End The Insanity!
August 1, 2005 by Chris C.

I hate Hulk Hogan. Being only 16 years old, I missed the glory days of Hulkamania. I also started watching wrestling in early 2000, when the New World Order angle was light years past its peak. Therefore, perhaps I am biased. But I can't stand the man my elders call the Hulkster. He has done nothing in his recent stints in WWE to make me want to stand up and take notice, let alone bow down to him. Also, his behind the curtain antics and appearances on radio, tv, award shows, etc. have given me the impression that he is a total jerk.

In case you've been under a rock for the past 30 years, you would know that Hulk Hogan is a man named Terry Bollea. A man whose rise to iconic status in the 80's, with his tanned physique, natural charisma and *snicker* flowing blond locks, is something dreams are made of. He first rose to prominence in the AWA, with a series of matches with then champion Nick Bockwinkel. It was only when he entered the WWF that his career took off. With a devastating legdrop to a prone Iron Sheik, on January 23rd 1984, Hulkamania was born.

He was the ultimate hero; foiling the evil ones while encouraging children to say their prayers and to take their vitamins, all while possessing a moveset that would rival the Blue Meanie's look. What he stood for was good and pure, he was the hero's hero. But something changed in the Hulkster. He now believed that HE was everything he was portrayed as. His ego had swelled as grossly as his 24-inch pythons. He used his backstage stroke with Vince McMahon to get the title shots he wanted, and to have his friends pushed into spots they didn't deserve. Flash forward to the year 1996. Hulkamania had all but been destroyed by the steroid trial earlier in the decade, and the Hulkster decided he wanted to be a "big" movie star with such classics as "Suburban Commando" and a smash-hit television series "Thunder In Paradise" (look for that to be released on DVD very soon.....after the release of "WWE's Best of John Tenta"). He wasted many of the WWF's and then WCW's precious money pushing this abortion of side-projects.

The nWo angle was the greatest gift handed to WCW in a long time. It made for gripping television, and made stars out of nobodies. But in came Hogan, and he wanted to steal the glory. Soon the nWo became his little army, and it ballooned to an entity as large as Hogan's head. But his backstage "shoots" only made the morale of the entire locker room an all-time low in any sport or profession. He was making a profit, and refused to job and rub off onto "lesser qualified" talent (meaning less exposed talent, eg. Benoit, Kanyon). But to show that he was a "team player", Hogan went on to have a forgettable series with Billy Kidman (including a "Viagara on a Pole" match). Instead of Kidman getting the rub, he jobbed twice to Hogan on consecutive Pay Per Views (Slamboree and Great American Bash 2000, respectively)!! While Kidman returned to the lower mid-card, Hogan went on to battle for the belt at Bash at The Beach 2000. Russo then cut a promo on Hogan that was so vicious, that he left WCW and wasn't seen until after the company shut down. Hogan's ego had been poked at, and he walked out.

Many people will attribute the backstage politics of Hogan, Nash and others to being a catalyst in the demise of WCW. Hogan couldn't let his ego bow down for a bit to elevate other stars to his status. Instead, he pushed himself into the main event, week after week. And we let him do it.

Flash forward to No Way Out 2002, the WWE debut of the nWo. Hogan was now in the big league, and knew that his backstage antics were not going to sit well. This was an entirely new playground. To his credit, he became a team player and jobbed to The Rock, and others. But something happened; the FANS broke kayfabe, and cheered Hogan, despite being the heel. It was worse after WrestleMania. We gave him a standing ovation. I'll be the first to admit, I was proud of him, he had returned home and still everyone loved him. The old WWF fans and new WWE fans came together for one brief moment to salute Hulkamania. We went too far the next week when we did it again, and subsequent weeks when we kept doing it.

Now Hogan was a "major" star in the eyes of Vince. "The people always cheer him, he'll be my 'Superstar in a Jar'; I'll break him out in case of emergency". Now we are facing the consequences of our actions. We know must sit through his 20 minute intros, and his half hour promos that consist of the same old shit, word for word, followed by his 15 minute posedown. Yes, nostalgia is a beautiful thing, but when it's taken too far it is just plain aggravating. The same fans who bombard Vince with jeers for pushing certain characters and/or wrestlers, are the same dolts who cheer 90 minutes straight for a man who wrestles like an old woman struggling with her girdle. The only reason Vince hastily pushes these guys is because Hogan's soaking up all the airtime FOR YOU!!!

I close with a summary of some quotes from an interview, the reason I decided to write this article, that Mr. Bollea did with the July/August edition of Sly magazine. In it, he is quoted as saying: "people probably thought I had a run of B movies that sucked. But those movies were cheap to make and they generated a lot of revenue. If you watch what my movies made against what The Rock's movies are doing now, taking into account changing ticket prices and how many more theaters his movies were shown in, I still generated more revenue than he did". Basically, he confirms my accusation that his ego is far too out of hand. He couldn't even "put over" The Rock having more success in Hollywood than he. Put down the Hulkamania signs, stop buying his T-Shirts and start chanting "Go-A-Way". Nostalgia is a great thing, and never forget about who he WAS. But stop cheering for who he IS.

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by Chris C. ..

[email protected] wrote:
I shall say this up front, I am a Hulk Hogan fan. And after reading this article I am still a Hulk Hogan fan. Your article did not change my opinions in any way of Hulk Hogan. That being said I want to talk about who Hogan would Job to.When it came down to who Hogan would lose a match to (or job as most fans say now of days), the reason he didn't lose to guys like Benoit, Kidman, and Kanyon was because they were not big names in WCW (However now of days I fell Benoit is a bigger name than he was before). It wouldn't make sense for Hogan to job to them. Hogan lose matches to wrestler like Sting, DDP, Flair, Goldberg because they were big names in WCW. This was the same in WWF, you wouldn't expect The Rock to job to Val Venis, no. It wouldn't make sense.
Maxwell Murder wrote:
i dont agree at all with what you say about hogan, granted he may have an ego but as far as wrestling goes i'd say he's earned it... selling out the silverdome" He cuts great promos, and while you dont like it, and neither do alot of smarks, you guys should understand the majority of us love what he does and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Why would vince mcmahon "end the insanity" if people are cheering for him louder than anyone else, and PPV buyrates go up. Truth is my friend the people want hogan, so i guess youll have to deal with it. on a side note, Ted Dibiase is currently employed by the wwe right" so who agrees with me here that he should at least be a manager if he cant wrestle, The Million Dollar Man was a great character and ted is a Phenomal Talent. well thats my two cents, hope it gets posted.
ThEKaYFaBeDKiD wrote:
I find it hard to believe that anyone who is a "huge" fan of wrestling can realy make any relevant assumption about what and who is capable of maineventng and/or whether someone is a good wrestler. I mean not to take away anything from 1997 and to present, but how can you bash JBL and Hogan when 1997 till present is a horrible display of what wrestling truly is" Not saying there arent certain individuals who have come along and showcased some serious talent. Not to mention the Monday night wars. It baffels me that people bash Hogan period. Dont get me wrong, is the shock factor over" Absolutely. Should he hang up the boots" Yeah , probley should have 5 years ago. But for you or anyone else to say Hogan is untalented"Overrated" Is this a joke" Understand that if Hulk wasnt cupping his ear and captivating audiances world wide probley before many of you Hogan basher's were a gleam in your daddy's eye, there would be no TNA, or a ECW, hell lets go as far to say WWE. I understand that he should hang up the boots. He's old. He cant bump. Never did. But you dont have millions of fans worldwide just for looking pretty in this business. Hulk Hogan single handedly put wrestling on the map in terms of a mainstream audiance. Need proof" Throw on Georgia Championship wrestling or AWA from 1980's and look @ the crowds these guys preformed infront of. Then throw on WWF from that era and see their crowds. It might have been Vince's vision. But Hulk put a%#es in seats every 18 inches. I think people should do their homework and see where wrestling came from and who pioneered it before they bash Hogan or write columns on what WWE needs to do. Hardcore wrestling has its place but its NOT what wrestling was built on. Like it if you want everyone is entitled to. But damn it if people want blood guts and death defying stunts go rent Faces Of Death. I loved ECW when it was underground. It should've stayed underground. Now we have people in places like Kentucky chanting ECW ECW ECW. It served its purpose as an alternative programing. By the same token it robbed me and many other old school fans from the main reason why Ive been a fan since 83. Back then wrestling was fun. Now everything is "reality tv" based its pathetic. I dont wanna see regular guys like Joe Smoe fighting one another. I could start fights with people in the neighborhood for that matter. I wanna see off the wall characters that I wouldnt encounter in everday life because it gives them significance in relation to the sport of wrestling. It also allows people to live vicariously through their characters. Any one can set up a table and put people through it. Not everyone can come down to the ring with just a snake in a greenbag and make a memorable character like Jake The Snake come to life through our television screens. I dont mean to be so judgemental I know that times change. Just give credit where credit is due. Kayfabe for life.
Wilson wrote:
I agree, i didnt start watching wrestling until LATE 2002 and didnt get hooked till around when Team Angle Debuted. I didnt see any of what Hogan did in his big time days. But all ive seen in his recent runs with the WWE have been flops. Mr. America" FLOP His recent stuff with Hassan at WM21 not bad but became a FLOP when he didnt help it capitalize after WM. but with the way he acts in interviews and the way he acts period - to me he seems like hes trying to get away from his wrestling past and he acts like its a hassel to do his signature poses. Lol im finding it hard to get anywhere with this so basically what im saying is - Like how the Rock acts now - Hogan seems like a jerk - he seems to try to get away from his wreslting personality and looks DOWN at his wreslting career and thats wrong.
Ditto Robertson wrote:
Maybe it's because me and you are somewhat the same age and I missed his glory days as well, but I agree with you entirely. Hulk bothers the living hell out of me. Why can't people just let Hulkamania die" I swear, if we let it go, it's old enough to the point where it woud die on its own. Hulk Hogan is someone I'm supposed to hear about and respect. But by coming back and acting like he did when he was a young man of eighty, this just makes me hate him. Not cool, brother. Not cool.
Marco Erzingher wrote:
well to be totally honest i agree with some of the points made, but lets face it, wrestlers are still people, their main priority is not to entertain, is it THEMSELVES also i think some people are being a bit harsh on Golberg, he was around for aaaaaaaaages, held the heavyweight title god knows how many times, and wanted to retire at his peak, not just slowly continue until he cant even say the words 'jackhammer' let alone perform it. Few people can continue wrestling into old age, these being : Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan ..... and thats about it not just because of their popularity but because of their styles. any way thanks for reading this, i hope you realise now that Golberg and brock did little wrong, they just wanted new lifes, but also no compete clause till 2010""" he could of got a nice desk job to pay the bils for a while surely!
John Bates wrote:
im not knocking anything that all of you have said. you have a right to your opinion. the bottom line is that hulk hogan will never get old. for every one person that hates him. there are about 25,000 who love him. hulk hogan made wrestling and if not for him i really dont know if wrestling would even exist right now. hulkamania is more than just an old bald guy who has bigger arms than 99 percent of the human represents the true heart of wrestling. and when people say that the glory years of the 80's and early 90's are not here anymore, then just listen to the crowd reaction hogan receives every time he comes out to the ring. yea. michaels is a true legend and to be honest he is my second favorite wrestler ever. but he nor austin, the rock, HHH, flair, hart and any other superstar of years past even comes close to comparing to hogan. next time any of you say. im tired of seeing hogan. he is to old. next time you say that. just sit back and think about how everytime he comes to the ring the crowd goes crazy. and if you are still not willing to except this, then just sit back this coming monday during raw and listen to how the crowd reacts when hogan comes out. for every michaels fan, there will be 500 hogan fans. so in closing. just remember. hulkamania will live forever and hulk still rules. hell. he has always ruled and he always will. when he is dead they could roll his casket to the ring and he would still get more cheers than any other superstar. hulkamania is more than a man. it is that of legend, icon, heroism, and most importantly hulkamania is immortal. so remember. what ya gonna do, when hulkamania runs wild on you. "brother"
Krippes316G4 wrote:
Is hogan an egomaniac" Yes. Is he old" Yes. So why do they bring him back you ask" Its really simple. Vince Mcmahon loves money. And who brought in the most money in the whole freaking WWE" Hulk hogan. I've heard people ask questions like why do they keep bring old people back like the stone cold Steve Austin, or Ric flair" Its because the fans can't get enough of them, and the fans are willing to pay money to see them, (not to mention their merchandise). I've seen people wearing "rise hell" T-shirts and Austin hasn't been a match sense wreselmania 20, and he was a freaking reefer. In WCW you were either in the NWO the four horsemen of your name was Diamond Dallas Page. If you weren't with any of these guys you were left to die in the midd card statues. I think Hogan Should retire he takes up to much damn time.
Ox wrote:
I'll say out right, I'm not a Hogan fan. Rather I'm not a fan of the Hogan of now. I think more over cause his ego has taken over his character. I was a fan of the Hogan of old. When his character was aimed at little kids, of being a good role model. I remember waking up in my Pj's when I was a kid to watch cartoons, but not being able to wait for wrestling. I remember hulk hogan, telling all the little hulkamaniacs "Take your vitamins and say your prayers". As we grew, so did Hogan's wallet, as well as his ego. Hogan fans know his story, and why he started to do the nWo gimmick, but I think his ego reached its peak. Now a days, its been all about Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea, just getting another check from Vince McMahon. It's gone from "Take your vitamins and say your prayers" to "I'M still around and I'M still the greatest". Its a long way from being the selfless hero, but people still cheer for him. Personally, I wouldn't cheer for Hollywood Hulk Hogan. I can't. His ego keeps him in the ring and greed keeps him on TV (*cough*HoganKnowsBest*cough*). But I guess it won't be soon that both Vince McMahon and Hogan need to pass the torch, but still see the future in it's light.
Ryi Mysterio wrote:
Im sorry KID but I think your opinions on the Hulkster are invalid, you have no idea what the era of Hulkamania did for profesional wrestling, probably because you are a little too young, even I at 18 cant really make a valid opinion on this subject because I never saw Hogans "Hay Day". Despite what you may think I wouldnt class myself as a hulkamanic but I have respect for the guy, I think if you had have acheived what he has acheived then you would have a big ego too.
Jason Simmons wrote:
The only thing you can say is this Hogan maybe in the spot light still and sure it bugs people, but the only 2 people you can really say even matched Hogan in Sucess or popularity is Bruno Sammartino and Steve Austin. Like it or not Hogan is one of the best in history.
Ian Taft wrote:
Brother, I totally agree with you about Hulk Hogan. I always say "If it wasn't Hulk Hogan, it'd be the next guy in line." As a wrestling fan I have tell you that I tune into WWE Programming each week to see wrestling, or even well written segments, not some guy who's prime is years behind and 100% media creation pose down while fans won't even let him talk, he is one of the big reasons I stopped watching RAW. You know heaven forbid we see technical wrestlers exchange holds, or Luchadors with cradle-counter cradles. No people have to cheer a man who's golden era was copper at best when it came to in ring talent. Let hit 4 spots, the legendary but laughable Hulking up (Seriously folks, Seriously...) and then the dreaded running leg drop. I'd rather see the master lock than the leg drop, at least a Full Nelson is an ok power hold. To reiterate, I am behind you 100% brother, Hogan has, and had no redeeming qualities.



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