not as bad a KAngle3Is1996's comment about Cena in a Article back in Late 2005, but still, it doesn't makle it right. Triple H made Cena more appealing" Dude, do you even watch Raw or just the Pay-Per-Views" Cena can't do what the TNA X division does, but define "Real Fans". Are real fans the fans who don't believe in corporate stock" Are Real fans the ones who like wrestling in general" I don't believe in Real or Smart Fans. I only believe in wrestling. It's fake,I know, but as long as a fan enjoys a good show they don't get to see that often, then by all means, let the goddamn fans watch without telling them who to like or not. The WWE Chat room is always "bashing" the guy and it may never stop, but will that change the way I feel about Cena" No damn way! And when you boo Cena, thinkl about his mic skills or something, not how he does the STF.
ChiChi cardiel wrote:
ok ok ok...i knew it lol I knew y'all haterz would come soon..and jon rosaler wit his boyfriend Charlie ECCLES hahahahaha....this is funny to me..I DIDNT say HHH AND HBK wasnt a good rivalry you idiot..i said there werent any UNTIL hhh and hbk started their rivalry again....Brian McCauley when i said it reminded me of The Rock vs Stone Cold i meant as in how the fans were into the match as stone cold and rock they were loud, excited... I knew i shouldn't have said REAL FANS that's my mistake I admit it...but jon rosaler...get off Cena's nuts...and who ever said Batista vs Triple H was a good Feud" CarneyDream i knew you didn't read the article with the point of READING this was just a bashing LOL but anyway...thanks for reading it, and your point of views, everyone has their own point of view but.... the John Cena gimmick...uh-uh SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otha den dat...EASY people know where to contact me..dont be skared... rosaler, it is [email protected] i'll holla...
Dirk Mason wrote:
Since you mentioned it I want to say something about it. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle at NO Way Out was one of the greatest matches I have ever seen. I am sick of looking at the Great Khali, he's just gonna be another big guy beaten brutally by the Undertaker. After that happens and Angle beats Mark Henry at Judgment Day it would be great for them to renew their rivalry, it would be a great boost to the entertainment value of Smackdown. You also said the JBL title reign was no good and I disagree, I am looking forward to a future title reign by him, he's the man on Smackdown. (most entertaining )
Charlie Eccles wrote:
Sorry jon but I can't completely down him on this column. Chi Chi, well done, especially for your first. One thing though, I can't believe that you thought the Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels rivalry went stale. They are 2 amazing performers. Any rivalry that can end in that kind of Hell in a Cell match is deserving of a lot of credit. Another rivalry I wish you would have put in is Evolution vs. the top faces on Raw. People were teaming together to try and break up the faction. People like Shawn Micheals and Chris Benoit had awsome matches against all four of the members. Then Randy Orton was booted and had one hell of a match against Ric Flair none the less. Superstars work damn hard to make him look like he still has the ability and Orton did a great job of that. Well written, a few more known rivalries would have been nice. I still don't like you, but I respect your knowlege. Sorry Jon, I'm an ass, but I will give credit where credit is due. Chi Chi, good first one. Jon, be fair, don't be a jerk. Same goes for you Chi Chi. Tell your buddy Chong I said "hey".
Jon Rosaler wrote:
No Hard feelings, Charlie. I never pictured you the type to take sides. And ChiChi, as far as calling us a couple" WOW! and you thought I was 12. My next column is coming in soon and Charlie I hope to see one of your columns. You can rest assure I will send my feedback to it. You,Me and ChiChi will put on a feud over columns. One more thing ChiChi, I am going to write a column next about one of the most technical wrestlers of all time: Chris Benoit. Someone you should have mentioned in your Article.
ChiChi Cardiel (Original Author) wrote:
Thanks Charlie Eccles. No more bashing aight..just respect. Truce" and thanks for respectin my article....hope you bring an article out soon as i know you know a lot about wrestling.
CarneyDream wrote:
Chi Chi, you say I didn't read the column with the point of reading it, just to bash you - I'd say you don't read YOUR replies correctly. The only thing I said which could remotely be seen as bashing you was that I thought you were wrong when you said no good feuds between HHH/HBK and HHH/Cena, when HHH/Batista was a top feud. As for who says it is a good feud - how would you decide" Your personal opionion" That's fine, and it's fine if you disagree with mine. But as far as the WWE are concerned, a good feud is one that makes a lot of money. And, being spread over 5 PPV's like this one was (with one of them being the best selling Wrestlemania match, which up til that time was the biggest buyrate the WWE had done) means that it was easily one of the best feuds recently, from the POV of buy rates if nothing else.

Your point seems to be that you like HHH, and dislike Cena - which is my point of view as well! My point is that I agree that the feuds you mentioned were good, and just elaborated on why I thought they were so good - and that goin by the criteria I said, HHH/Batista deserved to be on there as well ;-)

Acually really liked the column, and agree that HHH is the man. He HAS made Cena hot again, and at least got a fan reaction from him - and hopefully, can give the rub to newcomers in a new DX, as he did Orton/Batista in Evolution.






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